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My Virgin Client - Chapter 12



MY VIRGIN CLIENT (The Matchmaker)
My Virgin Client - Chapter 12

Theme: Never  Fall In Love With A Client

Genre: Romance, Drama, Suspense, 18+

By Authress Ti Fe


I claimed down the stairs wearing a crop top and fitted trouser. Hinn walked into the house carrying a bag of grosses.

"Hey." He said.

"Hi." I replied smiling. Then I noticed him staring at my dressing.

"Strange right? Haven't worn it for ages." I said walking closer while he Just stared at me.

"Will you come down here? Or you keep staring?" Tara yelled from outside making me smile.

"In a sec!" Hinn replied while I collected the bag from him.

We walked to the back of the house, and I saw Barry roasting meat using a big grille.

I then sighted a volleyball court and the ball right there in front of me.

I am dumb good at playing it.

"Wanna try?" I asked tossing the ball to Hinn who caught it perfectly.

"Of course, I am very good at sports generally." He said and Barry coughed.

"Yea, except for Golf." He added nodding and Barry coughed again.

"We already said ice skating is not a sport." He said shooting Barry a deadly look.

"Come on." I said moving to the other side of the court.

"You serve." He said tossing the ball back to me.

"I bet my money on Blake." I heard Tara said boastfully.

I hit the ball up to the other side and it landed right on Hinn's hand, as he tossed it to me again.

We kept going, jumping and making sure it didn't touch the ground. 

Then he did it once and I was unable to hit it back.

"That's my dude!" Barry yelled and Tara shot him a deadly look.

We continued and while he was about running to get the ball, he fell to the ground groaning heavily.

"Hinn, are you okay?" I asked running to him.

"Yea, I am fine." He said holding his knee.

"Your knee right?" I asked and he nodded wincing in pain.

"Let's go get some ice." Tara said pulling Barry with her.

"Coon  here, rest your weight on me." I said pulling his hand over my shoulders and walking to a chair in front of us.

I made him sit and I sat on a chair close to him.

"Geez its swelling already. What happened to your knee?" I asked touching it through his jeans carefully.

"Can you keep a little secret?" He asked smiling.

"Yes." I replied looking at him.

"I am Superman." He said making me laugh.

"Right Hinn, you are a Superman. Who else would risk his life for a sweet small boy who lost his father that same year." Tara rapped passing my the ice.

"Shut up Tara." He said sighing as I placed the Ice on his knee.

"He is so sweet Blake." She said before walking away.

"Is it true?" I asked looking at him.

"Yes. He was a little boy who looked football badly. And i, knowing I suck at football had to save him from getting hit by a vehicle." He said looking at me.

"So you were hit instead?" I asked again.

"Yeah. But he was so sweet, he came to check up on me in the hospital and even gave me his best bear. A protection bear." He said smiling.

"Best bear?" I asked.

"Yes, his mother gave him a Teddy bear before she died of cancer that year." He said and I nodded.

"Why did he do that?" I asked.

"He said he didn't need it, since he had me." He said.

"And what of the boy now." I asked.

"He is a bad ass player. His dad sends me some of his videos and sometimes I go to watch him play." He said.

"Wow, you truly are a Superman." I said and he stared at me bringing his face closer to me while I did the same.

"Hey guys! Wanna watch some movie?" Tara asked making me draw back.

"Yea we will be there." I said shyly standing up.

I helped Hinn stand up as we both walked inside with his weight on me.

We were about sitting on the couch when Tara stopped us.

"This isn't happening until you two take a shower." She said and we moved to the stairs 

"Not together." She added making me laugh.

We managed to climb up the stairs and he laughed.

"What?" I asked smiling as we got to a turning.

He held me to the wall and took my lips in his kissing me. I opened up holding his neck as he did.

His breathing grew intense as he kissed my neck making my mouth drop open in pleasure.

The door bell rang making us stop.

"Eddie!" We heard Tara call.

He looked at me and kissed my forehead.

"Blake you have a visitor." Tara yelled.

"Go to him." He said smiling while I nodded walking to the living room.


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