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Writen by FunMi Layo


It my wedding day with the man i am obsessed with yupee finally my dream is about to be fulfilled, i look so beautiful in my gown.

Biodun: i was in my room thinking about Christiana i stare at her pic on my phone, am so sorry Ife i have fail you as your man it eight month now and i still have no idea about where you are please forgive me i messed things up please. I was still on my thought when the door opened and i saw two hefty soldier men

Officer Pius: why have you not dressed up yet

Biodun: because i dont wanna get married to her i dont love her

Officer Johnson: we would have help but we cant go against Colonel orders please just dress up if not we would treat you the hard way your dad suggested

Biodun: i dressed up and they drive me to the church we were about taking our vows when i heard a familiar voice.

Christy: stop

Biodun: ifemi i ran to her and hug her forgetting they is someone waiting for me in the alter

Catherine: what the heck are you doing here? i wanted slapping her but she slapped me instead

Christy: you have no right to slap me you are surprised to see me right?

Colonel: what happening here, Officer Paul what are you doing here

Officer Paul: we have a warrant of arrest for miss Catherine

Mr Abel: what has my daughter done?

Max: a murder and kidnapping (i walked in)

Catherine: Max are you stupid what are you saying

Colonel: Maxwell

Biodun: dad do you know him?

Colonel: yea i do

Christy: he is your brother

Biodun: what? dad how is he my brother?

Catherine: Max you mean to say you are Colonel son why did you not tell me

Max: because you dont deserve to know

Mr Abel: please what do you mean that my daughter committed murder and kidnapping

Officer Paul: yes she was the one that kill the last Mr Lawrence Whyte this lady dad and still have the gut to kidnapped her for so long

Catherine: what are you saying?

Ah "everyone present for the wedding murmured"

Biodun: i went close to her and slap her, how could you?

Catherine: i did this for us

Biodun: what do you mean by for us

Catherine: i love you and you know that am so obsessed with you what did you expect me to do

Mr Abel: i slap her

Catherine: Dad

Mr Abel: dont you dare call me dad what kind of a n evil person are you?

Catherine: but dad

Mr Abel: please take her away

Catherine: dad please dont do this to me, Max why did you have to do this what about our inborn child ?

Biodun: what? you are the father of her unborn child?

Max: yes i explained everything to them

Catherine: Max i hate you

Colonel: please take her away i will make sure she serve her jail terms completely

Christy: she was taken away and i decide to leave but i was stop

Biodun: ifemi i miss you am so sorry for everything i love you please forgive me

Christy: take your hands off me i told you the last time to stay away from me are you deaf?

Biodun: please Ife i know you are angry with me for not coming to rescue you but I try all my possible best to look for you

Christy: story, stay away from me that is all i asked

Biodun: i cant

Christy: you can because you see am pregnant and you are not responsible for it so stay off

Biodun: i cant, even tho the child is not mine i will still marry you and i know the baby is mine

Christy:(crying) i ran out

Biodun: i wanted running after her but my dad stop me

Colonel: give her some time

Biodun: but dad she need me

Colonel: am sorry son for everything i shouldn't have pressurized you in getting married to Catherine i thought she will be a great wife for you

Biodun: Dad you caused everything if i lose Christiana i will never forgive you (i walk out)

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