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His Mrs Clumsy-Episode8&9



His Mrs Clumsy-Episode8
A short romance story

Written by Simrah Saeed



I hastily made my way to the coffee shop.  Rex's sister might have arrived or so.

Is that Bella okay? She behaves like someone after Something..


I gently knocked on the door and waited for a come in before I entered. 

Since he seems cool today, I don't want to get on his nerves and make him shout at me .

Rex was seated with a baby, the little girl kept giggling over what he might have said to her while he smiled. Wasn't he the one that told me to come in? And niw he doesn't seems to notice my presence.

" Uncle Rex you pwomised to get me a teddy and you haven't " she pouted . Might be his sister's daughter 

" I promised you a teddy Ivory but on your birthday remember?" He said to her 

" Yes I wimember " she said I and chuckled which made Rex raised up his face to see me 

" Uhhmm, the coffee " I said and dropped it in his desk with his gaze boring holes inside me  

" oh yeah.... " 

" Record, who's she?" A lady interrupted his response and he groaned.. record? Is that a name? I bowed my head to hide my laughter

" I'm Rex not Record Eva " he grumbled and she scoffed 

" Whatever " she murmured

" Good morning " I greeted. She should be his sister. He's mentioned her name before to me .

" Morning pretty, you are his new assistant right? " She asked 

" Mummy what is the mweaning of assistant? is she uncle Rex's wife?"  Ivory asked before I could answer. She looks so cute as a baby and she must be three I guess. 

How can she think of that? Her mum glanced at me while I smiled in embarrassment

" no Ivory ! Why did you say so?" She questioned

" Becwause she brought coffee for uncle Rex " 

Her mum beamed at the mention of that while Rex just stared at us like some kind of movie 

"  Oh my! Coffee? Where's it?" She asked as I pointed at the desk . 

She gulped down without asking who exactly owns it while I chuckled. So much love for coffee

My face met with Rex and I looked away immediatetly... It feels awkward...

Maybe I should leave 

" I.. I will be in my office sir " 

" Wait! I didn't catch your name " Eva said

" Roxanne " I replied with a heartwarming smile 

" Okay, Roxanne if you are the one that made this coffee then you deserve an award. It's perfect " she complimented while I smiled shyly .

First time being complimented apart from my siblings..

" Thank you " I replied

" You are welcome deary, I will sure drop here every morning before going to work just to take this coffee again " she said and I blushed ..

What's so special about the coffee? 

" It's fine ma'am, I will gladly make it for you again and anytime " 

" Quit it Roxanne, I'm not my brother. Just call me Eva okay ?" 

Aww such a sweetheart!

" Okay.. have a nice day " I smiled at her and the little girl before dashing out ...

" She's super beautiful Rex, how are you coping with such a sexy assistant?" She asked her brother but I heard that.. I shook my head and left for my office. It's not good to eavesdrop on people's conversation..


I was only present when Roxanne was here. My mind was with her.

I just couldn't take my eyes off her.  I never discovered she was this beautiful when I dated her or has she added some beauty? 

" Rex I'm talking to you " Eva said bringing me out of my thoughts

" Uhhmm " 

" You like her don't you?" She asked and I furrowed my eye brows

" What makes you think so? " 

" The way you were staring at her says it all, I'm sure you didn't hear the conversation I had with her " she said and sincerely, I didn't know they discussed anything..

" Hmm " 

" I said it, my brother is in love " she said crazily and I covered her mouth with my thumb..  

Ivory can say the unbelievable when she sees mum and dad ..

I can remember the day I had a quarrel with Eva. No one knows she was paying a full attention to our discussion until she told mum and dad about it 

" What? Isn't that the truth?" She protested 

" Of course not Eva, no! I'm not in love with anyone " 

" Then why couldn't you utter a word when she was here? " 

" That's not it Eva, I chose not to speak " I lied 

" Keep lying to yourself Rex, I can see the love all over you. Roxanne looks calm for you and if you don't want her, I will match her with my husband's friend who's looking for a wife " she said taking her baby from me ...

My eyes widened,. How can she say that? 

"You can't Eva " 

" Why? " 

" Because, I.. I. " I trailed off not knowing what to say 

" exactly what I'm saying, do the needful Rex. It might be late when you will realize everything " she said

" Take care baby brother " why does everyone around me like her? 


        🌼 Unknown 🌻

" What are you trying to say? You haven't killed her? " I asked with fury .

" No sir " my agent replied .

" You can't just do this simple task? What is wrong with you? If you don't get her killed before this week ends, you will have a taste of the underneath " I said with so much anger 

Why can't I just kill Roxanne? So long I am alive, she's a thorn in my flesh 

" I'm sorry sir but I'm working on it " 

" Working on it for good two days without any good information? " 

" I won't fail this time around " 

" Better " 

I replied. She won't live to see the sunshine of next week that's a promise. She's a threat to my life and everything. 

If this doesn't work, I think I will have to use my plan B....


" Hey " Liam said sitting opposite me 

" Yeah afternoon " I greeted smiling at him

" You came for lunch without informing me right?" He said with a pained expression while I chuckled

" I'm really sorry about that, I don't think it was necessary " 

" It was " 

" Okay, we still met right?" I asked while he nodded

" Yeah so can we be friends?" 

" We are already, I won't let you sit with me if you aren't my friend " 

" Thank you " 

" It's nothing " 

" Now as friends, this is my gift to you " he said handling me a bracelet.

I furrowed my eye brows

" Thanks but I can't accept it " 

" C'mon Roxanne, this is our friendship bracelet. Forget we just met, I will not harm you and besides, bracelets can't do a thing " he shrugged and wore it on my hand 

" Thank you Liam " 

" So where to?" 

" I will be going home from here, I already told Mr Kings about it " I replied

" Why did you want to go home early?" 

" My siblings won't be returning from school soon and I have to make dinner for them " 

" Oh, alright then. I will drop you off " 

" Really?"

" Yes, it's no big deal " he replied.

Owning a car could have been easier to get if Cory and Zoey's fees isn't my number one priority.

" Okay... " 

It will save some money too. Our food stuffs is almost finished and I haven't received my salary.


My body tensed up! My heart began beating faster. 

Why do I feel something is wrong? My palms became sweaty for no reason that I have to whine down the car window even when the AC was on ....

" Are you okay Roxanne?"  Liam asked glancing at me while I nodded

" Y...Yeah I'm fine " 

I replied and he nodded focusing back on the road .

I wasn't mistaking.

I heard someone saying

" I'm sorry Roxanne " but before I could put in what was happening, my head hit the stirring wheel 

" Ahhhh " I shouted and blacked out.. 


His Mrs Clumsy-Episode9
A short romance story

Written by Simrah Saeed


I woke up with a migraine, my head was pounding as I take in my environment. Wait! This isn't my apartment then what am I doing here? It's more like a hospital.

What happened to me? I tried to recall what happened earlier as the thought came rushing to me .

Nothing happened? I was just hallucinating? Then why was I that scared? My imaginations got me that scared that I hit my head on the stirring wheel .

" Roxanne, you are awake. I was worried about you " Liam said coming towards me with a concerned look .

" Uhhm, I'm fine now just having a migraine " I replied 

" Its as the result of the way you hit your head, sorry " he said while I nodded. 

I seriously thought something bad was about happening to me.

" What happened? " He asked out of nowhere. 

" Uhh?" 

" I mean what happened? Did you slipped in the car ?" He asked which made me chuckle. How can I slip? 

" No, I don't actually know but it was just my imaginations " 

" You really got me scared " 

" I'm sorry about that " 

" It's okay, I'm glad you are fine now " 

" Thank you Liam " 

" Why the thanks? " he furrowed his brows  

" just thanking you. So can I go home now? My siblings might be back and if they don't meet me at home, they might get worried " 

" Oh! Okay, I guess you can but let me get some papers from the doctor " he replied leaving for the door.

Such a gentleman! 



" God sis, not again " Cory said as I entered into the house 

" I'm sorry guys.."

" What happened to you? You look pale Roxanne " Zoey asked holding me while stealing glances at my back! I totally forgot I asked Liam to come in ..

" I'm fine Amigo, it was just a minor careless accident. I'm okay " 

" Hmm, are you sure? We can go to the hospital. You don't look well " Cory added while I smiled at them. I just love this two so much .

" Sit Liam and Amigo get him a drink ' I instructed 

" You don't have to Roxy, I will just leave. You know it's still work hour " he said and the thought niggled at me. 

" Oh yeah, thank you so much Liam " 

" Wait! And who are you to my sister?"Cory questioned glaring at Liam while I nudged his arm ..

Why does he like embarrassing any guy he sees around me ? God! 

" Cory! He's a friend "  he huffed as I said that 

" Yes! I am Liam. Roxanne's collegue and friend " Liam said .

Cory stared at him for a while before nodding his head ..

" I hope you don't have any evil intentions towards her else I will kill you " he threatened which made Liam smiled

" You are really protective of her, I can see and of course I don't have any bad intentions " he replied

" Okay nice meeting you " 

" Like wise ! See you some other times. Bye little Amigo " he said which pissed off Zoey

" I'm not your Amigo, I'm Zoey and I'm not little " she replied bluntly 

" but I will love to call you that little Amigo" he said chuckling before stepping out while Zoey groaned .

I'm sure this two won't get along! 

" See you tomorrow Roxy " 

" Yeah and thank you " ....




" What are you trying to say? That I should go meet her at her house? For what?" I asked giving Adam a glare

 Why on Earth willhe suggest I go to Roxanne's house this lovely weekend that I have decided to cool off my head ? 

" To settle things with her even if it means starting from being friends again " he said

" Why are you so interested in this?" 

" Because I have my best friend's interest at heart and I will love to see him happy again " he said while I shook my head.

" Don't I look happy?" 

" Of course you look happy but you are emotionally drained, you are whipped man. You still love this lady so much why can't you let go of your ego?"  

I know I love Roxanne but I'm confused. 

" You don't get it Adam " 

" What did you want me to understand? If you don't get her Rex I promise you I will make her mine trust me " he said seriously.

I know my best friend, he can do just that and won't care how I will feel ..

" Okay,what did you expect me to say when I get there? I don't even know where she lives " 

" Where she lives is not a problem stupid, I know where she lives " 

" Really?" 

" Yes! " 

" Okay then, what should I tell her? That I want to make up with her again or hear what happened between her and Marcus?" 

" Idiot, things aren't done that way. She's not a fool to accept you back after 7years. You will make friends with her first " he said and paused 

" When you get there first remember she wasn't at work on Friday. She wasn't feeling well so you can just say you came to check on her and how she's fairing" 

" From there, you should constantly interact with her and make her befriend you again. Then, she will tell you what happened to day without you asking about it, when she sees you are changing towards her. She will feel she owe you an explanation for it " he explained 

A smile crept on my face. He's such a brilliant guy!

" Perfect " I exclaimed

" I know I have always been a genius " he replied boastfully

" That doesn't make you a genius " 

" Take it or leave it, I'm a genius " 

" I give up " 

" Better "

" Thank you buddy " 

" Anything for a friend " 


I nervously knocked on the door waiting for response. 

What if she send me away for being a dickhead to her? 

What if she doesn't want to be friends with me again? 

I cleared the what ifs in my head as the door opened revealing a guy....

Who's he? He looks so handsome, if not more than I am.

Is he her boyfriend? 

The thought of that brings nothing but anger and disappointment.

" Good afternoon " he greeted 

" Uhhm afternoon " I replied staring at him . Let it not be what I'm thinking please. But this is the exact place Adam told me so I'm not mistaking

" Who are you looking for?" He asked seeing the confusion on my face

" uhh , Roxanne. Is she in? " 

" Oh! That's my girlfriend. She's in " he said and my family darkened. 

I wasn't wrong after all.

Didn't she love me to have just moved on like that? 

" Let me call her for you " 

" Baby, Roxy " he yelled across the room which angered me the more..

She never loved me. 

" There's no need to call.. " 

" Who's there captain and who are you..." She stopped as her gaze landed on me. Her eyes widened.

She's even calling him her captain. It hurts...

" Rex, I mean Mr Kings it's...." 

" I'm sorry I interrupted your lovely moment with your boyfriend, please excuse me " I said and left ...

The very thing I was afraid of happened. I entered my car and hit the wheel in anger. She's moved on....


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