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Obsession- Episode 12





Writen by FunMi Layo


It been a week now i dont know where Christy went to neither do i know who to contact in asking of her, her mom and bro are coming back to Dubai tomorrow i pray she listened to them.

Maxwell: hi

Biodun: hey

Maxwell: i can help you out

Biodun: on what?

Maxwell: i know where she is

Biodun: please tell me where she is bro

Maxwell: smile you call me bro

Biodun: yes are you not my brother?

Maxwell: but since the time you got to know about me you dont treat me right

Biodun: i know please forgive me

Maxwell: hmm okay no problem we would go see her tomorrow

Biodun: why not now

Maxwell: because it late and she will not want to be disturbed

Biodun: okay fine thank you

Maxwell: you are welcome dear

Biodun: the next morning i dress up and go knock on Maxwell door

Maxwell: come in

Biodun: bro good morning

Maxwell: wow you are in a hurry you cant wait to see her

Biodun: yes please i need her to forgive me

Maxwell: she has forgiven you but

Biodun: but what?

Maxwell: never mind dear she will tell you, well let me dress up

Biodun: okay………… I wait for him to dress up and we drive to a hotel, she stay here?

Maxwell: yes she said she needed space away from you

Biodun: am i so bad to her now?

Maxwell: (laughing) not really

Biodun: why laughing?

Maxwell: cant i laugh again? we were told the room number and i knock

Christy: yes who is that?

Maxwell: Maxwell

Christy: oh Max am coming a second please

Maxwell: no problem darling

Biodun: what darling?

Maxwell: yes la she is my darling

Biodun: (i smirk at him) she is mine and am the only one that has the right to call her that

Maxwell: (laughing) jealousy well you are right she is yours no one is dragging her with you

Christy: i open the door and saw Max & Biodun laughing………… Hmmm

Maxwell: oh babyboo wassup

Christy: why is he here?

Maxwell: can we enter first before you start questioning me

Christy: hmm okay

Maxwell: i brought him here before he kill himself over you and you will not like it neither if your unborn child find out that his dad die because of you

Christy: Maxwell

Biodun: i know it, so you are carrying my baby?

Christy: hey dont be overjoyed it my baby not yours

Biodun: but it our child la, if i have not done the work you will not be heavily loaded

Christy: are you kidding me

Maxwell: smile am here you guys should remember

Christy: Max you shouldnt have bring him Over

Biodun: am sorry Ifemi for everything please i need you and our baby need me also i Miss you

Christy: (tears drop) you hurt me you know is not as if i cannot forgive you but what is hurting me is that if i hadn't come on time to stop you you, you would have taken the vow with Catherine. You dont value me

Biodun: please stop crying i value you more than anything in this world i refuse marrying her but i was been threaten (i explained everything that happened when she was not around)

Maxwell: lol they show you military power

Christy: smiling i have forgiven you i miss you too

Biodun: i hug her, kiss her forehead then desperately kiss her lips i miss the taste of it

Maxwell: oh my God where is my own love, let me leave you two. Meet me at home loverboy

Biodun: i wave my bro instead and continue kissing her and we did that thing tho i was careful because of the baby.

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