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His Mrs Clumsy-Episode14



His Mrs Clumsy-Episode14
A short romance story
Written by Simrah Saeed

        Liam's POV 

" Can you let me be with your talks Bella?" I said getting frustrated. Gosh! She talks a lot.

" What? I was just asking how pretty is doing since you wouldn't take me to her " she said pouting. 

Can you believe she's 22? But she behaves like a 10years old baby. 

" I never said I wasn't taking you to her, I was only saying she should recover first " I defended

" And she's well now so what? " 

" Fine, I will take you to her tomorrow " 

" Now you are talking big brother " she said giving me a fake hug. Without being told, I know it's fake. I know my sister 

" I love you Liam " 

" I know, you normally love me when I do or say something that pleases you " 

" That's not it Liam " 

" I'm tired and need some rest now Bell, where's mum and dad?" 

" Mum went for some shopping and Dad is upstairs " 

" Okay. See ya" 

I said rushing upstairs. I don't know why but I feel so happy that Roxanne is now fine, my mind wasn't at rest when she was kidnapped. I couldn't sleep and what is surprising me most is that she was kidnapped and almost killed by Julia, the girl I wanted to ask out to be my girlfriend. 

Life is so complicated and it will take a U-turn when you never expected it to be. 

" Good afternoon Dad " I greeted

" Afternoon son, where have you been?" He asked adjusting his glass. 

In for another argument this afternoon.

" I went to see a friend Dad and don't you think I'm old enough to be controlled?" I asked clearly pissed 

" Son!" 

" I'm 26 for fuck sake " 

" Liam will you keep quiet?" He yelled

" I'm sorry Dad " 

" Good now sit " he commanded while I sighed sitting beside him .

" Liam " he called 

" When will you get to accept your responsibility?" He asked. Here he goes again ! 

" We've discussed this several times Dad, I don't want to run the company's business. I want to work on my own and feel how it is to work under someone please" 

" I made you read business for this very purpose Liam, if you don't take over the family's company, who will? " 

" Bella will Dad, she's perfect for it. She can handle the company perfectly, why can't we put an end to this?" 

" You are the first son Liam " he informed sternly

" I know that but it doesn't insinuate anything, I'm not taking over the company period!" I said and walked out.

" Liam" he called but I didn't respond. Dad can be very difficult sometimes.

Why can't he understand I don't want to be the CEO of his company? I want to work on my own and build mine, the one that bears " LIAM AND CO." Not Hudson's. 

I am the type that love to create things myself, I have dreamt about being a boss but not by taking the company's business. 

I believe my dreams will come through one day.. 

" Liam " 

" Oh mum you are back " 

" Yes, why is your face like this? Don't tell me you had a fight with your father again " she said. 

That's it, it's only Dad that pisses me off in this house. I will soon collect my apartment and leave this mansion, there, I will have peace of mind . 

" Why can't he understand my view mum?" 

" About the company?" She asked 

" Yes " 

" You know, it's your responsibility to take over the company" 

" Are you taking sides with him?" 

" No son, I'm just stating that " 

" But I don't want the company, Bella is your daughter right? Give her the company " 

" She's a lady Liam " 

" And where is it written that ladies can't be a CEO?" I queried and she sighed. 

" I will talk to your father on this" 

" You had better mum " .....




" God! Rex, the company, I need to go check what's happening at least " I said freeing myself from his grip on the bed 

" No Foxy, I think I asked Liam to be in charge till I recover right?" He asked. 

" Still, I have to assist him " 

" Stella is available " he replied and I sighed. He's not going to leave me. 

It's been two weeks since he woke up and we made up. Though he's still on the hospital bed but will be discharged tomorrow. 

This past two weeks restored happiness back to my life. Being with someone that loves you means alot, it gives you peace of mind and the feeling of insecurity combined with a little inferiority will be gone .

Having Rex back brought me back to being me again, to the cheerful and most loved young teenage girl I used to be . 

" Rex " 

" Foxy " he called placing his head on the crook of my neck which sends goosebumps to me. 

"Hmm " I can't deny it, his touch has a great effect on me.

" You know I love you " he said and I chuckled. 

He's said this for the hundredth time today 

" I can see that " 

"I love everything about you" 

" Rex " 

" I badly can't wait to get out of here so I can have some alone time with you without any doctor or nurse badging in " 

" Me too but can I at least get home now? I should prepare something for you and check up on my siblings " I said

" I don't want to miss you " 

" It's just for an hour or thereabout " 

" An hour is much, make it 30minutes " he replied and I began laughing.

" Seriously? What will I prepare in just 30minutes?" 

" Fast food like Noodles " 

" You aren't serious are you?" 

" Please Foxy, I want you by me all the time " 

" Okay, fine! I will prepare noodles and come back quickly " 

" That's my baby girl " he said 

" Take care of yourself till I'm back okay?" I kissed him lightly on the lips dashing out of the ward 




What the hell? Where is Cory and Zoey? Why did they left the door opened widely ?

I entered into the house shouting their names but no one answered

" Cory, Zoey" I called.

I went to their rooms but they weren't there. 

Where did they went to? I checked virtually everywhere in the house and still, no sign of them.

I came back downstairs only to find a box more of a package. Out of curiosity, I ran there. 

Is this a surprise from them? I began opening it .

At the top of it was a later.... I dropped the box focusing on what is written. 

When they are back I will tell them this isn't a way to surprise me gosh! 

With a smile on my face, I open the later .

          Hey Roxanne! 

If you are seeing this that means your brother and sister are under my captive. Well, I didn't do much to them just that one of your brother's hand has been caught off but your precious little sister is saved for now. If you are doubting, the evidence is in the box.

         I'm sure you don't want them dead so you have to comply. Meet me at No 6 Miami Beach, at the uncompleted building next to the beach in 30minutes or consider them dead. 

          And Roxanne, don't be so foolish to inform anyone or the cops because if that happens,

Cory and Zoey right? I will sluter them.  

          See you in 30 Roxanne darling. 

I fell in the floor with my body visibly shaking and tears flowing down freely.

I hastily tore the box and saw the shock of my life. It was really Cory's hand in the box and Zoey's leg ring. I'm not mistaking, the person have them. Cory! No, how can I see my brother with one hand ? 

I can't let them die, no! I need to save them. They mustn't die of nothing. 

I think I have to go to the address immediately.....



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