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Age Doesn't Matter Episode 19


Age Doesn't Matter Episode 19

Written By Ruthie Lee

   Still wondering what Mrs Huggins have to say to me, I left the house and in no time I was at the bus stop. 

  The drive to my destination was smooth and I was glad. 

 I got to the Huggins  residence in no time and i breathed in heavily as I rang the doorbell. 

 The door opened immediately and Mrs Huggins stood there grinning like she's just meeting me for the first time. 

"Well come on in!" she smiled and I nodded before walking inside. 

"So you said Jason isn't home?" I asked. 

"Well he seemed a bit off, mostly pissed about something so I guess he went for a run or something. Come on let's talk before he gets back and don't worry you'll still tutor him today I just want to talk about something real quick!" Mrs Huggins said and laughed nervously pulling me towards the couch. 

 I sat beside her and she bit her bottom lip and breathed a sigh of relief. 

"So… Jason didn't go to school today!" she started. 

Why is she telling me? 

"And?" I said in a tone that gave her the signal to continue. 

"Okay, so I asked him why, and he said he's confused about something, okay this is seriously wrong of me to butt into his business or any of uou business, but as a mom, who loves his son, I have to do this!" Mrs Huggins sighed. 

 Okay I still don't understand where she's going. 

"So after this conversation can you promise me you won't treat Jason differently or talk to him about anything?" Mrs Huggins asked. 

"Uhh… Okay! I won't!" I promised. 

"Okay, wow! This is actually making me feel a bit cranky, and Jason won't ever probably talk to me if he finds out about this either!" Mrs Huggins laughed. 

 Now she's making me really curious. 

"Mrs Huggins can you get straight to the point… please!" I said and she gave me a look before sighing and grabbing her phone beside her. 

"Listen carefully, I recorded this, this morning. Jason had no idea about it and try not to get… You know what, I'll just play it for you.!" Mrs Huggins said and tapped the play button that was showing bodly on her phone. 


  I relaxed my tense shoulder when I heard Mrs Huggins voice,but was shocked by what she said. 

*Do you like Elsa?*

I looked at Mrs Huggins with my eyes widely open but she just stared at me like she said nothing, well she did, but she did record she and Jason having this conversation. 

*What?* Jason's voice followed 

*What kind of absurd question is that mom?*. 


"Yeah that is seriously an absurd question Mrs Huggins!" I chimed, 

Mrs Huggins sighed and paused the playing audio, she moved the duration a bit forward and told me to listen. 

And I listen carefully immediately Mrs Huggins and Jason's voice came alive again. 


*You won't judge!* Jason's voice said. 

*I won't!* Mrs Huggins told him in an assuring way. 

I heard Jason's sigh and silently gasped at his next words that followed *Okay… I think I like Elsa!*

*You think or you do?* Mrs Huggins voice followed. 

*I do!* Jason's sigh could be heard sighed. 

Jason likes me?? 

I was completely speechless so I just had to listen to the audio. 

*See that's nothing to be ashamed of!* Mrs Huggins voice popped up. 

*Really?* Jason's voice followed  

*Of course, people fall in love all the time and I haven't seen you fall for anyone before, I had no clue it would be Elsa!* Mrs Huggins said. 

Jason's ashamed of liking me? 

*So now you know, what do you want me to do?* I could hear the sadness in Jason's voice. 

*Whatever you do, do not confess your feelings to Elsa!* that was what I heard before Mrs Huggins turned off her phone. 

 I was completely speechless I didn't even know how to react. 

 Like yeah I was flustered that Jason liked me, but I didn't know what else I was feeling or what else I could think and I came back to reality when Mrs Huggins let out a loud depressing sigh. 

 "So now you know my Jason has feelings for you and I think he's been planning to keep it to himself but somehow he doesn't want to, well I found out and I know you'll go nuts if he ever tells you this, I mean a student falling his teacher, it's a bit preposterous but I just don't want him to feel dejected if he ever tells you and then you let him down, I just want to tell you this so you won't be too moved when he confesses to you, I just want you to know so you'll know how to reply him if that day ever comes. I'm so sorry for butting in like this but he's my son!" Mrs Huggins expounded but I still remained quiet. 

 We heard the front door being opened by someone and Mrs Huggins grabbed my hands immediately. 

"Act like we never had this conversation, please! That must be Jason!" she said and I nodded still feeling a bit awkward. 

 Jason came into view and his mom gave me a sharp look before turning to him. 

"And where have you been young man!?" Mrs Huggins asked… 

Jason glanced at his mom, then at me, he was kind of suspicious I could tell but didn't put it into thoughts actually.  Well maybe because of the expression I gave, I guess my acting is finally picking up. 

"I've been nowhere!" Jason sighed. 

"Nowhere?" i scoffed. "How come I'm here waiting if you've been nowhere!". 

 "Well I'm here now, so can we start with the tutoring!" Jason sighed and starts to walk to his room. 

"Sure" I said, glanced at his mother before trailing behind him. 


 I closed the door to Jason's room and immediately I arranged my books on his desk, I got a call from Neil. 

"Neil! Hi, hello!" I said into the phone and watched as Jason walked around before finally sitting on his seat in front of his desk and beside the chair I'm always sitting. 

  And at the mention of Neil Jason couldn't help but throw glances at me. 


I feel awkward. 

"Will you be able to meet me after work today?" Neil asked. 

"Uh let's see… I can't, you my mom is still at the hos--

"I went to the hospital to see your mom and I'm happy that she's getting better, she said to let you know, not to pressure yourself and worry about her, that you should have fun!" Neil said and I laughed. 

"Are you trying to make me come with you?" I asked. 

"Well… Yeah, but your mom did say that!" Neil said. 

"And don't worry I'll spent less time with you and make sure you get to see your mom in time, please it's just one stupid dinner!" Neil sighed.

"Stupid?" I repeated. 

"No, I wanted to sound cool, scratch that, I'm sorry!" Neil laughed making me laugh too. 

"It's okay" I assured him. 

"I can come pick you up right?" he asked. 

"Yeah sure!" I said and hung up. 

 I cut the call and turned to Jason to see him staring at the books on the desk. 

"Okay we can start now!" I said to him sitting down. 

"Are you guys going to keep doing this to yourselves, just date already!" Jason stated. 

Oh really? I thought he liked me. Is he supposed to be saying stuff like this? 

"Oh well soon enough" I added and Jason shrugged.

I bet in a million fold he's jealous. 

Or I guess not. Cause he doesn't look like he is. 


 Jason and I started on a new topic and I explained once and was surprised by the way he grabbed it once and solved it on his own. I didn't yell much I didn't even tell at all, neither did he tease me or badmouth me.

 He was super nice through the first topic we went to and I was impressed. 

Or wait, is he being super nice because he likes me? 

Okay now this is getting funny!. 

"looks like this topic is on your good side, or are you in a good mood today, you seem to be getting along with math.!" I smiled. 

"Good side my butt! I skipped school today!" Jason stated. 

"Why?" I turned to him.

"Because I'm not in a good mood!" he sighed. 

"So you skipped school because you're not in a good mood?" I shook my head not believing my ears. 

"And what brought your bad mood?" I asked. 

"Is this a math lesson or a therapy session?" Jason rolled his eyes. 

"So you can't share with me?" I asked in a calm way.

"I can't, now can we move on?" I asked. 

"Of course!" I sighed, 

He's not going to admit it, fine. 

 We moved to another topic and we had to draw diagrams and all and so the topic took forever. 


  Finally it was my time to finally go home, and as I cleared the table by shoving my books and textbooks inside my bag, Jason stood up and said. "do you want me to escort you out the door?". 

I looked up at him. "And why do you want to escort me?". 

I was teasing him and I couldn't believe myself. 

"I'm trying to be nice, now don't make this awkward!" Jason sighed. 

"I know!" I laughed. "I appreciate your nice effort, but… 

I suddenly got a text from Neil saying he's here. 

"But Neil is here!" I added. 

"Okay I get it!" Jason said and sat on his bed. 

"Good, till tomorrow then!" I smiled and left his room. 

 I didn't run into Mrs Huggins on my way down and I was glad. I made it outside and saw Neil beside his car. 

"HI." he smiled. 

"Hi" I replied. 

  He opened the car door for me and I got in. 


Neil and I were both quiet through the whole drive, we only talked once until we got to our destination. 

 Neil had booked our names under the same restaurant as last time, but this time in a different room. 

"You booked our names down?" I asked as we patiently waited for the waiter to come with our drinks. 

"Yeah what's wrong?" Neil asked. 

"What if I had turned you down?" 

Neil laughed. "Then my money would have been gone, all or nothing I don't care! What matter is that you're here now!" 

"Okay, you and your sweet talks" I smiled and he smiled too. 

"So how is everything with Jason going? Are you coping well, still with your mom at the hospital!" 

"Well I am, and Jason is being really nice and less stressful," I said and paused. 

 The thought of him liking me made me laugh. 

"What's wrong?" Neil asked. Cause he never said anything funny so he'd be wondering why I was laughing. 

 I looked up at Neil. "So Neil you were right!" I said. 

 "Right? Right about what?" Neil asked. 

"About Jason!" I sighed. "So I heard from his mom today that he has feelings for me!". 

"I told you!" Neil rolled his eyes.

"Well it's not a bad thing he likes me! But I was really speechless when I found out though, cause he doesn't seem like the type to like someone, and come to think of me! It's funny as it's creepy!" I expound. 

"So you like him back?" Neil asked. 

"I don't!" I shook my head. He has started to travel his mind again. 

"Okay so when I told you, you didn't believe, so how do you feel now when you know a boy younger than you has feelings for you!" Neil asked. 

"Well I feel… Glad! I guess cause who wouldn't want to be loved, and besides I've always been the one having feelings for a particular person, but now it's the opposite and he is younger than me, that is why it's funny!" I shrugged. 

"But you know I have feelings for you too! So mine isn't funny?" Neil asked and I looked at him. 

Okay this is getting awkward. 

T. B. C 

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