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Age Doesn't Matter Episode 16


Age Doesn't Matter Episode 16

Written By Ruthie Lee

 "And then the seven equals two, that's nine and well that's the answer!" I sighed and dropped my pen. 

"Okay that was pretty tough! Let's just give it a go!" Jason said and grabbed his pen and starts ro solve. 

 Okay so strangely Jason has been listening to me, obeying everything I say, not teasing me or making fun of anything I do or don't, he has been pretty nice and quiet since today's lesson began and I was just, so speechlessly surprised. 


   Jason dropped his pen and moved his book closer for me to see. "There". 

"You said it was pretty tough but you solved it all without a mistake and you answered it all correctly, you're really improving Jason!" I said as I marked his work. 

"Well thanks, you're a pretty good teacher yourself!" 

"Wow!" I said. 

"What?" he looked at me. 

"This is the first time you've ever given me a compliment, I'm flattered!" I smiled. 

"No, that's not true I give you compliments all the time.!" Jason laughed. 

"No, or should I rephrase all our lessons?" I gave him a stern look. 

 He shook his head negatively "But I've once called you hot?" he narrowed his eyes. 

"And that was one inappropriate compliment!" I tell him. 

"But it still counts as a compliment!". 

"Whatever!" I rolled my eyes. 

"Okay so now let's move to th--

"Wait I have to tell you something, so why I think your teaching is great, is because you won't believe what happened yesterday!" Jason said excitedly. 

"Okay? What happened?" I suddenly got curious. 

"So I was lost in class yesterday, seriously zoning out and completely unaware of what the math teacher was explaining yesterday!" 

"Wait!" I interrupted. "You went to math class?" He asked. 

He nodded shyly.

"Now that's one big of a good step, I am a really good influence!" I smiled. 

"Okay, I am talking about me here, don't make this about you!" he sighed making me laugh. 

"Okay go on!" I persuaded and he sighed and continued. 

"I was completely lost during the whole math session and then the teacher called out to me and brought me back from my reverie, and then she called me to the board to solve the equation she has been explaining since forever, she called me to solve it for payback. But when I looked at the equation, I laughed at her in my mind and walked up to the board, the equation reminded me of you, cause you already taught me that and I could hear your voice explaining it in my head, well my point is, I killed the equation on the Board and left everyone jaw hanging!" Jason expound and my eyes never left his. 

"And your point in the whole story is?" I asked blinking my eyes rapidly. 

"My point is that I am pointing out how good of a teacher you are!" Jason huffed.

"Well I don't understand why you're telling me or pointing out what I already know!" I teased and he rolled his eyes.  

"Your ego is way higher than I thought!" Jason stated. 

"My ego?" I scoffed. 

"Yeah!" he said. 

"Okay, I don't have the strength to keep up with your… Look let's just move on to another topic okay?" I sighed, "And look" I added, flipping the few pages remaining in the textbooks. 

"We only have few more pages to go!" I smiled. 

"This isn't few, this is math, just one topic can take like three whole days to solve!" Jason complained. 

Well he is right!

"But with your smart brain and my awesome teachings we will be done in no time!" I said as I moved the text book closer to me. 

"You give yourself the hypes you don't deserve!" Jason stated. 

"Excuse me!" I turned to him. 

"Nothing, let's just continue with our work!" he grinned nervously and we continued anyways. 

  I started to feel a little tired and it was still early, and I can't leave before my time. So instead I gave Jason a whole lot of equations after explaining them one by one. 

"Are you trying to kill me?" he asked as I rested my arms on his desk. 

"Well I am, cause you've been disrespectful, but today you're being surprisingly nice, but still solving math won't kill you okay?" I smiled and he sighed. 

"Ugh, you're so mean!" He said. 

"I don't know why but I enjoy it when you complain!" I grinned.

"That's because you're mean!" 

"I am not mean, honestly, I'm just feeling a little tired, my head feels hot inside and I just gave you that to kill time, till it is time for me to go, so now please just cooperate!" I sighed. 

"You're tired? Well okay, sorry for calling you mean! You can totally rest on the bed if you want to!" Jason offered. 

"Oh, look at you being a gentleman, I can grade your attitude seventy nine over hundred today, you've impressed me!" I said standing up. 

"Why seventy nine, you can just add the remaining one and make it eighty!" He joked.

"Well I could, but some thing is holding back that one and I wont tell you now just let me rest." I said and sat on his bed. It was soft and wide. 

"Got an awesome duvet right here, now don't mind me or don't mention me sleeping or resting my head on this bed to anyone cause I am going to kill you!" I said and rested my body on his bed, my Jeans were tight and uncomfortable but still I was very tired and the bed welcomed me. 

"What's so wrong with you sleeping on my bed?" Jason asked, and when I glanced at him from his bed which was opposite the bed, I could see he was solving the math, well I could see only his back but I could tell. 

"With me sleeping on your bed, there are many wrongs!" I stated. 

"Okay then tell me how?" Jason paused and turned to the bed. 

 I sat up "First! People would think I am so lazy, that I sleep during our lesson and why would I ever sleep at my student's house, what teacher does that?". 

Jason laughed, "Okay first you said people would think? And who are these people you speak of?". "I don't know, you can go off and blab about this to your friends" I shrugged. 

"Is that how low you think of me Elsa?" Jason tries to sound offended, but he was a bad actor. 

"No that is not how I think of you but isn't that what teenagers do? they tell each other each and every thing that happens to them to their friends." I explained. 

"Well I am not like that and also you know you're not lazy you know that yourself and sleeping here isn't that bad everyone gets tired and you're also more than a teacher here!" Jason said. 

"More than a teacher? What do you mean by that?" I laid back on the bed but placed my elbow on the bed and placed my head on my palm so I would be able to see Jason as he spoke. 

"Well, you know my mom… She… She said you're more than a teacher here, her words not mine! And so sleeping here isn't that bad!" Jason said making me roll my eyes. 

"Okay! Whatever you say!" I said and placed my head on the pillow. 

"Now focus on your books and stop looking at me.!" I said and closed my eyes. 

I heard his small chuckle and before I knew it every little sound I hear starts to fade and I was already half way asleep. 



Everywhere was quiet, my room suddenly starts to feel empty as Elsa fell asleep, she must be pretty tired, she must have been worried about her mom, it's nice of her to still wants to teach me despite the way things are with her mom. 

  Minutes later and I was done with the work she gave me. I closed the book and I sighed. I didn't know what to do anymore, I was really bored. 

 I stood up and walked up to the bed too see Elsa sleeping up straight, some parts of her front hair was glued to her forehead because of the tiny sweats she was having up there. 

And being the nice gentleman she called me today, I turned on the Air conditioner to the perfect anti heat cool temperature and when the house became cool, in her sleep Elsa let out a relieved smile and it made me smile. 


Yeah I must be crazy! I thought to myself as I realised I've done nothing but stand in front of Elsa to watch her sleep. 

 I quickly walked out of the room and gently closed the door so as not to slam it and wake her up. 

 I walked into the kitchen and met Dessera our house cook. 

"Good evening Jackson" she greeted. 

"It's Jason!" I corrected as I opened the fridge to grab a bottle of water. 

"I am so sorry, Mine is always forgetting!" she laughed nervously. My mom warned me about her broken English. 

It was broken it was shattered, she used to live in the country side and she's used to talking in her native or should I say scary language or so, so English must be foreign and new to her. 

But forgetting my name? 

"Sorry, I am still… Trying… to understand the… Name" She said little by little. 

"You're still trying to get familiar with the name?" I said in a way she would understand her 'understand' should he replaced with 'get familiar'. 

 She silently repeated the word familiar and I just looked away and attempted to my water. 

"So I was just preparing for supper!" She said. 

"You mean dinner?" I gave her a look. 

"Yes" she nodded. 

"You're not in nineties, no one calls it supper but dinner." I stated. 

"My apologies, so how is your teacher Melissa?" she asked and I sighed heavily. 

"It's Elsa, not Melissa and she's fine why are you asking?" 

"Cause… Your mother,... Called the phone and… Told me I should let her stay for supp… Diner… No.. Dinner!" Dessera explained. 

"I don't think she'd stay but you can ask her to, cause I don't think she would listen to me if I ask her!" I dropped the empty bottle on the kitchen counter and sighed. 

"Jackson… Johnson.. Ugh sorry Jason!" Dessera called and laughed nervously. 

"You know what just call me whatever you like as long as it has a J and a 'son' were good to go!" I said. 

"Okay! What I wanted to say, was, your mother… she said… You really like your teacher!" Dessera stated. 

"Huh?" I turned to her. "What do you mean by that, what do my mom meant by that and of course I like Elsa, because she's the best teacher ever, if you had a good teacher wouldn't you like him or her too?" I asked. 

"of course I would and that why… What your mother meaning!" Dessera expound. 

 Of course that what's my mother meant, what kind of like was I thinking. 

And then Dessera shocked me with her outrageous question. 

"But do you like your teacher in another way?" she asked. 

"And where is that question coming from?" I raised my brows at her. 

"From me," she replied and when she noticed my eyes she quickly bent her head down and apologized seeing that I am not ready to answer that question. 

"Okay Dessera, I really wanted to keep you company but you ruined it, now goodbye and enjoy cooking alone," I said as I started to walk out of the kitchen. 

"Okay, thank you for stop by!" she added in her shattered English. 

 I walked out of the kitchen, I never wanted to keep her company from the start. I rather watch Elsa sleep than watch Dessera cook. 

   I sat on the third step of stair on the staircase and sighed. I was feeling a bit different today and I could tell, my head was running a question and my mind was running another question I couldn't understand, I was just so confused. But I know all was focused on Elsa. And then the question asked clearly in my head. 

T. B. C 


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