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His Mrs Clumsy-Episode6&7



His Mrs Clumsy-Episode6
A short romance story

Written by Simrah Saeed



" I ...i am sorry sir, I don't do such job " I stammered trying not to sound rude. How  in the world did he expect me to make Rex fall for me? 

" Listen Roxanne, I know it might be hard but I want him to go into a relationship. He now sees girls as trash and I believe he still has a soft spot for you " 

" Just do this one favour for me and i will forever be grateful " he said while I rub my palms together ....

That's risky.......

" But sir I.. can't, Rex hates the sight of me and besides. Its very risky " I said plainly

What happens after then? If he falls for me then I will leave? How? He wants me to leave him broken again? 

" What made you believe that Rex despises you? The reason I want you for this is because I know you are the only lady he's ever loved. Please daughter " 

" And the outcome? What happen after then? " 

" Well, time shall tell baby girl but for now, I'm the one needing your help. For the very first time don't turn this down please" 

How do I go about it? What do I do to make him love me again? Is it possible? 

" O...okay s..sir, I will give it a try but if it doesn't work for a month, I will quit sir" 

" Yes! Thank you so much baby girl my wife and I owe you " 

I just hope I don't regret this sooner or later...

" Here, this is $300. You will get the remaining balance when I see some changes " he said handling me the money

" I'm sorry sir, I can't take the money. I didn't work for it " I said while he smiled

" Of course you are going to work for it baby girl " 

" I can't still take it sir, I will have to leave now. Its getting dark and my siblings might be worried "  

" Yeah I will drop you off then " 

" Thank you sir " 

" I should be thanking you baby girl, you are just so unique. Some ladies out there will jump on this opportunity of being with my son but you boldly turned down the offer and after you accepted, you rejected the money " 

" Isn't my son the lucky one?" He whispered the last part but I heard it 




" She lives in NY here with her two younger siblings Sir" 

" Are you sure about that? Yes sir, she's my colleague at King's Enterprise " one of my spy said 

" Very good that makes it easier to get her killed. I want Roxanne dead and I trust you can do that for me " 

" I will try my best to become friends with her " 

" Be fast about that, do not let this opportunity to pass by me " 

" Noted sir " 

" I repeat, kill her. I want her dead " 

Understood " 

" Good you can go " 

I smiled to myself knowing that Roxanne will be dead ...

I can't let her live to know the truth one day 

I will kill her before she takes everything away from me



" Are you here to talk about Roxanne or you came for something else?" I asked Adam who wouldn't let me rest with Roxanne did this and that 

" I'm telling you that Roxy is so hot, you saw her in that dress right? Man she's a vibe " he dramatised with his hands ..

Is he trying to get me angry? 

" She isn't hot, I don't like her " I lied. I know she's beautiful and have that killer shape.. I couldn't help but drool over her. Her image appeared in my head and I smiled

" Admit you still have feelings for her dude, stop lying to yourself not me " 

Of course I can't deny that I don't have feelings for her but I don't want any connection with her 

" Get out idiot " I said playfully

" I am going nowhere, you should go to your best friend's house, I'm in mine " he said and I chuckled 

" You are crazy " 

" And I love you too "

" Rex " he called while I turned..

" It's about Roxanne " 

Is this guy okay? 

" You are suffering from mental assylum Adam " I said and began walking upstairs

Why is he so interested in her? 

" You never listened to her neither Marcus, which brother does that huh?" He said seriously

" A brother that was betrayed " i replied blatantly

" Betrayed huh? Did you really love her as you claimed? " He askes and I abruptly stopped.. 

" What are you talking about?" I asked 

" You said you loved her right?" He asked

" Of course I loved her so much " 

" I don't think you do because if you do, you could have listened to her. Relationship is built on trust, you love her but you couldn't trust her. Who does that?" 

" If you had loved her, you could have let her explain, listened to her man "

" Roxanne isn't a cheating type, if I see them I will Know " 

" Due your stupidity, you broke the bond between you and your brother because of a lady. Aren't you the one misunderstanding everything?" 

" You were wrong man. Roxanne is a good lady, a rare gem so you bettee drop your stupid ego and make friends with her again. That's my advice to you " 

He walked away with that...

Am I really that one at fault? 



His Mrs Clumsy-Episode7
A short romance story

Written by Simrah Saeed


I fell back to the couch  reminiscing about what Adam just said...

I never listened to them, maybe I was wrong....

I loved her, I only took a decision with anger which I regretted because I missed her so much... I miss the times we inseparable.

Those times we won the best couple in our school, those times we had little fights and I will just apologize.

Those cuddling moments...

If I had listened to her, we'd have been together till now. Was there really an explanation to that? 

I wasn't wrong nor blind, I saw them myself....

I sighed and dipped my hand into my hair.

             7years ago 

" You know I will always love you " I said as we sat on my bed with Roxanne's head on my thigh 

" Of course I know that because you sing it everyday but I love you more " she chipped in.

I always give up when we start arguing about who loves the other the most just to make her happy 

She dragged the orange juice I was about taking and sipped everything while I groaned and she laughed.

" That's not fair foxy " I pouted 

" You should be happy I drank your juice " she said nonchalantly

" Don't worry I will retaliate or take something back from you in return " I said and she playfully stepped away from me 

" I will get hold of you in seconds foxy so stop running off " I said laughing  while chasing her and trust me, I caught her and we both landed on the bed ..

" I told you " I said and began tickling her 

" R.. Rex s...St ..stop " she said in between laughs 

" I won't unless you provide my juice for me " 

" T... that's not possible r.. Rex,... Okay. I will bring another one for you " 

" I don't want any, just give me a kiss in return " I smirked satisfactory 

" That's..not fair " she replied and I tickle her the more 

" O..okay, o..okay s..stop I will give you a kiss " my face brighten up and I released her immediately while she gave me a quick peck on my lips and ran away laughing..

A smile tugged my lips.

" That's cheating " I yelled after her 

" I know you love me " she said and passed me a flying kiss. 

I'm so much in love with this lady ...


" we are sorry but you can't leave until you play a couple games with others " a lady said to us .

I glanced at Roxanne and saw she was just staring at the woman clutching very tight to me 

" What game?" We asked simultaneously

" I can see you both are madly in love with each other" she smiled at us 

" Just join them on the stage first " 

" Okay " we joined about five couples on the stage 

" Here is what you will do, it's a kiss for 2minutes without touching or smuggling one another " she instructed 

" Okay that's hard " Roxanne muttered 

" And the couple that wins will be given the best couple in the campus plus a brand new BMW car " she said and our eyes widened. ...



" Okay guys , your time starts now " 

I came closer to Roxanne and gave her a reassuring smile ...

I know we will definitely fail because I can't do without holding her ..

How will I keep my hands to myself and be kissing? 

I took her tender lips into mine with our hands down without making the mistake of touching her .

In some seconds, three couples already failed. It was remaining just us and two others ..

I'm trying hard not to grab her waist and give her a good kiss right now ..

Another couple failed again. We are now two ...

We aren't giving up. 

Yes! They failed, it was now remaining just Roxanne and I ...

Goodness! We won ! 

The crowd cheered up as awwns feels the place ...

" Well, well, as we all saw. Rex and Roxanne won the best couple on camp and so will be gifted a brand new BMW as promised with the t-shirts of Dorlin Milage University with a couple of some things " 

" Congratulations Rex and Roxanne, the R² " she said and the crowd clapped while I picked up my Roxanne in my arms ..


" What?" She shrieked 

" Why are you shouting foxy? I just said something " 

" I won't take it Rex, we were both gifted the car " she argued 

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" That I know we were both gifted the car but you take it as you kicked against me buying one. I have a car to ride in school so take it " 

" But..." 

" No buts foxy, anything for you" 

" Thank you Rex " 


I ran my hands through my hair and staggered inside. 

I miss it, I miss her so damn much.  How do I go about it now? 

Tell her I'm ready to listen to her after seven years? 

She will see me as a bipolar....

Sighing again, I left to my room 


" Hey beautiful " Adam said as he saw me  and I chuckled. He won't seize to make me smile 

" Morning Adam " 

" How's my beautiful friend doing ?" He asked glancing at me. 

I can swear he's trying hard not to stare 

" I'm fine and why are you here?" 

" To take you to the office of course" he replied and I smile ....

He's made it a duty upon himself to be dropping me at my work place each day. Isn't he sweet? 

" Thank you Adam " I said entering the car 

" No thanks in friendship remember?" He said while I chuckled nodding my head 

" Yeah " 

He drove off in a comfortable silent as non of us spoke till he broke it

" Can I ask you a question beautiful?" 

" Of course yes " 

" Uhh, what if Rex still wanna be your friend. Will you give him the chance?" He asked and I glanced at him...

Be my friend? That will only happen in my imaginations or if the task Mr Kings gave me works out .. 

That alone makes me nervous. How do I start? Where do I start from? 

" Roxy?" Adam called 

" Hmm, I... I don't know " I replied plainly

" You don't know?" 

" Will that ever happen?" I asked and he shrugged

" Maybe " he replied .

" Anyways that's that for that. See you later " he said while I came down from his car 

" Yeah.. Thanks so much " I run off before he could say no thanks in friendship again 


" Good morning Mr Kings " I greeted placing his coffee on the desk ...

" Morning " wait! I think I just heard the unbelievable..

He just responded to my greeting.... This is great 

" I brought your coffee sir " 

" Okay you can go " 

Wow! No punishment...

" Miss Williams " he called and I turned 

" Uhh can you make me another coffee? My sister will be coming and she loves hot coffee like this " he said rushing his words while my lips curved in a smile 

" Of course sir, will she be coming soon?" 

" Yeah but ten " 

" Alright then, I will make it when it's past nine so it won't get cold " I replied. It's really our first conversation without fight or insult since I arrived here 

" That's okay by me " he said while I nodded and left because I know he won't say a thank you. So full of himself


" Oh I'm sorry, I thought it was Stella's office " a cute guy said . He's a perfect definition of hotness but not as Rex thou. Why am I comparing them now? 

" it's fine, her office is after mine " I replied and passed him a warm smile 

" Thank you, I'm Liam by name " he smiled bringing forth his hand 

" Roxanne " 

" That's a beautiful name for a gorgeous lady like you and I guess we will see more often cause I now work here tho I though not on this floor " he said

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" Okay thanks for the compliment " 

" See you at lunch? " 

" Sure "  I replied while he smiled again and left ..

Is he a smile addict? 

Well, maybe I am going to make another male friend apart from Marcus and Adam... Liam looks cool and we might get along 


Hey hell? Why is this lady stalking me? She's been staring at me for a long time now which is scaring the crap out of me.

" Roxanne right?" Ah! She even know my name

" H..how did you know my name?" 

" C'mon, you are a new worker here and we should know your name already " 

" Okay " 

" I'm Bella and I like you " she said and I shot her a confused stare .

" Like me? Oh thanks " I replied nervously

" I'm not hurting you Roxanne just admiring your beauty, you look so beautiful " 

Huh? She eyed me up and down 

" T..thank you " I said making my way out of the elevator but she held my hand. Okay! Is this Bella okay? 

" I will see you around right?" She asked while I nervously nodded 

" Y..yeah " 

I don't want Mr Kings shouting at me today as he's in a good mood for bringing the coffee late 

" Alright, see ya " 

She kissed my cheeks and left ..


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