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His Mrs Clumsy-Episode1



His Mrs Clumsy-Episode1
A short romance story

Written by Simrah Saeed


" Grrrrrr" 

Argh! I covered my ears with the pillow. Why does this alarm has to wake me up when I was in the dream  la Land

I was eating shawarma together with meatballs in my sweet dream..

" Grrrrrr" 

I hit the bed loudly using my hand to search for my phone turning off the alarm with my eyes closed ..

I need to go back and continue eating that sumptuous meal .

With that, I went back to sleep. 


I woke up at 7:50am. Holy Christ of Nazareth! 

I jumped down from the bed rushing to the bathroom but I slipped landing my butts on the floor ..

Who the hell sprinkle water here? 

Oh! I can be very crazy! Who else lives in this room except me? 

I poured water here last night and lazily pass it by to the bed... 

I helped myself up and resumed running again... God! Don't let me fall please ..


I dressed up in my usual boyish dress code, I don't have time to apply makeup as its of no use to me..

I just got a job at King's Enterprise and so I'm dressing up for my first day . Starting the job with tardiness...

" Sis come out already you are getting late " Zoey my younger sister yelled from the door ..

I'm already late.. it's 8:15am..

Way to go Roxanne, good impression on your first day ..

" Yeah I'm coming " I said picking up my bag 

I wore my canvas on the big over size trouser I was wearing going out of the room

" Morning sis " Zoey greeted 

" How was your night amigo?" I asked ruffling her hair like normally 

" It was fine, now sit and eat before you go. I know you too well, you won't eat when you get to the office" she whined 

" Amigo you know I'm running out of time, I promise to eat in the office. Where's captain ?" I asked referring to Cory my younger brother.

Well I have names for them aside their real names, don't ask me why ....

" I am here sis good morning " he said coming downstairs 

" Morning captain, this is some change you both can take can with to college. You are running late too " I said giving him 3 out of my last 5bucks . Did I have any option? 

" Thanks sis and don't forget to behave yourself today, it's your first day and I don't want you to be fired " he said sternly.

Sometimes I wonder if he's the big brother or I the big sister 

" Don't worry , I will try. Take care of Amigo " I said to him while I did our sisterly handshake with Zoey....

Leaving for the door, I think my leg hits one of the couch which made me fall... 

I smiled at the floor standing up, well that's my best friend

" Careful sis " 

" Yeah, my friend only wanted to wish me a good luck. Till I'm back. Don't forget to cook before I come amigo " 

With that I left taking a baby step, I'm not preventing myself from falling but I want to reach the company as soon as possible

" Where to ma'am ?" The cab man asked 

" King's Enterprise " he nodded and ignited the engine 

8:30am... Is devil not at work? 

" Drive faster please, I'm late already " I said in a haste tone 

" Okay ma'am " 

Time for introduction......

I am Roxanne Williams, a true definition of cackhand . I am the first child of my parents and as you already know, I have two siblings Cory and Zoey . 23years of age while Cory is 21, he's extremly handsome and we'll built that people mistake him as my elder brother while Zoey is 17. There is a big difference in their age ..

We lost our parents in an accident leaving me to cater for my siblings....

I am very very lazy, clumsy and sassy too. 

I am the type of lady who loves to make decisions on my own, I hate when someone makes decisions for me and I believe in hard work ...

That's all for now, you will know me better when the going gets tough 

" We are here ma'am " he announced 

I paid him and left into the building 


Is this really a company? It looks like a princess castle or rather a very big palace..

Gosh! Roxanne snap out of it first, you are getting late. No! You are late ...

" Good morning " I greeted the receptionist . She took in my appearance and shook her head before smiling at me.

Wait! Am I smelling? 

" Morning, how may I help you " she asked in a cheerful tone. Wow! Hope I'm sure this lady is mentally stable? 

" Am I the new assistant of the boss " I replied 

" Oh! Roxanne Williams right?" She asked and I nodded. Thank God she knows me. That's a good step.

She smiled and in the next seconds covered it with a frown ..

Hey hello? 

" But you are 40minutes late Roxanne, Mr Kings hates lateness and might reduce your first pay " she said..

What? Why will he do that? 

" Anyways, you are welcome to King's Enterprise. The boss is at the 5th floor, make sure you use the general elevator. No one uses the private one except him " 

" Okay, thank you ...." 

" Julia " she cuts in and I nodded

" Thanks Julia see you around " with that I dashed out of her sight 


I knock repeatedly on his office door before I heard a faint ' come in ' 

I gently opened the door trying hard to compose myself. I might just embarrass myself right here ....

With my head hung down, I entered into his office...

" Good morning sir " I greeted waiting to hear , "  miss Roxanne you are late on your first day and you are hereby charged half of your salary " but nothing like that.

I don't just want to raise my head , is he looking at me? 

" Miss Williams, it's your first day and you just gave me a poor impression. Don't you know I hate tardiness? " He yelled..

Okay! Mr CEO is a little rude ...

" I'm sorry sir " I replied blankly.

" This should be the last time you will come to work this late but that doesn't mean I won't punish you fo this, you will have to work extra time today in the office. The next time you will come late, I will deduct one quarter of your salary" he said and my head snapped up..

How can he deduct that amount from my salary? That means just a change will be remaining for me.. what the hell? 

My head snapped to him and no! I took a step backward making me step on a tin and I stumbled falling down...

What? I quickly stood up embarrassingly but with my eyes glued to my boss..

I pinched myself to see if I'm dreaming but no! The reality niggled at me. 

" Rex?" I called skeptically with my eyes bulging out of it's socket. I mean the Rex I once dated? My ex? Wait! How? 

He broke up with me because of his wrong assumptions. He didn't even give me a chance to explain myself when he saw me with Marcus 7years back. 

He got mad and broke up with me for a silly mistake or was it? 

That should be a story for another day

" It's Mr Kings to you miss Williams " he smirked and I batter my eyelashes in disbelief...

God! Why did you have to make him my boss? Will I be able to work under the same roof with him? Like I have any choice

" Your office is right opposite mine and your work is to schedule my appointments, meetings and receiving the emails " 

" The first thing you do when you get to the company is to bring my coffee, I like it thick with less sugar and black coffee in particular " he said monotonously... 

Wow! He really pretend like he doesn't know me? 

I'm sure he will make my life hell for me. I wish I can leave but there is no job out there that's very easy to get...

Sighing, I nodded 

" You don't go nodding when I talk to you miss Williams, your mouth isn't zipped" he snapped..

This is going to be tough...

Considering the fact that we don't have anyone to help us, I have to work for the sake of Cory and Zoey

" Y....yes sir " I replied and began making my way out of his office.

What can be worst than your ex turning your boss? 

" And miss Williams " he called while I stopped with my hand on the door knob 

" You shouldn't dress like a mad person to my company from tomorrow, this is a company and not a psychiatric home. You may no leave " with that, he went back to his doing his work ..

Roxanne, you have to be patient......

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