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His Mrs Clumsy-Episode4



His Mrs Clumsy-Episode4
A short romance story

Written by Simrah Saeed


" Wow! Are you sure you are not going on a date after work sis?" Cory asked glancing at me suspiciously

" Of course not, I'm going to work and will be back here by 6 " I replied narrowing my eyes at him ..

What makes him thinks so? And going on a date with a ghost? 

" Let her be Cory, she's wearing a skirt and blouse meant for work " Zoey added 

" You look so beautiful big sister and you should go already, you are getting late for work "  she said while I nodded.

" Yeah, take care you all" I said 

" Wait Roxanne " Cory called while I stopped

" I worked with some friends yesterday to do some house layout after class and I was given some money, so here take. Have this 10bucks and keep it with you, I know you don't have enough money " he said and a heartwarming breeze blew on me ..

How considerate. I wasn't having any money on me truly..

" you shouldn't have worked Cory, I am here and that's why I am working for you both please " 

" I just can't fold my arms and let you take care of everything sis, you are trying. There is a lot on your plate " 

" Thank you captain, I love you two " 

" We love you too sis, go already and report anyone who drool over you. I will smack their heads "  

" Ayy , captain. I will. Take care of Amigo " 

" Stop telling him to take care of me sis, I'm tired of having him following me around the campus " she whined while I chuckled ..

Cory is really protective of us ..

" That's his job as the big brother, he ought to protect you so stop complaining" I rushed out before she could say another word 

I waited for the cab to no avail until I spotted Adam's car. I waved at him and luckily for me, he stopped 

" Roxy !" He called with his eyes ransacking my body 

" M... morning Adam " 

" Morning beautiful, why are you standing here?" He asked 

" Actually I was waiting for a cab but couldn't see any, I was thinking if you should drop me at the office. That's if you are going that way " I rushed my words trying to compose myself. I don't want this hill to destroy everything for me by falling me down. 

" Yeah sure, my company is that way too" 

" Come in " he gestured as I entered into to the car. ..

" You look beautiful Roxy " he complimented while I look down shyly.. I don't normally dress in a body hugging clothes because of my curve ... It is a killer ... And now I have to because of the nature of my job, no my boss ...

" Thanks " I muttered

" You did dress like your boss said, I'm sure his lips will go dry when he sets his eyes on you. The feelings will come rushing back itself"  he said chuckling ..

" That's not going to happen you know, he hates me so much " I said a bit sad ....

I don't know why Rex didn't listened to me. 

Is he back together with Marcus? I think that's my problem right now. I destroyed their bond because of my stupid mistake 

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" Hate ? Well, let's see but.. never mind " he smiled at me and I rolled my eyes..

" We are here " he announced. I alighted from the car.

" Thank you Adam " 

" Stop thanking me beautiful, no thanks in friendship. And my regards to your boss, tell him I love him so much " he said making me laugh... 

I'm not crazy to deliver that message..

" That will only happen in your dreams because it can't even appear in mine " 

" Very funny, anyways. I will come around at lunch, take care " he said and left while I entered into the company ...


 I think I might fall down with all this stares. Have I told you I hate unnecessary attention? Gosh! It makes my legs twist and I might fall down like a clown .....

The stares nearly bore hole into my body. They should get used to it though, I didn't create myself to be curvy and Mr CEO won't let me dress the way I want ..

" Oh my goodness you look so pretty Roxanne " Julia squealed

" Thanks Julia and morning " I replied smiling widely

" Morning baby girl, the way you look so hot. Don't let my boyfriend see you please, he might dump me immediately " she dramatised and I chuckled...

Who's even her boyfriend? Even if he comes, I won't date him. I'm not ready to go into a relationship. It's stress, I can't be scared of making friends in case it will get my boyfriend mad ..

" You are funny Julia, I will see you during lunch. I need to get Mr King's coffee " I said dashing out to the coffee shop...

I'm just 2minutes late so that shouldn't be a problem 


" Who's there? " I asked as I heard a knock

" It's Miss Williams sir " that voice, I will have to be hearing it everyday...

I kept a straight face with cold expression.

I checked the time and thank goodness! There is something I can use to humiliate her this morning. She's 5minutes late 

" Come in " I said and the door cracked opened...

" what did I tell you about coming late to the office Miss Will.... " I trailed off seeing the sight in front of me...

My mouth dropped and my eyes lustfully undressing her.. 

She looks so very hot in this skirt. She is so beautiful gosh! Her curve is worth dieing for, she didn't apply any makeup but looks extremely gorgeous

It angered me that she dressed this revealing... Other men will see her this way....

Wait! What's my business if other men sees her? Not that she's my girlfriend...

My eyes glued to her body without blinking.. a full package. She really grew over the years... She wore a white button t-shirt with her cleavage a little opened. 

I never knew she's this beautiful....

She cleared her throat snapping me out of my thought...

Get a grip Rex, she's the girl you despise.. I told myself..

" Good morning sir, I brought your coffee sir " she dropped it on the desk with her head hung low ...

" You can go " I said forgetting what I was about telling her earlier. 

I can't let her continue to wear this, I might do something crazy....

I think it's better she wears her baggy clothes than this professional outfit..

The thought of other men feeding on her boyfriend annoys me ...

📿 Roxanne 📿

Wow! It's good thing he drooled over me. At least it saved me from the punishment of being five minutes late..

That's a good step, I couldn't help but chuckled in my mind when he stared lustfully at me ....

I was coming out when I bumped Into someone.. A man 

" I'm sorry sir " I said 

" It's nothing daughter, you look so stunning" he said and I smiled... 

" Thank you sir " 

" By the way, I'm Mr Kings, Rex's Father " 

My goodness! Mr Kings? 

" Ah! I'm sorry sir, good morning"I greeted politely which made him chuckle.. Rex looks like him thou. I should have known 

" I don't bite, just feel free" he said. I wish Rex will just be like him for once 

" Are you the new assistant?" He asked and I nodded

" Perfect! I was looking for you, in fact I can because I wanted to see you" my heart skipped on hearing that. Looking for me? Why? 

" H...hope there is no problem sir" I stuttered..

" Not at all but I have a business for you. I have heard about you and I know you will he suitable for this " 

A business? For me? Suitable for what?

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