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My boss wants me-Chapter 12



My boss wants me-Chapter 12
Theme: ( He's a sex freak )

By Simrah Saeed

Restricted Content: 20 Years +
Coarse Language. Nudity. Sex. Violence..

I have never been this happy in my life , indeed you find peace and comfort when you are with the right person and the woman for me is Jeanne .

I can't explain how much I love her, I touched her smooth hair flying over my face because her head on my arm.

Yesterday was my best night ever, forget those bitches I fuck , they aren't sweet as her and I just sex them and go but with Jeanne? I'm sure we made love .

She looks so beautiful even in her sleeping position gosh I'm falling for her all over again .

I gently placed her head on the pillow as she snuggled closer.

Her eyes snapped opened as she stare at me shyly , wait when did she become shy? . It's good to know I have effect on her anyways
" Morning sleepy angel " I said and perked her ..

" Morning " she replied and buried her head on my chest while I chuckled.

" How are you feeling? Hope you are okay ? Did I made you feel pain?"

" Naa! I'm fine " she said
" Alright we need to go take our bath before mum comes knocking the door" I said trying to carry her from the bed .

" Put me down Xavier you go first "

" Not happening, I will have to bath you myself and in the process we can go for a round you Know. I'm not tired when it comes to your body " I grinned while her eyes widen before she smiled
" Pervert" she muttered and rolled her eyes as I laughed.
If anyone told me I will end up spending the rest of my life with Xavier I could have slutterd the person that instant but here I am in a wedding gown preparing to walk down the aisle with the man that captured my heart, I can't explain how everything happened so fast but I'm happy about it .

" How do I look Jay? Alex is coming also and I want to look pretty for him " Minky said as I laughed. She's dressing to look pretty just because her boyfriend is also attending my ceremony?

I shook my head before looking at her .

" You look beautiful Minky " I said
" Thanks but you look more beautiful , seeing you alone makes me wanna get married" she said dramatically while I grin .
" Don't worry you are next "

" It Should be " she replied as we both laugh.
Mum walked in fully dressed elegantly , sometimes I think she hasn't given birth to any child because of the way she's fit like a young lady .

" Are you ready? " She said and while i nodded.

" Let's go then everyone is waiting for the bride and before I forget you look so gorgeous " she enthused as i blushed.

" I now announce you as Man and Wife " the priest said as everyone cheered .

Officially Becomes Jeanne Xavier Rong this minute.

Everything just happened in a swift , the same boss I tend to be a sex freak was the one destined to be my husband.

I asked God for a better husband and he gave me the best .

The love of my life , isn't it amazing marrying the one you love and Loves you in return?

Even if it's just the beginning of a new live, I Know it's gonna be a good one so long I'm with Xavier

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