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My boss wants me-Chapter 10



My boss wants me-Chapter 10
Theme: ( He's a sex freak )

By Simrah Saeed

Restricted Content: 20 Years +
Coarse Language. Nudity. Sex. Violence..

" Xavier !" She yelled once more coming nearer while i stood rooted in the very place I was standing .


"How could you ?" She said through clenched jaws while I held my assumed red cheeks! Did she just slapped me? Rella of Madagascar it hurts so badly.
" I can explain Jeanne" I said trying to get hold of her hand .

" Explain what exactly? That you told mum you proposed to me? Was it in your dreams? Cause I can't remember you doing that" she said in one breathe glaring at me.

" I'm sorry I just..."

" Sorry you say? Can that explain to mum you we aren't in any form of relationship? No tell me " she snapped angrily. I haven't seen her angry in a long time now and just great I made her flared up.

" Can you listen to me for once?" I asked impatiently, in as much as I'm wrong. She could have hear me out first instead of that echoing slap she just gave me
"What did you have to say huh?"

" Look I'm sorry. Mum almost forced me to marry someone I barely know and the only thing that could save me was telling her I engaged to you" I explained! She took a deep breath before she spoke up.

" Why was it my name you called?" . I didn't expect the question. Should I tell her it's because she was the only one in my mind ? That I deeply love her?

I ran my hands through my hair frustratedly while she kindly stared at me .
" Because I ...I ..."

" Because you?"

" I can't hide it any more I love you Jeanne" I said as she stared at me with wide eyes.

" I love you Jay , I always do but was scared to admit my feelings. Please just give me this one chance and we can make things work between us " I said and bore hole into her trying to read her mind but it was blank and expressionless. I wish to know what she's thinking right now .

(Written by Simrah Saeed)

" Uhhm! I... I don't know what to say " she said and lowered her head avoiding my gaze .
" I understand Jay , maybe I will just give you sometimes to think about it but know that I love you now till eternity" I passed her a dashing smile and left the balcony into the house .

Someone should tell me it's my imaginations!

He said he loves me ! Yes he just said that. Oh God. I feel so terrible right now on what decision to make , quiet well, I have something for Xavier but I'm still confused about it exactly.

No one to speak to for advice, no family , no friends just me to decide about anything that will happen in my life . Sometimes I feel cursed !

But then he showed up , he changed from being the badass he is just to make me happy.

Didn't I think I should give him a chance ? And to crown it all I think I love him too
No need to think about it, I already made up my mind. It's not bad giving a try you know and what amaze me is that his family loves me. Isn't that cute?
" Jeanne you are here, have searched for you all over the house " Minky said with hands akimbo .

" Sorry , I have been here "

" Let's go i want to show you something" she dragged me all the way to her room. I mean the one she stays each time she pays a visit to her brother .

She opened her laptop and clicked on selling pictures , different wedding dresses to be precise.

" Mum said this one will suit you but I think you should select it yourself. I can't wait for the event just to look fanciful" she said throwing her hands in the air .

" But we aren't having a wedding soon, not yet you know everything hasn't been finalized" I said and chuckled

" Says who? Mum has already informed the wedding planner and the preparation begins immediatetly. Now let me tell you this! Mum is eager to have you as her daughter so she fixed the wedding date not quite long"

My eyes flickered ! What the hell? How can she plan my wedding without informing me ? Gosh this is so unbelievable.

" And when is it?" I asked

" In two weeks" she announced and giggled while I blink my eyes in disbelief. In two weeks?

That woman isn't serious at all , I mean the two weeks is just like the wedding is taking place this minute .

I don't even have any say in it ? Not even a time to talk it over with Xavier? I think I will tell him to plead with mum so she can postpone the marriage. Even if it's I. A month time . Gosh this is so hard .
Chris POV
I paced to and fro unable to think straight. If that monster can get hold of my boys then he is definitely going to come after me .
I'm dangerous but not without my boys so I'm helpless and I need to leave before he gets to me .

Yes maybe I should fly abroad for the mean time or should I just forget about Jeanne?
Its not that I like her anyways I'm just tryna keep her mum's last wish that's marrying her and i don't think it's gonna work out when her heart belongs to another.

I will go far and it will be like decades before i come back , maybe by then I will have my own family ....

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