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Age Doesn't Matter Episode 5


Age Doesn't Matter Episode 5

Written By Ruthie Lee

"So your address will be pretty helpful right now" Neil said as he opened the car door for me and I walked in. 

 He made a turn to the other side of the car and got in the driver's seat. 

"Well my address is still the same." I tell him as he got inside the car. He knows where I lives, he had followed me home once, we were both leaders of the student council back then in high school, though I was in grade eleven, I was still made president there. Neil had followed me home that day since the matters in our hand got too much, and we had to take it home. 

"Really?" He smiled. 

"Yep" I replied, what made him think I moved. 

"Okay well that's great!" He said and before I knew it we were on the road. 

"So what were you doing out there?" Neil asked. 

"Like I said earlier I was waiting for the bus." I replied. 

He laughed "Yeah I know, that is the bus stop anyways, I meant to say, why were you waiting for this, are you coming from somewhere?" 

"Oh… Yeah, yes I was coming back from work." I said clutching my handbag. 

"Oh! Really, you work till this late?" he asked. 

"It's a new job and it's not that late.!" 

"What? It's late it's 8:45pm!" he exclaimed. 

"That's because I missed the first bus and the second one took too long today" I explained. 

"Oh okay, but I still think it's pretty late!" Neil said and I sighed, "If you think so, and you should be glad I'm late cause we wouldn't have met each other if I didn't miss the bus." 

 Neil smiled. "You're right, we wouldn't, I mean I was just driving, I was so focused on the road, but I don't know why, but I decided to look at the people waiting at the bus terminal, and under the lights, there you were, sitting on the waiting bench looking like Elsa, I was shocked at first doubting it wasn't you, but then you sighed and looked at my car making me see your face even clearly and I couldn't believe my eyes". 

"Well that's good to hear" I said. 

"So you said you just started the job, so can I ask what kind of job it is?" 

 Neil and questions. 

"I teach!" I said plainly. 

"Really? Wow!" he smiled. 

"Is it like a private tutor or you teach a whole-

"A private tutor!" I cut him off.

"Wow that is pretty nice!" Neil blurted and I smiled. 

"So how about you what do you do?" it's time for my questions. 

"Oh" he smiled. "I help my dad run one of his small firm now!" 

Small firm.?? Is he crazy.! His dad own one of the biggest cosmetics industry and other firms too which I can't even consider as small. And look at Neil calling it small. 

"Wow!" I smiled. 

His life is so great.  


 "So.? Are you in college?" I asked. 

"Oh, college, I'm actually going to be graduating next week! My graduation party is on the line!" he explained. 

 Oh wow! 


I'm jealous, I haven't even smell the C in college nevertheless graduating. 

Neil is financially stable and working with his dad now, done with college. Wow. 

"Oh that's good!" I giggled. 

"How about you, are you in college?" He asked. 

I hesitated "I am… not" I said and he glanced at me. 

"What? Why?" 

"Well just… Because of some personal reasons." I sighed, I can't tell him I'm not financially stable yet for college. 

"Oh okay!" he breathed out and we both remained quiet 

 He starts to ask me about other things that's not related to my personal life though. 

  We both looked around and talked things we saw on our way and then it led to another subject and then another subject related to our high school days. 

 Finally Neil got in front of my house and I knew he wanted to get the door for me but I beat him to it. He smiled nervously as he got to me seeing I got the door myself. 

 "Okay Neil, thank you" I said, actually out of words.

"It's no problem i am so glad I ran into you today, it's been four years now and I have lost all contact with you, I thick Rick told me you moved, he said he once saw another family coming out from your house one day and since that day I assumed you moved, and forgot about me. But I'm glad you're still here!" He grinned and I laughed thinking about the part where he said, another family coming out from my house. 

"Nope we are here to stay and not ready to leave anytime soon," I giggled. 

"Well that's great news!" Neil smiled. 

"Okay then, I'll be leaving now" I sighed. 

"Before you go, can I get your contact, the first one is no more!" He laughed nervously. 

"Oh yeah, my phone got stolen" I replied and took his phone from him, which he gladly handed out, I typed in my number and gave it to me. 

"Okay thanks, at least we'll be keeping in touch." he smiled and I nodded. 


"Okay good night Elsa, have a sweet night!" he said as he opened the car door and got in. 

"You too" And with a small wave I gave him, I saw his car driving out of the yard. 


 I laid on my bed and sighed heavily, oh Neil. Sweet as always. 

 I remembered when I used to crush on him back then, I think he noticed or I'm not sure, but that was then. 

  I got up from my bed and lazily went to take a hot bath. 

 My dad and I had dinner again that night and my mom already fell asleep early again. So which made my dad and I ate dinner together again. 

 That night as I dressed my bed I revieved a call. And it was Neil, he said he just called to tell me one more good night. 

And honestly that was nice of him,         I enjoyed his voice through the phone. 

 That night I slept soundly like a baby and I know it sounds weird but I kept hearing Neil's voice saying good night


  The next day, I did my morning routine and found myself watching TV and I think the movie I was watch was so boring, I fell asleep. 

  Thankfully I woke up in time to get ready for my job and by three, I found myself at the Huggins residence. 

Getting used to this house already. 

 I walked in the living room and I heard Mrs Huggins sweet voice called out to my name and I turned to her to pour out my greetings. 

 She told me Jason was in his room and asked me about the lesson, I told her it was going great and how Jason has been listening and doing better, even far more than better. 

  I got to Jason's room and I found him seated behind the desk and playing with his phone. 

"Hey Jason." I called for his attention when I closed his door. 

"You're here!" he said disappointed. 

 I rolled my eyes and walked up to him. 

"A little good afternoon would have been nice." I said as I dropped my bag on his desk. 

"Good morning" he said to irk me. 

"Well as long as there is a 'good' at the beginning, it's a good start". I smiled and pulled out my books and dropped it in front of him. 

 I brought out everything but he didn't make a phone to learn which made me grab his phone from his hand. 

He wanted to protest about his phone but with one horrifying glare for me, he sighed and grabbed his pen.

 I started on a topic as always explained it to him and I can't believe this, like what am I doing here!? Well I'm here for the money but Jason is seriously smart. His smart ass made it easier for the both of us as we made it to the next question in no time. 

 We made it to the most difficult questions which made Jason stop to think for some time before writing it down and all in conclusion, he got the answers correctly.

 Jason was attempting to a question which I just explained when my phone starts to ring and I suddenly had second thoughts about changing my ringtone. 

 I picked up my phone and said a little hello and was glad when Jason paid no attention to me. 

"HI Elsa." I heard Neil's voice. 

"Oh, Neil, hi how are you?" I replied, wow! 

He called again. 

"I'm great, how are you doing this fun evening!" he asked. 

"Not fun for me but it's okay!" I giggled. 

"Oh well as for me I just took a break off to call you, just wanted to know how you're doing." 

"I'm working now and I'm fine." I smiled. 

"Good to hear, so how about your student is he or she complying with you?" Neil asked. 

"Well…" I looked at Jason. "He is complying lately, thankfully" I said 

"Oh okay" Neil was quiet for a brief moment before saying. 

"So Elsa I've been wondering if you would like to have dinner with me sometime." Neil said. 

"Dinner? I don't really have time to make show up at dinners cause I leave here at seven pm." I said. 

"Like not just a regular dinner, A date dinner. Or is that too soon?" he laughed, I could feel the nervousness in his voice. 


"No it's okay, The idea of date night isn't that bad!" I tell him. 

"Oh thank God!" he breathed a sigh of relief. 

"So when should be the date, when do you think it's best to go on this date!" He asked. 

"Uhm… Tomorrow?" I said. 

"Wow! Okay tomorrow isn't that bad.!" He said. 

Jason turned to me, and I guess he was done. 

"Okay then tomorrow it is!" I said. 

"Okay have a great day!".

"You too" 

 I ended the call. 

"Your boyfriend?" Jason smirked. 

"Mind your business and pass me your book!" I said and he rolled his eyes and handed me his book for me to check his work. 

"I was just asking a simple question" Jason scoffed. 

"Okay fine he's not my boyfriend. Satisfied?" I huffed. 

"So you guys are going on a date tomorrow?" Jason asked inquisitively. 

"Seriously, are you going to question me now?" I sighed. 

"It's just a simple question."

"you heard the whole phone call, now just shut up and let me focus." I huffed and turned to his book, to see all his answers wrong. 

"You failed it all! I'm disappointed in you!" I said slamming the book on the desk. 

"Being disappointed in me doesn't change anything, now explain the question again" Jason said and I felt like slapping the back of his head and I actually did. 

"Ouch!" he said 

"Don't order me around." I yelled. 

"I just said explain the question I didn't order you!" he yelled back. 

"Then how come your question sound like a command?" I blurted. 

"Probably because you imagined it that way, my parents haven't hit me like this before who are you to--.

 I believed my glare stopped him from completing his sentence. 

"Now let's continue with our work!" I said and he sighed with his normal annoying eye roll. 

"Now focus!" I said as I dragged my chair closer to his and grabbed his pen. 

"Can you ever stop yelling!" He scoffed.


T. B. C 


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