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His Mrs Clumsy-Episode5



His Mrs Clumsy-Episode5
A short romance story

Written by Simrah Saeed


" I have a business for you Roxanne " my eyes bore hole into him confusedly.  

How did he know my name? What business? 

" I...I am sorry sir I don't get you " I stuttered 

" I know, you ought to be confused. How I knew your name shouldn't be important " 

" This is your working place and I can't distract you so, you meet me up at D&C restaurant after work " 

D&C? Why? 

" It's just straight business nothing more, I won't hurt you baby girl I promise"  he said and I nodded..

" See you then " he entered into Rex office leaving me dumbfounded with lots of questions on my head....

What baffles me most is how he gets to know me. Who told him about me? That I am good at what exactly? 

Maybe I will get my answers by evening.

I entered into me office to check today's activities ....

Opening the laptop, I discovered Rex will be having a meeting in 10minutes. 9am Meaning I need to inform him about that ..

Did I seriously need to go back to his office? God! 

If there's anything I can do to avoid Rex in this company, I will do that without turning back. 

He's a pain in my neck seriously.....

I hate it that I have to see him every day, I hate it that he stops at nothing to humiliate me.

I don't really know what is his problem but I was glad he practically trailed off when he sighted me...

I think I will be dressing this way just to shut him up. He despise me but still lust after my body, who does that? I believe when you hate someone, you don't even see his/her attraction. 

That's by the way. 

I stood up heading to Rex office, I have wasted 3minutes thinking about nothing important..

 Mr Kings 

" Good morning Dad " Rex greeted as I stepped into his office. 

" Morning son, how are you. Your mother and I missed you " I said taking a seat opposite him 

" I left home just yesterday Dad, how about Marcus that's away?" He grumbled

" That's not it, Marcus calls everyday to check up on us but you? Your work is important than us " 

" C'mon Dad come off it okay, I'm sorry " he said and I chuckled..

" It's okay " 

" So why are you here?" 

" To discuss some vital issues with you" I replied..

" Can't it wait till weekend?" 

" No son, it can't " 

He closed the files he was going through giving me his attention..

Well, Adam told me about Roxanne and Rex past relationship. Don't blame him, he only thought it was the best thing to do. It isn't why I am here ..

" You are turning 27 next month son, don't you think it's high time you settled down?" 

I said and he scoffed. 

" There you go again dad, I told you I haven't found the one" 

" For the past 27years you still haven't found the one you love? Are you kidding me Rex? " 

" I will settle down as soon as possible " 

" That's 3weeks after your birthday, I mean it " 

" W .. what Dad? I don't even have a girlfriend. How did you expect me to get married 3rd week after my birthday?" He huffed 

" You have now till next month or I will be forced to bring a wife for you" I threatened 

" B..but Dad... I ..." He was cut off by the knock on the door 

" come in " 

The door opened revealing Roxanne. Perfect timing! 

She's so beautiful as Adam described. 

" Uhmm, I'm s..sorry to have.. interrupted Mr Kings, you have a meeting in 5minutes" she said nervously while I watched in amusement

My head snapped to my son whose attention was focused on her. I bet he didn't hear what she said. Just great...

Rex was unconsciously drooling over her, well, she's a beauty..

Just what I wanted to see. 

I can see mixed emotions in my son's eyes.. 

That of love, lust and hurt ....

Okay that's enough! 

I cleared my throat to ease the tension in the air ....

" Wh.. what were you saying Miss Williams?" Wow! Amusing! 

" You have a meeting in uhh, 3minutes " she replied checking her wrist watch 

" Oh okay, just get your book and ballpoint and go wait for me in the hall with others" 

" Yes sir " she replied passing me a warm smile and left ...

" Alright son, see you during the weekend" I said standing up. I don't want him getting late for his meeting

" Okay Dad my regards to mum, I will give her a call in the evening" .....



I just couldn't stop stealing glances at her  even the so called employees of mine are gazing at her, salivating irritatingly....

I glared at them and they quickly tore their gaze away. Better.....

I'm not jealous, I'm just trying to prohibit immorality in my company

" What did you think about the advertisement? How do we go about it ?" I asked and everyone began to think

" We can say, a lady bought it. When she began making use of it, her beauty became mesmerizing " Joel the head of advertising department said 

" It shouldn't be focused on beauty " Roxanne blurted and all eyes snapped at her. 

I can see she's become uncomfortable, one thing she hates is dragging attentions on her ..

" Well, if it shouldn't be then what?" Joey asked 

" Uhhmm, I think it should be something that impacts morals. Talking about beauty, does it mean that all the ladies have to be beautiful? It's absurd as it doesn't pass any message across to the customers. In my own opinion, the advertisement should be base on developing the young minds, to learn skills and experience. To inform them of boldness and dedication not beauty " 

Wow! She's not only beautiful but also smart and intelligent

" She's right Mr Kings, customers rushes goods of such " Stella my secretary said 

" I see reasons with her too" 

" You have a good thinking faculty" 

" Did anyone have any other suggestion?" I asked and they shook their head 

" Then, we will go with that option, thanks for your time "  .....


" thank you for coming baby girl" Mr Kings said as we sat down

" It's nothing sir " 

" Okay, let's get to why we are here" 

" I told you earlier I have a business for you. It might sound awkward but I think you are the only one that can help me with it" 

" Uhh, what . what's the business sir?" I asked ... This is really scaring me 

" It's a deal and I will pay you $500, if you can do it for me " 

Wait, what? 500 US what? Is he asking me to go and kill? 

" O...okay... What's the deal ?" 

" It's simple baby girl, from what I heard about you. You are a nice lady " 

" I want you to make my son fall for you" 

What? Is he serious? Rex hates me....

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