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Age Doesn't Matter Episode 4


Age Doesn't Matter Episode 4

Written By Ruthie Lee

Okay I've been doubting Jason for not being the one who has done his assignment himself, but looks like I was wrong cause he just completed a whole page equation in front of my eyes without miscalculations or any mistake. 

"Okay" I slammed his book on the desk. "Are you secretly smart and suddenly playing dumb?" I asked cause lot of teenagers tend to that nowadays cause they think being too smart will eventually make people see them like a geek. 

"I'm not smart, neither am I dumb.!" Jason replied. 

"Okay, well this is good. It's actually good, you learn so fast, which means we can move to another topic" I smiled. 

"Whatever!" Jason said with a light shrug as expected. 

  I started to treat another topic and he was just quiet during the whole lesson, he was listening, I think. 

 After talking about the topic for some minutes, I gave him an Example and after solving it for him, I told him to solve another example. 

 He picked up his pen and paused. "I don't understand how you got that four" he finally said something, something that melted my heart, so he's been listening perfectly. 

Nothing's more sweeter than your student listening to your teachings. 

"Oh well, let me re-solve that and explain better to you!" I said and took the pen from his hand. I started to solve the equation again and after I was done, I gave him to solve his again. 

"And never forget to write down tge formula first so it will come out pretty easy for you." I ordered, but he gave me no reply, but when he started to solve, he wrote down the formula before solving it, oh great he's listening to me. 

 If it was like this everyday, I'd totally be happy. 

Me teaching, him listening and boom before he knows it, I'm gone with my money, he's passed his math exam, every one's happy and it'll be like I was never here, so he should just comply. 

"Done!" Jason said making me look down at his book, I picked his book up to my face and studied what he did. 

"You made a mistake.!" I tell him

"What? Where?" he asked and I dropped the book to point out the mistake and after showing him, he said he didn't. 

"What do you mean it's not a mistake, look at it from this point where you missed that two, your wrong solving started, the answer is supposed to be six not four" I rolled my eyes with a sigh. 

"That wasn't a mistake a two isn't supposed to be there?" Jason replied. 

"What are you talking about?" I scoffed. "That's why you're so dumb, look at this number, there's an invisible one there and also the next number, add it up together, it gives you the two, don't argue with me, I'm the teacher." I stated and he laughed. 

"It wasn't funny!" I stated angrily. 

"it was to me." He glanced at me

"Just try resolving it again and do exactly what I just said." I ordered and he angrily grabbed his pen as starts to solve. 

 The door to his room opened and his mom walked in with a glass of orange juice in her hand. 

"Mrs Huggins?-  I looked at her

"Yeah so sorry I wanted check on you guys and also bring you a cold drink Elsa, teaching him must be pretty stressful and I heard the both of you angry voices!" Mrs Huggins said. 

"Oh really?" I laughed nervously "Teaching Jason isn't sure easy." I said and Jason glanced at me and then back at his book. 

"It's not easy, he's such a handful. Anyways here is your drink, thank you."  Mrs Huggins said and I took the drink from her and thanked her. 

"No problem dear" she said before leaving.

 With my orange juice I quietly walked behind Jason without him knowing I was there and watched him solve the equation. 

 He was doing a pretty good job with it and when he wrote his final number, I nodded and smiled. He totally got it right. 

  Just as I was about to say "Good job" at the same time, Jason was standing up to either notify me he was done since he didn't know I was behind him. But unfortunately since he didn't know I was behind him, he got up and his head hit my orange juice making it turn and the liquid poured on my… My Favorite

 pink shirt. 

I almost cried. 

"Oh… Sorry" He said blankly 

"Ugh" I groaned angrily and watched as my shirt glued to my body. 

"I'm really sorry" Jason said. 

"You should be!" I said angrily. 

"It's not my fault you should have said something, I didn't know you were standing behind me." He blurted. 

Well looking at it, I should have let him know I was behind him. 

"Well… Where is your bathroom, I need to get the stain off before it dries." I said and he pointed to a door, 

 "Look at the textbook and solve question four, I'll be back." I said and made it to his bathroom. 



 Minutes later I made it out of the bathroom with the orange stain gone and my cloth wet pressing to my skin. 

And the stain got to most part around my chest 


I found Jason playing with his phone and not solving anything. 

"Are you done?" I asked him. 

"Uhm. No the question is a bit messed up so I was waiting for you to do your teacher stuff" Jason said not looking at me but at his phone. 

"Teacher stuff huh? That's why we're called teachers, and we deserve respects especially from spoiled teenage brats." I said and he looks up at me. 

 His eyes suddenly dart to my chest, 

I looked down to see my cloth really pressing to my skin because of the wetness of the cloth 

 The lines of my bra curving my breasts could be visibly seen and I looker up at Jason angrily and immediately he looked away, I can't believe this kid. 

"You know I can't go around teaching you like this, find me a jacket or get me something I can use to dry my cloth." I said to him. 

 "Uh what Is that supposed, you can't go around teaching me like this." Jason laughed as he stood up and walked to his closet. He pulled out a black leather jacket and handed it over to me. 

"Thanks now go sit down." I said and immediately put on the jacket and zipped it up, 

"Don't boss me around." he said, but sat down anyways. 


   The number four seemed very difficult for Jason and so I took my time and explained the whole question for him and he did great. 

    Finally it was time to go, the day had gotten darker and the night was still young. 

 I packed my books and placed it in my bag, ready to leave when Jason stopped me and asked for his jacket. 

"Oh yeah," I said and removed it from my body. "I almost forgot." I said. 

"Good thing I didn't." He said as he took the jacket from me. Thankfully my cloth was starting to dry.

"Okay Jason, till tomorrow, be good!" I advised. 

"whatever, wow nothing really excites me more than seeing you leave." Jason said and I sighed heavily and walked out of the room, I gave Mrs Huggins her goodbye and left for home. 

 I got to the bus stop and found myself running and yelling at the bus which was already leaving right in front of my eyes. 

 Dang it! 

I couldn't believe I missed the bus and it takes thirty minutes for another bus, that's half an hour. 

I can't Wait that long. 

  I sat at the bus stop's waiting chair and just watched as cars passed by. 

 The road was busy as hell, the sky was thick black with no stars and different kind of lights from different corners illuminated the whole street, lights from passing cars, the gas station close by, from different convenience stores around and also from the brightest light that shone exactly above my head. 

 A car passed in front of me but suddenly reversed and stopped in front of me. 


 The door to the car opened and a big muscula guy walked out of the car, looking a little bit familiar. 

"Elsa?" he called looking at me carefully. 

He came into the light and I studied his face very well before gasping very loudly. 

"Neil?" I called standing up. 

"Oh it is you!" he laughed and gave me a hug, that almost squeezed out most of my internal organs. 

 Okay so Neil is my senior at high school, he was the school's president at the time, while I was the class president in my own class, I got to know him when we'd gather for like a school's council meeting. He was pretty popular and smart. 

 At that time he was skinny and well he had always been good looking and he still haven't lost a touch of that, now he looks more taller and masculine. I mean it's been four years ago since he graduated. 

Wow he really took care of himself. 

"Wow Elsa, it's so good to see you after so many years." he laughed as he let's go of me. 

 I started to feel shy, I probably look stupid now with my mint coloured Jean and pink half wet shirt. 

"Yeah so good to see you too Neil!" I laughed nervously. 

"What are you doing here?" he asked looking around. 

"Oh just waiting to catch the next bus." I replied. 

"Oh… oh okay looks like I was heavenly sent, would you like to have a ride in my car?" He asked. 

 "Sure why not" I laughed. 

He thinks I'll say no thank you, nope that's not what I was taught, when someone offers you something gladly accept it. 

"Okay then." he smiled as he walked to the car to open the door for me.  

T. B. C 

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