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My Virgin Client - Chapter 17



MY VIRGIN CLIENT (The Matchmaker)
My Virgin Client - Chapter 17

Theme: Never  Fall In Love With A Client

Genre: Romance, Drama, Suspense, 18+

By Authress Ti Fe


I sat on the chair in the kitchen pouring myself some alcohol.

"How does it feel?" Barry asked.

"To be heartbroken?" I asked gulping all down at the same time.

"Yes." He said pouring himself a drink too.

"It kinda tickles. Like a feather in my anus." I said pouring myself another drink.

"So what are you going to do?" He asked.

"Nothing. She is on a date with him, kissed him, she wants to be with him. The contract is done." I said angrily.

"Hinn.." Barry called.

"He has the better number, terminate the contract, get the pay and delete her information." I said gulping down another cup.

"And you aren't scared of losing her?" He asked.

"I already did Barry." I replied and the door bell rang.

"I will get that." He said walking away and I poured myself another drink.

"Hey, i need to talk to Hinn. What he saw isn't what he thinks it is. I need to explain to him." She rapped.

"Why not explain to me?" Barry asked.

"I need to talk to Hinn about it." She said.

"You kissed him, that means you choose him. There is nothing between You and Harry anymore, so just go home." Barry said.

"No, no. He kissed me." She said.

"And you kissed him back, he isn't talking to you. So you can just leave."

"And you know what, you are a b**ch." Barry said slamming the door.

He walked up to me and all I did was stare at him.

"Okay, I didn't mean to call her a b**ch, it just came." He said sipping his drink while I gulped mine down again.

"Hinn if you cares about you, she will be back."

"One, two, three." He counted and the door bell rang again.

"I told ya!" He said walking to get the door.

"Don't say anything. Just give me two minutes to talk, I love him." She said and I fell off the chair were I sat.

"I love him. And I will keep calling him till he hears me out." She said and I heard Barry shut the door.

   ..... THE NEXT MORNING....


I did my press ups trying to get her off my mind. Eddie was also in the gym doing.. 

Who the f**k cares?

I looked at him and looked away again as I kept moving up and down. 

Then I saw someone's leg in front of me wearing socks and floppy slippers.

"Can we talk?" Blake said making me stand up.

"There is nothing to say Blake." I said looking away.

"Hinn I love you." She said reaching for my hand but I tossed it off.

"Your boyfriend is waiting." I said pointing to Eddie.

"My boyfriend is standing right in front of me." She said trying to touch me but I moved away. I took my sweater and began to wear it.

"Hinn please hear me out. Eddie is just a friend, nothing more." She said.

"And we are also just friends, sex is nothing. It is a chemical reaction which you will get over very soon. And I too." I said in great jealousy and pain.

"Hinn." She called walking close to me.

"Go meet him, and be happy." I said and I saw Eddie approach us.

"Hey Hinn." He said stretching his hand to me.

"I an out of here." I said waking away.

"And Eddie, take care of her." I added walking away.

"Of course, just like I did yesterday." He said and anger rose in me.

I turned and gave him a very hard punch on his face.

"Hinn." Blake called pulling me back.

"Disrespect her again and I will strangle you." I said fuming in anger.

"I was just joking dude." He said holding his cheek, but I ignored and stormed out of the gym with Blake running after me.


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