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Age Doesn't Matter Epilogue


Age Doesn't Matter Epilogue 

Written By Ruthie Lee


Stranded on an empty road I watched as Jason walked around his car to detect it's fault. 


"I told you road trips aren't always as lovely as they sound" I sighed and crossed my arms. 

"This is hopeless" Jason sighed as he closed the front trunk of the car. "I filled the car with enough gas, did a pre-check on it and now it's acting up all of a sudden!" Jason explained and I sighed and shook my head Negatively.

 I told him having a road trip was a bad idea, well it was lovely thirty five minutes ago but then his car suddenly made a weird noise and stopped moving and now we're stuck here on an unknown street, with less houses and more grasses, the street was empty and broad, one little sound and the whole place echoes!

 Jason sighed and brought out his phone, "I'll call my mechanic to come here, let me see where we are first!" He said as he tapped something on his phone.

 The day was starting to get gloomy and the sun suddenly hid beneath the clouds. 

"Why does it look like it's about to rain.?" Jason asked glancing at the sky. 

"Cause it's about to, those are probably rain clouds!" I said. 

"Well that would be the worst, cause we're Stranded and it's about to rain. Today really wasn't our day!" Jason laughed nervously. 

"You think" I rolled my eyes sarcastically. 

"What did you say when I told you having road trips wasn't actually my thing?" I fold my arm. 

 Jason bent his head and reply "I said it will be the best road trip that I shouldn't worry about anything!" 

"And where are we now and how is the road trip taking off?" I walked closer to him. 

He sighed. "We're Stranded and my car has broken down and it's about to rain. Yeah so this road trip was a bad idea, but I didn't a rain check and it was supposed to be sunny all through out today!" 

"Well mother nature knows better!" I huffed. 

It's always been like this between us, we don't really have anything in common and the same thing we want to do at the same time but, there's just this love we carry. The happiness in between and its been like that for six months. 

 Jason looked down at his phone. "I just checked and there's an hotel nearby, we can go and wait there so we won't get beaten by the rain and I'll call my mechanic to come pick up the car or fix it which ever way Is better for him." 

"Good!" I breathed out. 

 I looked up as I heard grumbling in the sky. The day was now getting dark due to the thicker rain clouds that covered the other layers of clouds. 

"We really need that hotel right now cause I'm not going to get drenched by this sudden rain!" I said and gasp as thunder grumbled in the sky. 

 "Okay, we'll be following the map, come on let's take this way, we'll be at the hotel in no time, it's not far from here" Jason said, grabbed my hand and we both start to walk. 

 We got  to the end of the empty street and made a left turn and there it was, a brown looking hotel that looked cozy already just by looking at it. 

 It was starting to get windy and dust started to fly around. I was having trouble with seeing where I was going because my hair was on my face and the more I pushed them out the more the gather more. 

"Don't worry I got you covered.!" Jason said as he placed his hand around my shoulder, pull me closer to his body and guided me towards the main entrance of the hotel. 

 Suddenly it started to pour, all in one go, the rain mercilessly drenching us before we walked into the hotel. 



  "Luckily for you there's only one room left in the hotel" the receptionist smiled at Jason as they exchanged cards and all that. 

"Well I'm pretty good with timing" Jason smiled. 

"That's good to know!" the receptionist nodded. 

   She handed Jason a key with a tag that has three numbers written on the body.

 Jason smiled as he clicked his hands with mine and pulled me away from the counter of the receptionist. 

"Luckily we got the last room, room in the house." Jason smiled as he jingled the… Our hotel room key in his hand. 

"Yeah luckily, since luck wasn't on our side today!" I smirked. 

"You're one blamer" he rolled his eyes as he placed his hand around my neck. 

"Room 089, there it is," Jason smiled and slipped his hand away from my shoulder. 

 He walked towards the door and shove the key into the door's key hole, a clicking sound was made and Jason pushed the door open. 

  We both walked into a bright room, the concept all red and white. 

"Whoa and I was internally thinking why they had to charge me so much for staying for some hours, this hotel is legit, it's like we're on honeymoon" Jason smiled. 

"No kidding!" I grinned as I walked towards the bed. 

"If my clothes weren't so wet, I could have made this bed my sudden trampoline!" I said touching its soft fabric. 

"Now just take a look at the ceiling, the design is magnificent!" Jason said looking up. 

 I glanced up and then down. 

I pointed. "Good thing we took off our boots before walking in, we could have ruined the fine rug!" I smiled as I admired every single corner of the hotel room. 

  I moved my wet hair back and turned to Jason. 

"I'm so cold, and I need to change these clothes so I'll be taking a shower first!" I said. 

"Oh okay!" Jason nodded

I was about walking away when he called me back and I turned. "Or we could take a--

"You dare not say it!" I glared at him. 

"What?" he laughed. "Dare not say we could take a bus if my car is still going to be disappointed, what did you think I wanted to say?". 

"I know you wanted to say take a bath together, don't play innocent with me, I can read your mind!" I rolled my eyes. 

"What are you, a vampire? Wow, but I can't believe you'd ever think something so eerie like that!" Jason laughed. 

"I don't have time for this!" I shook my head Negatively and walked away, 

As I walked into the bathroom I could still hear his laughter from the bedroom and It me smile, he's just so naughty. 


  Wrapped in a towel, I walked out of the bathroom tying my hair up with another towel. This hotel is the best they have everything and that was the nicest warm bath ever. 

 I walked into the bedroom to see Jason shirtless. 

Well thankfully he still had his trousers. 

"Sorry, I couldn't wait any longer, my shirt was sticking to my body and it made me feel like I fell into a swamp or something" Jason said, cause he saw me looking at him. Like lost. 

"Well it's okay now since I'm out you can go take your bath now!" I said and he nodded. 

 Jason eyed me from head to toe. 

"What was that look for?" I started with a glare. 

"Uh, nothing!" He laughed. 

"You just looked at me like how you look at chocolate cakes. I can tell your every expression Jason you can't lie to me anymore!" I crossed my arms over my chest. 

"Well you… In a towel and…I just feel so… Never mind." his face was full flushed and I sighed. 

"Just go take your shower" I shook my head trying to hold back my laugh. 

 He was about walking out of the bedroom when I called him back. 

"Jason pause!" was what I said. 

"Pause why?" He asked, his eyes looking at my legs. 

"My face is up here!" I yelled and he looked at me with a grin. 

He did that on purpose. 

"When did you start growing all those muscles though?" I asked referring to his extremely model body. 

So buit and beautiful. 

"Do not tease me Elsa, I've had these packs since forever!" he smirked before walking away. 

He's growing up too quickly. Well we'll see about that. 


I changed into one of the robes the hotel had set in, the closet was filled with robes and later Jason and I get to order clothes from the small cloth shop at the bottom of the hotel. 

 Dressed in a comfortable and baggy Rumper, I turned off the bright lights and left the dim and cool lights on leaving the house and the weather outside In great scenery. 

  Jason joined me on the bed and sighed. 

 "Now this is what I would call, best road trip ever!". 

"This isn't a road trip you moron!" I laughed. 

"Well to me it is. Believe I've had a lot of road trips since I was a baby, it was just me and my mom but this is the best so far!" Jason said as he cuddled me from behind. 

"This isn't a road trip!" I made it clear to him. 

"it is to me!" He breathed in my hear. 

"You never agree with me do you?" I said removing his hands from my body. 

"Okay, okay fine, this isn't a road trip!" He said and I laughed. 

  I turned to him facing him and my hands wrapped his neck and I pulled his face closer to mine. 

"Let's play a game!" I whispered all over his face. 

"And who the hell would say no!" be grinned and i laughed. 

"okay, so I'll be thinking of a colour in my mind and if you can guess the colour I'm thinking, I'll owe you a kiss!" I explained. 

"Let's start immediately!" he said as he moved closer to me. 

 "Okay" I said. 


"Now guess the colour!" I said. 

"purple!" he replied immediately. 

"Wait what?" I was shocked. 

"No way? I got it?" He was surprised too. 

"Wow believe me when I say in shocked!" I laughed but he wasted no time in pinning his lips down on mine. 

 The kiss got almost intense but I stopped it, weathers like this, intense kissing should be prohibited if you aren't ready. You might take things too far. 

"That's enough!" I laughed as I pushed Jason's lip back with my finger. 

"Sorry!" he laughed. 

"Now you go!" I said and he nodded. 

"Guess the colour?" he said. 

"Uhm.. Blue!" I stated. 

"Correct!" he smiled happily as his lips closed against mine again and we started to press our lips against each other..

It was getting a bit tense, I was getting lost, but I stopped it in no time. 

Jason laughed. "Actually I was thinking of yellow, but lying it was blue made the game even more fun!". 

"What?" I yelled and he laughed.

He bit his bottom lip and my eyes darted from his eyes to his lips. 

"you know what, let's just drop the game and… 

I completed my sentence with a kiss…. 

Finally ended. 

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