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Darasimi-Episode 1


Darasimi-Episode 1

Written by Authoress Efe Bella

   Twas a beautiful Sunday morning in the month of August. The city of Lagos was filled with the usual hustle and bustle,Hawkers could be seen selling their running around trying to sell their wares to vehicle occupants and pedestriants.

 Weird and tough looking agbero boys acting as conductors were shouting out their various destinations to passerby's while cursing some group of people trying to cross the busy road.

     Mr David tried to navigate into the side of a  rickety danfo bus when the conductor shouted at him "èya wéréy ni". He just ignored him as he wasn't in the mood to haggle words with an idiot. He was trying to beat the thick traffic ahead so as to get his wife to the hospital on time,her contractions were already hitting her hard.

She was literally screaming her head off, hissing and crying almost at once.

   He wondered why the city was even named Lagos instead of "Traffic state" as the hold up in the state is always something else. He wondered why the government can't just construct bridges or repair the roads instead of doing patch-patch everytime. Even with all the taxes and levies citizens pay,social amenities, electricity and roads ain't nothing to write home about. May God save and keep us in this country he said out loud. 
Adenike(his wife) muttered an Amen as the traffic  started moving again and the husband pulled the gear into motion. 

   He increased his speed and drove off as he hurriedly parked his car in front of shepherd Medical hospital Ikeja,he rushed to the back door of the car as soon as his feet touched the ground and tried lifting his pregnant wife out of the car but he couldn't. Mr David rushed into the hospital and shouted at the nurse he meet at the counter to please bring a stretcher out for him;he was practically under pressure as beads of sweat could be seen trailing down his face,his tie was disorganised and his shirt wasn't properly tucked in either.

   He watched as the nurses rushed to the car with the stretcher and later came back bearing his wife. Adenike held onto her stomach while trying hard not to shout,she already started dilating even before her husband could get her to the hospital.

  She was quickly rushed into the Labour room while the husband attempted to go in with her but the midwife told him to wait outside for them. 

    This was going to be his first child after five(5) years of marriage. He will sometimes take a look at the door of the Labour room from where he was sitting,stand up and pace up and down worriedly before going back to sit again.

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