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His Mrs Clumsy-Episode3


His Mrs Clumsy-Episode3
A short romance story

Written by Simrah Saeed




I went to my office crying my eyes out.  It hurts, it hurts so much to see the one who once loved you to now hate you with passion..

How can he think so low of me? I know how it feels to be heartbroken so I will never break anyone's heart ...

" Clean your tears Roxanne he doesn't worth it " my inner mind said ..

He truly doesn't worth my tears. I shouldn't cry, I shouldn't let his words get to me.

I have to be strong for my brother and sister. I'm doing this for them but I will never let him assault me again.... 

He knows how close I was with Marcus and he doubted my relationship with him. 

That day he saw us, we were just in a compromising state that day.


 7years ago 

" You know you can be very silly Marcus, I mean who does that? " I said laughing at hm. His face was pink in embarrassment, he ought to be.

" I.. I don't know, it was Jay that advised me to do so and she will accept to be my girlfriend " he said plainly while I burst out laughing again ..

What the hell? 

" Really, squeezing a lady's butt in the name of wooing is romance? If I was the one, I would have given you double of the slap. You know how crazy Jay can be, maybe he was even joking and you did that. Can't you use your sense?" I said seriously

" Okay, I admit I was wrong. How do I get to apologize to her now? She's very mad at me and you know I love Madison so much " Aww, he's in love...

" Of course I do, you will have to muster courage and apologize to her. Wooing a lady you like, you have to make her love you not the other way round. Madi loves you too but you know us, there are fake guys everywhere and to identify them, we apply wisdom " 

" So, a guy who truly loves you will wait for you even if you push him away. That's one of our strategies. Just be patient, she will come around and be romantic for once. You suck at it God" I said hitting his shoulder..

Have never seen a guy as innocent as Marcus seriously.  At least Rex is exposed to social life and I love that, I didn't meet him a saint but I still and will always love him with his flaws. I'm not a saint neither so I can't judge him ..

I so much love him, he means a lot to me. 

" Roxy, you and I know I have never loved any lady before. Only that is enough to make me nervous around her " he said while I chuckled 

" Let Rex teach you how to get your woman then. He's a Prof in that " 

" I know right, I can see the way he quickly got you within two weeks " he said and I blink shyly.

" Shut up Marc, you know I had a crush on him before then. I told you didn't I ? " I said and it was his turn to laugh at me .

Well, Marcus and I have been friends before I met Rex. 

He's like the elder brother I never had, he gives the best advice yet he sucks at it when it's with him ...

" I told Rex about it but he laughed over it , he thought I was joking " he said clearly disturbed 

" Just apologize to her first, I will help you get her " I said and he beamed..

" Really?" 

" Yeah, trust me I can do that more than some guys. I will be the match maker " 

" What could I have done without you Roxy, thank you so much. I ought to be telling my bighead brother but he won't even listen " 

" That's my boyfriend you are talking about stupid " I hit him while he embraced me in a hug 

" I know he's your boyfriend Roxy anyways, I have a class now see you soon " he said and was about giving me a peck on my cheek when I absentmindedly turned my face and the kiss landed softly on my lip ....

" What a sight to behold " I jumped in fear as we heard the voice.... My eyes widened as I saw it was 

Rex? Wait, when did he get here? Oh God let him not see what just happened. It was a mistake and with the position we are...

" Baby ..." I called running to him with my heart beating fast. Let him not get the wrong idea please.

He pushed me away forcefully and I landed in Marcus hands 

" Don't baby me, how can you both betray me? I love you Roxanne Only for me to see you making out with my brother?" He said painfully... Fear engulfed me as I shook my head

" No, no, that's not it Rex. It was a mistake, I didn't mean to kiss her " Marcus explained while I nodded

" Y..yes please don't get the wrong idea, nothing is going on between us please "  I said pleadingly 

" You know what? I am done with you, it's over between us Roxanne " he said and my heart became heavy..

I knelt down in front of him hugging his legs 

" Please don't leave me, I can explain. It's not what you think please, don't just leave me I beg you " 

" C'mon big brother it hasn't gotten to this, I won't take your girlfriend for any reason. Just hear us out please " Marcus said and he scoffed 

" I don't want to listen to any of your lies, who knows how long this has been going on behind me. I trusted you Marcus, I loved you Roxanne " 

" Listen to me, I don't want to ever see you anywhere around me. It's my brother you like right? Then stay with him " he snapped angrily pushing me to the floor and left...

🎍 Present 🎍 

I sighed. I beg and pleaded with him for three months but he bluntly refused to hear me out or accept me back.

It was a mistake. I love him so much to cheat on him with his brother.  

Maybe I will just have to be professional with him, I won't show my emotions whenever I am with him ..

I need to finish up this work before an hour. I don't want to do any extra time ...

Now I lost my appetite.

            🏓   Rex   🏓

" Why are you here Adam?" I asked glaring at my best friend. He's just a pain in the ass 

" Ouch that hurts! Am I not welcome in your office anymore? " He said holding his chest dramatically..

" Of course you are " 

" I could have rip off your head right now" he said while I chuckled 

" Guess what Rex!" He grimaced... He doesn't have anything better to say than seeing a new side chick 

" You laid a new girl?" I asked .

He clapped his hand in excitement

" That's not it idiot, there is this girl I saw at the mall today " I knew it will be about girls 

" and ? " 

" She's so hot but I think she doesn't like me, we were getting at each other's neck" 

" Seriously? Is that..."  A knock came on my door..

" Come in " I said and the door opened revealing Roxanne. 

She looks so worked up and messy. I think I am seeing eyebags, she must have been crying but why? 

Or was it our argument some hours back? I agree I was too harsh but that was the fact. She's a gold digger nothing more ..

" Good evening Mr Kings " she greeted while staring at me then at Adam who gave her a wide smile which she didn't fail to return... Don't tell me she wants to seduce him again ! 

I just nodded my head signaling her to speak 

She's changed over the years, she looks more mature.

" I am done scheduling your meetings sir" she reported. 

Wow! She's very smart! They were so many that I thought she won't be able to finish for 2days. 

" Are you sure there is no mistake?" I asked coldly while Adam glared at me to talk nicely 

" No Mr Kings " 

" Good! What about the file I asked you to correct?" I asked trying to look for excuses that will make her stay back in the office. 

I just want to see her suffer. 

" Yes sir, here it is " shit! No way...

" You can go and like I told you in the morning, don't dress like this to the office tomorrow. We don't train my people here" I smirked. I just want her to get back at me like in the morning but she did the opposite..

" of course Mr Kings, I will dress professionally sir " she replied smiling widely at me before leaving my office..

Wow! What was that? 

" What was that show Rex? I didn't know you to hate women so why her? " He asked suspiciously..

" I don't have to like her dude " I said irritatingly

" Seriously? This is amusing , just tell me why? " 

" Because she's my ex " 

" What? You mean she's the Roxanne you told me about?" 

" She is "  

" But... She looks innocent " 

" No! She acts innocent " I replied while he shrugged 

" You could have listened to her or Marcus, it might not be what you thought" 

" Can we close this discussion please? If you like her, then you can have her " I said clearly pissed 

" That's a go ahead then, I like her and I will have her " he said in a serious tone and my head snapped at him 

" Don't you dare " ....

📿 Roxanne 📿 

" Hey beautiful " I turned to see the guy earlier in Mr King's office .

He whined down the car window smiling at me, don't he get tired of smiling? 

" Good evening sir " I greeted..

" C'Mon I am Adam not sir, feel free to call me that " he said politely while I nodded

" I can see you are heading home " 

" yeah, I'm waiting for a cab " 

" Why don't you come in so I can give you a ride home? It saves some money you know " 

" No thanks " 

" I am not harming you please, I just want to be friends with you " he said ..

To say my money isn't enough for my transport is just it... 

So why won't I just go with him? If he tries anything stupid, I will make sure both of us end up in an accident but I will survive it 

" Okay " I replied and went to the passenger seat...

" So can I know you more Roxanne ?" He asked as we get into the main road 

Wait! How did he know my name? 

" How?" I asked frowning at him 

" Well, my best friend mentioned it earlier" he shrugged..

He's friends with Rex? How sure am I they didn't plan this together? 

" Uhhm okay. I'm Roxanne as you already know, my life is just simple. I have two siblings and no parents " I replied simply

" Oh.. sorry for the lost of your parents " 

" It's okay " 

" Can I ask you a question?" He asked

" Sure " 

" Did you really cheated on Rex?" He asked and my face went blank. Is he really broadcasting me this way? 

" It's okay if you don't want to..." 

" I never cheated on him " I said cutting him off

" I know this shouldn't be my business but the moment I set my eyes on you, I just didn't believe you could do such a thing " 

" Why where you making out with his brother?" 

Seriously this is beginning to piss me off

" I didn't make out with Marcus, Rex just concluded everything without listening to us. It was a mistake that can happen to anyone. He only wanted to peck me after I promised to help him woo his crush and the kiss mistakenly landed on my lips. That was it " I blurted

He stared at me for a while and then sighed 

" It's quiet complicated but I now understand, I'm sorry for believing you did that " 

" It's fine " 

" I'm stopping here, that's my apartment over there " 

" Alright Roxy, see you tomorrow then and friends right?" 

" Friends! And thanks for the ride and understanding " 

" You welcome beautiful good night "  he said and drove off.

I wish it was Rex who listened to me this way ....

" What happened sis, I was worried you came late " Zoey said as she opened the door

" I'm sorry amigo, there were so many works to be done. Where's Captain?" 

" He's inside " 

" Okay, go set the dinner and I will join you shortly " 

" Alright how was your first day?" 

" It was hectic, let me go freshen up first " 

I need to dress very well tomorrow...

He wants me to dress professional right? That I will do and even go extreme. I will make him drool. A pinky promise...

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