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The Girl On Wheels - Semi Final


The Girl On Wheels - Semi Final

THEME: (I Don't Have Legs)

By Authoress Ti Fe


Mr Romeo drove us to the temple really quick. Mother carried me out of the car into the temple.
"Mother take me to the altar." I said to her.
She carried me to the front of the altar and placed me on a chair.
"Thank you mother." I said smiling.
"It is nothing, now pray your way through the heavens and save your only best friend." She said kissing my head.
"Mother hope you will pray along with me?" I asked.
"Sure Theodora, I will be right behind you." She said sitting on a chair behind me.
I nodded and faced the altar where the pulpit was. I closed my eyes shutting all doors of distractions that very moment as I began to pray.
"I thank you Lord for an opportunity to be at your feet, tho without legs. I thank you for keeping me from the wolves of the world even tho i am always pushed around in a wheelchair."
"Lord I come the way I have always been coming right from my birth. Lord you were the one that made a way were there was no way."
"Lord Mathew is in the operating room right now. Please let the surgery be successful. For you have been my shield right from my tender age."
"I join my faith with the faith of my mother and I declare the Matthew will scale through that surgery. There won't be any reason to cry over him."
"Do this oh God, he is the only one who loves me in this world. Amen." I prayer as tears rolled down my eyes.
"Mother please take me back to the hospital." I said cleaning my tears.
"Your prayers are answered Theodora." She said as she carried me.
"I know Mother, God never fails." I replied smiling.
"You really love him." She added.
"Yes mother." I replied shyly as she dropped me inside the car.
"You are a too child." Mr Romeo said as we zoomed off.
"Thank you." I replied but my mind was already at the hospital.

I paced in front of the ward feeling anxious. Oh Lord please save my son, he is the only one I have.
I don't want to lose him. Tears rolled down my eyes as I prayed silently, the door was transparent so I could see everything they were doing.
I watched them and soon i saw the surgeon shake his head.
"What is going on? Why is he shaking his head?" I asked fearfully.
"Calm down baby. Can't he shake his head anymore?" My husband asked moving me away from the door.
"If you keep staring at them, you will go unconscious sooner or later, so please sit down. Nothing will happen to Matthew." He said holding my hands.
I nodded trying to comport myself. He smiled and sat beside me as we waited for the doctor or anyone to come out.
Theodora's mother walked to us with Dora in her hands.
"How is he?" She asked as she placed Dora on the chair.
"The doctor is not yet out." I replied trying not to cry anymore.
"Ma'am it will be fine. Nothing will happen to Matthew." Dora said smiling.
The door opened and the doctor came out of the ward looking sweaty. I jumped up from the chair and rushed to him.
"Doctor how is he?" I asked fearfully. He looked at me and I saw sadness on his face.
"Talk to me!" I yelled in tears.
"I am sorry, we lost him." He said and I yelled in pain.
"No, he can't die. I prayed to God, he can't!" Dora yelled in tears.
My husband was so speechless and tears rolled down Mrs Florence's face.
"Please take heart." He said and was about to leave when a nurse barged out of the ward.
"Doctor! He has responded! He is breathing again!" She yelled making the doctor run back into the ward.
"I said it, I know my God can never fail." Dora said in tears.
"Oh God, save him! I can't live without him." I prayed silently in tears.
The door opened again and the doctor came out smiling.
"Doctor how is he?" My husband and I chorused rushing to him.
"He is out of danger, and congratulations the surgery was successful." He said and I fell to my kneels in relieve.
"But he still needs adequate rest." He said smiling.
"Thank you so much doctor." My husband said shaking the doctor.
"Truly your God never fails. His state right now is a miracle, it has never happened." The doctor said to Theodora before walking away.
"Theodora, thank you so much. You are a blessing to us, i bless the day your mother gave birth to you." I said hugging her and her mother.
"Ma'am, I love Matthew so much, I can never let anything bad happen to him." Dora said smiling.
"You love him too, that is great cos he loves you too." I replied smiling.
"I know ma'am. He told me." She replied shyly while her mother giggled looking at her escort.
"I haven't met him." I said looking at the man close to them.
"Oh I am Romeo." He said shaking my hands.
"Wow nice, are you her husband?" I askrd smiling. They looked at each other not knowing what to say.
"Yes, he is her husband and he is my dad." Dora answered and I saw their eyes widen as they looked at Dora.

To be continued...

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