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The Black Powers 2 - Chapter 2



The Black Powers 2 - Chapter 2

Theme: Me Na Me Na Who I be


Notice:Story owned and written by Michael Adeyeye (A.k.a) Mikelrado. No part of this story should be shared used or reproduced without permission from the author! mikelrado contact 📳
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Stone got to his boss house and he met the door locked, thank God he has the spare key with him. He open the door with his key and went in locking the door behind him. He was surprised to see his boss ammo bag emptied on the bed. He was sure his boss is back and has gone to war, he check everywhere in the house and found nothing except for some ammunition, HE *WHATSAPP : +2349051471122* then sat down to think and see if he can figure things out.

Am d--n sure that mum add a sleeping drug to my meal, which mean she must have been captured by Benny, and she will definitely use her to lure my boss in making a quick return, he said in his mind. Should I go and see Benny? No I won’t! He said to himself, if she has anything to do with my boss and his mum disappearance then am sure she will come for me too. But wait o, what do I do? If I don’t go to Benny, she will definitely suspect it that am up to something. D--n! He said as he lay on his boss bed not sure of what to do.

About 30 minutes later, after an unfritful thinking, stone came out and was locking the door when HE *WHATSAPP : +2349051471122* heard a sound behind him, he turn instantly and he was shocked to see d.d standing right behind him. At first he was shocked but he quickly composed himself acting as if he has never seen her before.

Stone: looking for someone?

D.d: I guess you must be the guy mikelrado normally talks about

Stone: you are yet TO *WHATSAPP : +2349051471122* answer my question

D.d: well, you can call me d.d

Stone: am kunle

D.d: hmmm…. Kunle indeed ***she said smiling*** I already know everything about you, am sure you are the guy mikelrado call stone, mikelrado’s boy

Stone: congratulations, I hope you got an award for that, now who are you and what the hell are you doing here? ***he said with harsh voice**

D.d: well, am mikelrado’s girlfriend

Stone: oh really, how come I don’t know you?

D.d: let’s just say mikelrado like to keep somethings in his life secret.

Stone: oh really, so what are you doing here BECAUSE *WHATSAPP : +2349051471122* am sure you know he’s not around

D.d: am not here for mikelrado, am here to see you, have been waiting for you to come around for days now

Stone: you are here for me?

D.d: there is fire on the mountain and am sure you can feel it already but it is not safe for us here, can you meet me in ganmo in 3 hours time?

Stone: fire on the mountain? Hmmm….. OK where in ganmo?

D.d: I will give you my number now, when you get to the transformer beside the road very close to *WHATSAPP : +2349051471122* ganmo market, call me I wil come take you to my house

Stone: your house? Why your house?

D.d: trust me, you are safe with me…..

Stone: and what gives you the impression that am scared of you?

D.d: just give me your number and let me beep *WHATSAPP : +2349051471122* you now so you can call me when you get there, it’s really not safe for us here.

Stone: you keep saying not safe, are you the one in trouble or me?

D.d: both of us

Stone: hmmm…. Ok

They exchange number and they both go their separate ways….

Exactly 3 hours later, d.d was sitting on the bed in mikelrado’s apartment in ganmo waiting impatiently for stone to call. Is he not coming again? She said out loud picking up her phone *WHATSAPP : +2349051471122* to call stone. She was about dialing stone number when a soft knock landed on the door, she was shocked! Because she was not expecting any visitor, in fact nobody close to her knows her whereabout, even stone that she was expecting did not know her exact location. Who’s there she finally speak after taking about 30 seconds to compose herself.

It is me stone, a voice sounded at the other side of the door, she recognize his voice instantly but was still surprised on how he got her location. Stone??? How…… Will open the door or not? he responded before she *WHATSAPP : +2349051471122* could finish her statement. She was still thinking of what to do when she heard the door lock open from the other side. She brought out her gun pointing it at the door as stone walks in.

Stone: did you invite me here to threaten me with gun?

D.d: how did you know my location and how did you open the door?

Stone: you are not the only one that is full of surprises you know ***he said raising up his spare key for her to see***

D.d: so you know about *WHATSAPP : +2349051471122* this apartment?

Stone: not only did I know about this apartment, I know everything that is going on between you and my boss, I was here the first day you step you feet into this apartment.

D.d: wow

Stone: so you should know the kind of lies you will tell me because am not here for games. And please put that thing down, that’s not how to welcome a guest ***he said pointing to her gun***

D.d: am not here for game either ***she lowered her gun but still holding it***

Stone: so what is going on *f*he said sitting on the chair beside the bed***

D.d: that is why I called you here, something terrible happened when you were *WHATSAPP : +2349051471122* asleep

Stone: wait, you know I was drugged?

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