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Age Doesn't Matter Episode 3


Age Doesn't Matter Episode 3

Written By Ruthie Lee

"Okay so what topic did you guys stopped at, in school!" I asked to know where to start with the tutoring. 

"I don't know!" he shrugged. 

I scoffed. "How can you… I mean, why the hell won't you know, are you joking with me right now!!!" I yelled making him flinch. 

Okay Elsa calm down! I tell myself and I breathed In and out before turning back to him.

"I'm not joking, I always skip math class at school" he said with a smile. 

He thinks this is funny, I can't believe this kid. 

"Look Jason I'm trying to communicate with a normal human being can you please talk like one." I barked and he laughed and stood up, he's pretty tall, but not intimidating at all. 

"I am not normal." he said and about to walk away when the room to his door opened and his mom walked in with tea in biscuits in a tray. 

Mrs Huggins laughed nervously "Don't mind me me I just came to drop this for you Elsa and to ask how the lesson is going." 

 Jason halted and grinned. "The lesson is going great mom." 

"Oh perfect!" Mrs Huggins said happily as she dropped the tray on Jason's bed. 

"I'll be leaving now, I don't want to disturb you two!" she smiled, about to walk away when I called her back. 

"Mrs Huggins?" 

 "Yes Elsa," she turned swiftly. 

 Jason's head quickly snapped at me waiting to hear what i would say. 

"Actually the lesson is a mess… Jason won't listen to me and also wanted to skip this lesson just like the way he skips math class at school" I narrated and Jason haw dropped hearing all I've said. 

Mrs Huggins gasped heavily. "My goodness!" she exclaimed. 

 Jason glared at me and I have him a smirk, 

He turned to his who was boiling. 

"You skip math class??" she yelled. 

"Look mom I can explain." Jason stated.

"Explain what?" his mom anger was extending. 

And she started to yell "Jason don't understand you, you used to be a braniac when it comes to math, in middle school, but now I don't understand you anymore, you keep failing math and now you're skipping class too.! Jason don't you want to go to college, do you want to repeat your final grade, cause I can make you repeat it a thousand times.!" 

 Jason sighed. "Look mom people change okay?" 

This kid is sure going through one hell of puberty. I couldn't hold my laugh. 

"Change? In a stupid way is that it? And I'm against your change and trust me your father is going to hear about this." Mrs Huggins threatened. 

"What?" Jason yelled! "You're going to tell dad?" 

Looks like he's afraid of his father, well that's a good start. 

"Why not and that stupid little eighteenth birthday you've been planning to have your whole life isn't going to happen." Mrs Huggins explained and I smiled. 

I better hold on to my laughter. 

"What? I've already invited my friends over!" Jason said. 

"Well you're going to give them another invitation card that says your birthday isn't happening." Mrs Huggins tells him. 

"Seriously mom! Don't be that kind of mom!" Jason huffed angrily. 

"I am already that kind of mom can't you see David for instance, he's studious, handsome and very good in all in his subject, compared to you," Mrs Huggins said making her son roll his eyes 

"Don't compare me to that geek, David is a loser." Jason scoffed. 

"He's not a loser Jason, you are, a big one what's so hard about math that you're running away from it, and your bad grades make you a loser." 

 Watching his mom reprimand him is quiet fun. 

"I don't care." Jason tries to act cool. 

"You don't care? Oh okay well your birthday which is in six days will not be happening if you can't focus on your study or concentrate on this lesson." Mrs Huggins threatened folding her hand. 

"Seriously mom you can't do that to me." Jason stated. 

"Nope. Until you learn how to learn and focus your birthday might happen, but if you misbehave then your birthday is canceled, no stupid party in my house." Mrs Huggins stated 

"Sure, whatever." Jason said, relinquished. 

"Now go sit down." his mother instructed and he sadly walked up to the chair I asked him to sit minutes ago and sat down. 

"And I'll be heading out now, make sure to help yourselves with the biscuits, and miss Elsa please do not fail to give me feedback about this lesson." Mrs Huggins smiled. 

"Oh of course I wouldn't fail to do that!" I stated. 

"Good." Mrs Huggins said before walking out. 


I turned to Jason who seemed bored already. 

"Now back to business." I stated with a mocking smile looking at Jason. 

"You're one tough one aren't you, but don't worry I'll make you stay and then leave within just a week." Jason stated. 

"Okay fine by me. As long I get paid within a week and look Jason you may running away from books now, but I tell you, it's the only way" I advised. 

"Oh really?" he looked at me with calm eyes. "But guess what?" he asked. 

I looked at him

"I said guess what?" he repeated. 

I sighed. "what?" 

"I don't fucking care." he stated and I rolled my eyes. 

 "Now focus on the textbooks will you?" I said and turned his head toward the books on the table. 

"Since you're dumb and don't know where to start from I'll be introducing a new topic to you" I smiled bitterly. 

"Are you sure you're not sixteen?" he's trying to piss off. 

But he doesn't know who I am. 

"What? Do I look prettier than your girlfriend?" I rolled my eyes. 

"You wish!" he laughed. "The skirt my girlfriend gave out for charity last week looks prettier than you, needless to say you looking prettier than my girlfriend!" Jason said and I sighed. 

"Okay fine. Your girlfriend is pretty now can you study and get your dumb brain filled with something, at least act like your age for once and stop acting like a dick okay!" I know my cusses were too much, but I don't care. 


 Finally after making the teenage boy focus on his books, we went through a topic I picked out and though he seemed like he didn't want to listen that he wouldn't understand, he still listened, and when I gave him one of the equations to solve, he failed it with no hesitation. 

  I made him understand it even more and then gave him an assignment, before ending the lesson. 

 Mrs Huggins thanked me as I left and before I knew it I was on my way home. 


  I got home by 8pm and immediately head to my room, I decided not to shower cause it was a cold night and I'm too lazy to take off my clothes, I later found my mom already asleep in her room, she must be pretty tired. 


 I was stuffing my face with apples when my dad came home. We both talked briefly about my job, he asked if it was stressful but I told him it wasn't. 

It was stressful though. Jason was a handful. But I can't tell my dad that. 

  We both had dinner together and it was great I didn't have dinner immediately cause I get to eat with him and he wouldn't eat alone like every other days. 

  We both tired to our room and after crawling under my blanket I closed my eyes, made a brief silent prayer and my body rested and fell asleep 

  I woke up by 11am in the morning, thank Goodness my work starts from three in the afternoon. It gave me enough time to sleep, eat, do whatever I want before going to work. 


  It was five minutes to three and I was already dressed and ready to go to work, when Mrs Huggins called me to ask me if I was coming? I told her yes. 

I mean why wouldn't I? Gosh she's funny. 

  I made it to work by 3:20pm giving Jason enough time to get back from school and have lunch at the same time, and as I got into the huge residence of the Huggins, the security guy recognised me immediately and greeted me with the most sweetest smile. 

 He led me into the house and seeing me Mrs Huggins held the brightest smile ever. 

  I looked up the stairs and found Jason dressed in all Jean and looking at me… You know that kind of hateful look. I smiled at him and he rolled his eyes. 

 Another day of Jason syndrome 

"Okay you came at the right now Jason's all ready" Mrs Huggins said and I nodded seeing he's ready. 

 "Okay then Mrs Huggins I'll take it from here" I smiled at her and ascended up the glamorous stairs. 

  Jason walked away and I assumed he walked to his room, and I was right, cause when I got to his room he was already there playing with his tennis ball. 

"Okay Jason good afternoon.!" I said cheerfully trying to be polite today. 

"Don't try to act like we're friends" Jason shook his head. 

"So you're not going to drop the rude act, you're not going to suck up that disgusting attitude of yours?" I rolled my eyes as I walked up to his study desk and placed my bag, bringing out all my books and pens. 

 "If you drop yours I'll drop mine?" He said and I laughed. 

"Okay then Jason, please come have a sit!" I said as politely as ever. 

 He rolled his eyes as he walked up to the sit beside me and sat down. 

He still doesn't want to drop his rude attitude. Whatever. 


 "Okay, before we begin our topic for today, can I see you assignment?" I asked. 

 And he gave me a hateful look before pulling the drawer under his desk and bringing out a book from it. 

 He opened the book to his assignment and I took it from him, he failed every question I gave him yesterday now let's see how he did with the assignment. 

 I raised the book to my face and studied what he solved. 



"Did you do this yourself?" I turned to him. 

"Why do you ask that of course I did!"  He said not looking at me but at the tennis ball he was bouncing on the desk. 

"Are you sure?" I asked. 

 "Of course who else would do that" he rolled his eyes. 

 Somehow I want to believe him but I couldn't, he failed all the tests I gave him yesterday and now he actually aced this assignment. 

"Well I don't believe you." I tell him honestly. 

"You don't have to." he replied. 

Some teenagers are just so… obnoxious. 

"Okay well I don't, and now I'm going to be giving you another test on this topic which you will be solving in front of me." I tell him and he shrugged and laid back on his seat. 


"And please try to sound polite, I hate having butt heads around me." I tell him in a cool mature way. 

"And you think calling me butt head is nice?" he scoffed. 

"Maybe if you sound polite I'll try my best not to call you names." I smiled at him. 

And I noticed he hates when I smile. So that makes me smile more often. 


  His phone suddenly ring and he looked at me. 

"I have to go out and take this!" 

"I don't think so, you can answer it here in front of me." I said. 

"But… Whatever" he sighed and picked the call placing the phone on his ear. 

 I listened to his conversation as I observed his assignment again. 

"No like I told you, I can't come! I'm stuck here with miss… You know." he rolled his eyes. 

Yep he's stuck here with me. 

"No no… yeah go on without me, and sure" he added. 

"No, I don't know, I think my mom's lying to me, and no she's not pretty and her teaching sucks." 

 I sighed as I sat down and listened to Jason badmouth about me with his friends. 

  Well I'm here for his parents money, I don't care what he actually says about me. 

And what the hell… I know I'm pretty. 

 Jason cut the call and I turned to him.    "You done?" I asked and he shrugged. 

 He was waiting for me to talk about his phone conversation, I noticed that, but I ignored it and Started the lesson. 

  I wrote down an equation question on his book from the topic we treated yesterday and told him to solve it himself. 

I have to know if he's really the one who did the assignment or maybe he paid some geek to help him do it. 

 Jason grabbed his pen and I adjusted my body on his desk and focus on his hand on the book, 

"Okay see Elise, one thing about me is that I don't like working on an equation in front of people." he said and I scoffed. 

"Okay saying that, you're making me doubt that you really did this equation yourself" I tell him. "And for your information it's Elsa not Elise". 

"I did the assignment myself and I don't need to prove nothing." He said. 

"Do the equation Jason." my eyes pierced his and my harsh voice made him sigh and Pick up his pen again. 

   I watched as Jason solved the equation in front of my eyes without making a single mistake and after writing and concluding the final answer he dropped his pen and said "done!" which left me completely speechless. 

Okay wait. Am I dreaming right now? 

T. B. C 

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