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My boss wants me-Chapter 11



My boss wants me-Chapter 11
Theme: ( He's a sex freak )

By Simrah Saeed

Restricted Content: 20 Years +
Coarse Language. Nudity. Sex. Violence..

Jeanne's POV .
" Hunny the body therapist will be here tomorrow so I'm not leaving and i don't think you will do that either " mum said. This is going to be very tough , how did she expects me to stay in here for 2days?
" but mum we have work to go" Xavier chirped in

" You can go I'm not stopping you and Jeanne I will speak to your boss just give me his number" she replied eyeing her son while I passed him a glance. They didn't even know I work in their company. Just great!
" I w.."

" She's my PA" he said while mum's eyes widened.

" You mean she works for you?" She grimaced.

" Yes mum I became his PA last three years " I said

" Really? That's great of course , then you aren't going to work tomorrow or did I need to take permission from you Mr boss?" She said jokingly while Xavier shook his head .
" Then it's settled"

" Dinner is ready everyone" Minky announced. Thank Gawd it shortened the conversation.
I gently knocked on Xavier's door till I heard a faint come in.

I need to talk to him about my feelings also and that i accepted the proposal but I'm nervous as hell .

"Oh Jeanne it's you" I nodded my head as he Pat a space beside him on the bed where he was working on his laptop for me to sit ..
" You wanna tell me something?" He asked curiously staring at me .

" Uhhm yeah" I replied and rubbed my sweaty hands together. Why have I suddenly become shy of him?

He closed his laptop giving me the attention I asked for .

" Uh.. Xavier I ..I .. discovered that I love you too, I can't fight the feeling any longer . I tried my best to push it away but it only got stronger" I said and bowed my head not wanting to see the reaction on his face .

" Gracious Lord! You do love me too?" He asked bewildered while I nodded shyly .

" This is the best news I have heard in decades , I'm so happy right now. That means you accept to marry too right?" I nodded again unable to say anything.
He hugged me and kissed me softly which I didn't fail to reciprocate .

I have wanted him for long but my ego wouldn't let me succumb to it .

And now! I'm gonna be his bride so it isn't bad to give yourself to your fiance right?
The kiss got more intense as he held me by the waist before pushing me to the bed with him at the top you know.

" Jeanne!" He called me softly as the as his breath touched my skin .

He turned me to look himself and the only thing I could see was his sparkling eyes .
He looks so handsome, I wanted saying something yet my mouth refused to get itself opened .

Our lips got locked up in a matter of seconds. For the very first time I felt like I'm a woman , a lady to be precise .

He pinned me down with his muscles
As I found my self touching his Abs
He reached for my b**bs fondling it gently while a loud moan escape my mouth but I was quick enough to control it remembering we where not alone in the house .

His colongue filled my nostrils
He traced his hand to my ass and smacked it sending shivers down my spine
I felt his gaze on mine as I passed him a my cutest smile in a flirtatious way.

" I'm madly in love with you Jay" he muttered inform of a whisper making me giggle
" I love you too Xavier" I bit my lip as I said that making him groan as I laughed inside me .

In no time, we were both naked on the bed while he sucked my nipple and his hand teasing my c**t making me go wet beyond my control.

He gently set his d**k ready to enter me before he slowly began thrusting into me. Too bad I'm not a virgin but I only had sex once which was 7years back so I'm tight down there...

" Fuck you are so tight" he said
I didn't reply but moan loudly as he was going deep into me...

" Are you okay?" He asked as he increased the pace.

" Yes yes I want more" i replied.
I'm not regretting having him fuck me and i don't think I'm ever gonna regret it.

I think it's just now i realized how much i love him.

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