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The Black Angels-Chapter 22




The Black Angels-Chapter 22

Theme: In Love With a Demi god

By Faith Lucky


      Gera's Pov:
I rushed into the room with Phin and found Mishael on the floor, bleeding profusely.
There was bloodstain everywhere.

What the hell???

"Mishael!" I called and ran to him.

He was leaning against the wall.

"Hey, what happened to you?" Phin asked as we squatted in front of him.

"Javan..." He muttered.
"He stabbed Olivia and took her away".


I scoffed in disbelief.

"What're you talking about, Mishael?" I held his shoulder.

"What do you mean Javan stabbed Olivia and took her away?"

"I'm going to kill him. I swear" he fisted his hand.

I still found the whole thing abstruse. Why the hell would Javan do such a thing? Why would he stab Olivia and take her away?

"We need to stop the bleeding" Phin said.

"We can't. Nothing Can be done from here, only the source. He can only get healed when Olivia's healed as well" I replied.

Then, we exchanged glances at each other and he suddenly took his eyes to the floor, looking at the blood.

I also looked at it and we smiled.
     Hours Later.
       Olivia's Pov:
I woke up, feeling dizzy and weak. I was being laid on a bed.

Where am I? And how did I get here?

I suddenly recalled what happened - Javan!

Oh my God! He stabbed me!!

I sat up with full force, placing my hand on my tummy. Surprisingly, I couldn't feel any pain or see any sign of the stab.

But...I remember vividly. I was stabbed. So, what happened??

I looked around and noticed I was in a pretty room.  Did Javan really bring me here? Where's he?
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The door opened almost immediately and he walked in, holding a tray of food.

"You're awake" he said and I left the bed.

"Stay away from me" I said nervously.


"You stabbed me -twice! You could've killed me" I said angrily.

"I had to! Okay? I had to stab you and I'm sorry for it. But it was the only way I could get you away from Mishael" he chipped in.

"By risking my life??"

"If I had used the knife on Mishael, it wouldn't had worked on him because he's too powerful. So, I had to use it on you since you were mortal. That way, it also brought him down" he enthused and I shook my head.

This is crazy.

"How am I sure you really wanted to take me away, or just wanted to hurt Mishael?" I asked.

"Come on Olivia; I'd never want to hurt you".

"So, why re you so bent on taking me away? Why don't you want me to be with Mishael?" 

"Seriously? Do you really enjoy how he f**ks you day and night?" He asked and I lowered my gaze to the floor.

"I'm just trying to be of help Olivia, but if you really don't wanna be of help, then fine. The door is open" he said hoarsely and dropped the food on the bed before leaving the room.
      Gera's Pov:
I stood with Phin at the balcony as he hung his little bag on his arm, ready to leave.

"How long will it take?" I asked him and he sighed.

"I can't really tell. But since the mission requires fresh blood, I'd need to hurry up before the blood I have gets dried up" he replied and I nod.

"Okay, then. Just be careful and stay safe. I wish you luck".
I hugged him and he left afterwards.
      Javan's Pov:
I stood outside the door of Olivia's room and listened hopefully.
Thank goodness she isn't really resisting and I hope she doesn't. I can't let her leave; I don't want her to.

Despite the fact she's bonded to my enemy, I still can't deny the fact that I love her.
Yes, I do. And I can't let her stay anywhere around Mishael.

If they stay together, I'm afraid they might find out the only true way to break the bond.

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