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His Mrs Clumsy- Last Episode



His Mrs Clumsy-Episode18
A short romance story
Written by Simrah Saeed



The smile bluntly refused leaving my face after the hot make out with Rex. 

What can be better? 

The way he caress me, his touch and everything is just fire. 

Being with someone you love will bring peace of mind. From the very moment I settled with Rex, I can't really tell the happiness that befell me. 

We are meant to together, we can't blame destiny.. 

" Thinking about me? " He asked coming out of the shower. I couldn't bring myself to look at him in the face. 

His body was dripping wet and saviours! He look so hot just in towel. 

" When you are done drooling, you can choose a dress for me Foxy " 

I face palmed myself in embarrassment. 

"I wasn't drooling " I defended. 

" Stop deceiving yourself, I know I'm extra hot " 

He held me by the waist giving me a soft kiss. All he does is making me blush.  

" Remember you asked me to select a dress for you " I playfully pushed him away 

" I know,I know but you should get to understand that I can't have enough of you " 

" Have you ever thought about your pervert ways?" I asked .

He chuckled as he gripped me again... 

" I can be anything when it comes to you foxy, I fucking love you"  

" And I love you more " 

" No, I am the one that loves you more" 

" No" 

" Yes"

" No " 

" Yes"

" No " 

" Yes " 

I sighed hitting his shoulder while I pushed him to the bed before going towards his closet. 

You can never win an argument with Rex, he's so stubborn.

" You are annoying Rex " I grunted 

" I know I am but you still chose to be with me, the power of love. I love you too baby " he blew a kiss to me and I chuckled. Crazy boyfriend. ..

" I will be leaving after now, I need to spend sometimes with Cory and Zoey. It's weekend you know " I said.

Well, yes! We slept here in his paint house till this morning" 

" Yeah! I will drop you off and pick you in the evening. I wish to take you home " 

Wait! Their house? Where his parents live? Oh my God! 

" W...why? " I questioned

" Why what? or is it forbidden to take my girlfriend to meet my family?"  He asked feigning anger .. 

I didn't mean it that way but I'm scared, what if they don't like me? 

Okay! I can say his dad likes me, if he doesn't, he wouldn't have given me the contract...

I'm concerned about his mum, I learnt that she's very strict. 

" Of course not Rex, I'm sorry if it made you angry " I apologized.

" It's fine, Eva wouldn't let me have peace because of you and I think it's best if you meet her " 

Tomorrow is Rex's birthday, I am confused about the gift that I will give him. 

I think I know what to do and I will seek Cory and Bella's advice. Those two are relationship witches. 

" Okay, till then " ....


" When will you stop avoiding me Liam?" I asked .

He was about walking away from me again and I have no option but to stalk him. 

" Did you have any genuine reason for avoiding me?" I asked again. 

He stared at me then he shook his head .

" Is it because of what your Dad did to me? " 

" Why feeling guilty over what you know nothing about huh? I'm not angry at you Liam and I owe no grudges against you " 

" You've saved me from dieing so why will I tend you as my enemy? " 

" Please don't avoid me again " I held his hand staring directly at him. This needs to be resolve here and now 

" I'm sorry for everything Dad did to you, I really am " he spoke up finally

" Its fine Liam, I'm glad he's paying for his crime. You are my brother and I don't want to loose you for anything " 

" Thank you Roxy " 

" Don't avoid me again please, if anything like this comes between us, the best way to solve it is through dialogue not avoiding the other " I explained. He smiled and hugged me..

" I love you idiot " I hit him playfully

" I'm your elder brother remember? Don't insult me or I beat you up" He joked

" yes big brother " I dramatised and we both laughed 

" What are we missing out?" Bella said coming together with Cory and Zoey

" A reunion " I replied dragging the rest of them as we had a family hug... 

This is all what I have ever wanted. 




" Big brother, that's not a way to welcome your beloved brother that has been away " Marcus said forcefully giving me a hug.. 

" Well, welcome home " I replied coldly sitting on the cushion while he sat opposite me with a hurt expression. 

I don't mean to hurt him but I can't just help it. 

" I thought I told you about this Rex? He's your brother for goodness sake " Dad glared at me and mum sighed. 

" I really need to find out what caused this rift between you two, what's this? " Mum chipped in 

" If you know what's best for you, resolve the chaos between you two before evening understood?" Dad said and left while mum gave us a stare before she followed suit. ..

" Rex !" He called calmly, that's one thing I like about my brother. He's just too calm.

" I know all this hatred started from the day you saw me with your girlfriend, you didn't trust me enough to believe we weren't into any secret relationship behind your back " 

" Roxanne was and still my best friend. What you saw that day was just a pure coincident and misunderstanding " 

" How can I stoop so low to dating my own brother's girlfriend? I will never do that to you because I know how much you loved her " 

" If I wanted her, I could have gotten her before you did. Remember I brought you two together so why will I be the one to break the bond? "

"That day, I was talking to her about Madison "  I glanced at him for the first time since he's been speaking.

" She advised me on how to get her and equally promised to talk to her so she could be my girlfriend and forgive me for my incompetency and so, we didn't kiss. It was a mistake " 

" She mistakenly turned when I was about giving her a peck on the cheek and my lip touched hers that was it. Then, you came right then when it happened. I will never intentionally take what is yours brother " 

" If you are still angry with me over that then I'm sorry, I miss my elder brother, I miss us "

My body weakened, no doubt I have been the one at fault. I was clouded by jealousy that I couldn't hear the both side. 

Even if I had to break up with Roxanne, not my brother. At least he's still my brother...  

I was so foolish! It's like I just regained my senses.  From his explanation. That can happen to anyone, it was a silly mistake that  wouldn't have escalated to now but it did anyways because of my stupidity 

My eyes met with his pleading eyes. Guilt washed over me. I broke the bond between my brother and I for almost 8years now for this? 

I never thought about it....

"I...I think I should be the one to apologize Marcus, I'm sorry for accusing you wrongly " 

Wow! My brother smiled, he smiled at me...

" It's fine, I'm glad we sort out our differences " 

" Come give me a hug buddy " I stood up and we embraced each other.

I truly missed the warmth of Marcus. Forget I'm the oldest,he was my mentor. 

" I am sure you need rest for now, go freshen up and rest a little and then we will have our normal and favorite conversation " 

" Yeah, thank you bro " he said walking upstairs..

I feel so free right now. Was it a burden I was harbouring all this years?  



" Happy birthday darling boyfriend " I said hugging him.

" Thank you Foxy " he replied kissing me

" Here is your gift, it might not be the best but it's special " I handed him the package..

He glanced at me then at the box in his hand ..

" Do you have to open it now? some guest might be waiting " 

" They can wait Foxy" he unwrapped it and brought out the gift... 

He stared confusedly at me then at it... 

" Remember you told me you were scared of looking at the sky at night and you don't know how the stars looks like? " I asked and he nodded

" Well, as you wished to see the stars. Here I bought it for you. Just hold here and click the button, they will appear " 

He brought his face closer to the opening and his mouth went wide..

" Wow! This is beautiful Roxanne, thank you so much for making my wish come true " he picked me up hugging me to his chest. 

" That's the least I could do " 

" This is the best gift I have ever heard " 

He took my lips into his and we kissed passionately. 

" * Cough * " I jerked off him to see my crazy family and friends staring at us.

" Love in the air " Bella said raising her hands and I buried my face in his chest...

" Happy birthday man " Adam and Liam said  giving Rex a brotherly hug 

" Thank you all for making my day " 

" Don't you think someone's missing?" 

Wait! That voice! My head snapped at the direction the voice came from and I was right.. 

" Marcus !" I beamed as I wanted running to him but stopped when I glanced at Rex, he might get upset... 

They all Burt out laughing at me with the way I just restrained myself from hugging Marcus. 

" I'm not stopping you from hugging my brother Roxanne, you can hug him " Rex chuckled.

" Can pretty come give me a hug now?" Marcus asked smilling widely at me with his arms spread ready to embrace me. 

I glanced at Rex and he nodded. 

I ran into his warm embrace. 

" Careful pretty, I'm not running away " he said playfully. I missed him so much...

" You know I'm angry with you right?" I told him... After seven years, we are just speaking to each other..  He just left the country like that without telling me ...

" I know right, I'm really sorry pretty. I just had to leave for business " 

" Enough of the touchy huggy , she's mine " Rex dragged me to himself which made us laughed. They settled! I'm so happy right now. 

" It's time for the party, let's go. And pretty, I will like you to meet my fiancee after the party I think" Marcus said winking at me before leaving. 

Aww! He's engaged! We really have a lot to catch up with..


" I'm very glad for today, special thanks to my family and friends and thank you all for coming to celebrate my day with me " 

" With all the thoughts in my mind,I have come to the conclusion that today will be the right time I will say this to the one amongst all that won my heart "

My heart was beating very fast. Our face met and I quickly looked away..

" Can you please come to the stage Roxanne " 

I heard a loud bang on my head.. it's me he did call.. 

I nervously stood up avoiding everyone's gaze as I counted my steps towards the stage. 

He took my hand into his helping me to the stage .. 

Why did he call me here? Scared is an understatement for what I'm feeling this moment. 

No! It's real! He went down on his knee and brought out a diamond ring... 

" I know our relationship was sometimes rough, it wasn't the best but it was what I wanted. I am sorry for everything I did Roxanne and I want you to give me the chance to make it up to you again by becoming my bride" 

" Will you marry me Roxanne Williams?" 

Oh God! Rex is proposing to me. He really want me marry him.

A lone tears escaped my eyes as I stared at him..  

" This is great " 

" Aww, please accept him " 

" You are so lucky " 

" Say yes already baby girl " 

The crowd kept persuading. It's this man I fell in love with. 

" Yes! I will marry you " 


The end ☺️..

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