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His Mrs Clumsy-Episode12



His Mrs Clumsy-Episode12
A short romance story

Written by Simrah Saeed



" Mr Kings? What the hell?" Julia said still pointing the gun at us. Rex took the bullet for me? How did he find out I was kidnapped? 

" Rex " I called faintly. I couldn't do anything to help stop his bleeding stomach because I was tied up. 

He was bleeding so much. 

" Ro.....Roxanne are you okay?" He asked stuttering, his hand on his stomach full of blood .

" I... I am fine Rex, but you aren't, the blood is becoming much. You shouldn't have taken the bullet meant for me " I replied pathetically. ..

He risked his life for me and the worst part is that he was shot in the stomach. 

What do I do? 

" I'm glad you are fine, you shouldn't worry about me " he smiled painfully. .. he's in pain because of me....

" Well, well, since you decided to show up here Mr Kings. Both of you won't survive it, I can't risk being caught " Julia said emotionless.

" P.. please Julia, save Rex and kill me I beg you. He's loosing so much blood " I pleaded 

" I will kill you both " she said and pulled the trigger again. Rex crawled closer to me and held my legs ..

" Don't shoot or you are dead, freeze young lady " 

My head snapped at the door to see some cops, Liam, Adam and Cory coming in with a gun pointed at Julia...

She looks frightened with her jaw dropping in fear 

" Drop your weapon "

She gently placed it on the floor and Liam quickly picked it up...

How did they know I was here? 

" You are under arrest for attempt murder and kidnap" 

They chained her hands dragging her away....

" Are you okay Roxanne?" Liam asked

" No! R.. Rex he's bleeding " I cried. 

He kept wincing in pain with his hands very tight on my leg

" Let's take him to the hospital, Cory get Roxanne loosed " Adam said as they both pick Rex from the floor..

" I... I love you Roxanne " that was his last word before he was rushed out... I'm so confused and tired to think of anything right now.

I wish Rex will be fine, nothing should happen to him please...

" Are you okay sis?"Cory asked helping me up.

I feel so weak, I couldn't move any part of my body. My body was terribly shaking...

" Roxanne" Cory called but I couldn't answer, my face became blurry and I blacked out ..



        Adam's POV 

" How are they doctor?" I asked curiously. It's been almost an hour since Rex and Roxanne was brought in here and we didn't hear from any of the doctors, even the nurses ignored us .

"Calm down Mr Adam, Miss Roxanne is fine now but she's fast asleep and Mr Kings " 

" He's lost so much blood and the bullet penetrated into his system which might cause some damages . He wasn't brought on time but we were able to get the bullet out if him " he said and I fell on the floor..

I told him not to go in but he insisted.

" What can be done doctor, there's a solution right? " Liam chipped in 

" Of course but it will cost a lot of money but first, he needs a blood transfusion immediately " he informed.. 

" Okay, you can take mine " I volunteered. I can't let anything happen to him, what do I tell his parents? 

" Alright, we need to examine your blood to see if it matches with his " 

" Follow me please " he said 

" You both can go check up on Roxanne, I will be back shortly " I said to Liam and Cory 

" no! We will go with you to get examine too, any blood that matches will be taken " Liam said while Cory nodded. In all, he needs to go home, his little sister is left all alone in the house.

" That's a good idea, let's go then" the doctor said 


" Mr Adam and Mr Liam your blood didn't match with his except Mr Cory, they are both A+" 

I glanced at Cory who stood motionless without mentioning a word. 

" Can you?" Liam asked 

" Y ..yeah, I mean the guy in question saved my sister's life so why won't I ?" 

I sighed in relief on hearing that. I just can't imagine loosing my best friend this way. I will never be happy with myself for not being able to do anything to save him ..

" Thank you Cory " 

" It's nothing, you guys can go to Roxy and check if she's fine " ...

" Yeah we will do just that " 


I looked around my environment ti discover I was lying on the hospital bed with some strings connected to my body...

" Roxanne, you are awake "  I turned to see Liam and Adam by my side. 

" how are you feeling now?" Adam asked

" I.. I am fine but my head hurts a little" 

" Don't worry, you will be fine " Liam said...

My! How about Rex? 

" And Rex? Where's he? Is he fine? I believe he survived it right? " I asked glancing at them while they exchanged a few glances communicating through their eyes ..

" Y..yes, he's fine but he's asleep now " Adam assured but I wasn't convinced enough. 

" Are you sure?" 

" Yes Roxanne, you shouldn't bother yourself about him for now okay? He's fine " Liam added while I nodded. 

" A..and Cory? Where's he? Is Zoey fine?" 

" Calm down beautiful, they are all fine. All you need now is rest, stress is out of it " 

" Okay, can I see Rex? " 

" Of course not, there is a drip on you remember?" Adam said and I sighed . I just want to be sure he's fine, I want to just hug him for saving me. Does it mean that if he didn't take the bullet, I do be dead? 

I still can't believe he almost died for me. My thought was that he hates me. But now, I think I'm wrong. 

He really said he love me, is that true? 

The door opened revealing Cory looking so weak and pale but he covered it with a smile immediately he saw me. 

Liam rushed to him as he sat him beside me. What's wrong with him? 

" Sis, how are you feeling now?" He asked trying to sound fine but I know he's not 

" Cory what's wrong? Are you okay? " I asked touching him with my free hand .

" I'm fine sis or don't I look fine? I'm only happy you are okay now" 

" Adam? Liam? Tell me what's wrong?" I asked but they all kept mute .

My eyes caught a glimpse of Cory's arm, it was covered with some wools . 

My eyes ran into the three of them demanding exactly what happened...

" Fine, Rex needed some blood and he volunteered to help" Adam said shrugging with everyone's gaze not meeting mine.

My heart sank, that means he isn't fine. He's not okay. 

" Take me to him please " 

" Calm down Roxanne, he will be fine if he gets the blood into him" 

" No Liam, I... I ... just want to see him please " 

" It's okay Roxanne, you will see him when he wakes up " Adam said giving me a hug as a tear slip down my cheeks ... 

The whole scenario is making me go insane. He needs to wake up, nothing must happen to him for me ....

" Thank you all for saving me " I muttered...

" It's okay, I will just get to your apartment to bring Zoey and get some food for you and Cory " Liam said while I nodded.. aren't I blessed to have met this set of people? 

I can't wait to see Rex, at this moment, I'm not angry with him anymore. 

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