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Writen by FunMi Layo


Another months has passed and i still have no clue on where i can find Christy i was still on my thought when my door was opened. It was my dad,Catherine and her dad dat barge in. What do u people want in my house?

DAD: we came here in peace (you people should sit)

Biodun: dad

Dad: son sit down…… We bought good news

Biodun: good news

Dad: yes son am proud of you i know that with time you will get to love Catherine

Biodun: what nonsence are you saying

Mr Abel: my daughter said she is pregnant for you that is why your dad arrange this gathering

Biodun: what? impossible, she is a liar am not the father

Dad: are you alright son, she said you are the one that impregnanted her and the reason we are here is to tell you that you guys will be getting married in two weeks time and that is final. My friend let go

Biodun: Dad this cant be (he left with Mr Abel)

Catherine: my love

Biodun: what the hell are you still waiting for

Catherine: calm down dear i will be your wife soon so you need to learn how to respect me. I peck him and left.

Biodun: oh no i break my flower vase with anger, why is my life so messed up? Christiana where the heck are you (crying)


It remaining three days to my wedding with Biodun i decided to go check on Christy for the last time.

Christy: what the hexk do you still want

Catherine: nothing darling, i have totally ruined yiur life even tho i set you free Biodun wont look at you again you look old, messy and smelly and by the way i came to check on you and to remind you about ne and BB wedding that will that will take place in three days & i saw that ypur tommy is growing so fast dont worry about Biodun okay because am pregnant for him and i will get to be the mother of his unborn children

Christy:(i pour my saliva on her face) you two can go to hell for all i care just know that i will avenge my dad death

Catherine:(i drag her hair and slap her thrice) how dare you pour your smelly salva on my face you gat some nerve, you will not get to avenge your dad death because after i got married to Biodun i will kill you myself

Christy:(Crying) do your worst bitch

Catherine: hahahaha cry well please¦ Max torture her (i left)

Max: am sorry dear

Christy: why the sorry wont you torture me?

Max: no i wont am sorry for ever raising my hands on you

Christy: Max hope you are okay?

Max: yes Christy am fine, you are not supposed to be suffering you are supposed to be with the father of your unborn child

Christy: what are you saying, i have nothing to do with Biodun anymore i hate him he betrayed my trust

Max: no he didnt

Christy: what do you mean by that?

Max: Catherine lied to you about Biodun she didnt do anything with him. She find out that she was pregnant with my child

Christy: your child?

Max: yes, me and Catherine are dating i love her i thought with time she will get to love me back but no, i get to help her with this plan because i wanted taking my revenge on the Badmus family

Christy: but why, what has the Badmus family done to you?

Max: Colonel is my father, my mom got to die because he forsake us and was with his other family so after the death of my mother i sworn to avenge her death by making life miserable for the Badmus and anyone close to them.

Christy: what? you mean to say you are brother to Biodun but did Catherine know about this

Max: no she doesn't you are the only one that know about it so as i was saying she said she cant have my child unless she claim the pregnancy on Biodun that she want Biodun by all means were still arguing when she spot BB in the club drunk she laughed and said she got a plan that was how we booked a room and carried him there she has no sex with him.

Christy: what? i know my Biodun cant betray me but why are you telling me all this?

Max: because am a changed person i want a happy home, Catherine is just using me for her own benefit don't worry i will save you from here and we would find a way to stop the wedding

Christy: thank you so much but i need to avenge my dad death

Max: sure i will help you with that i have a recording about all her offences we would take it to the cops and file a case but for now just play along

Christy: no problem i will thanks

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