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The Girl On Wheels - Final


The Girl On Wheels - Final

THEME: (I Don't Have Legs)

By Authoress Ti Fe



Matthew was discharged from the hospital some weeks back, and now he is very okay. No more going unconscious.
Everything we studied, he understood it even more than I did. He is actually very smart. 
During the exam periods he ignored everyone in school and focused all his attention on me. I also did the same, Ignoring the jealous Faith and her gang.
Now today is the day to check our results. It has been posted on the board in the hall way. Matthew as usual moved me to where it was.
The students never ceased to murmur anything they see us, even tho they have been seeing us almost everyday they always had something to talk about, which I totally ignored.
We got to the board and I could see many students there whispering to each other. I sighted Faith and her friends there too but I saw them as nobody.
"I will check ours love." Matthew said in my ears kissing my cheeks.
"Okay baby, thanks." I said as he moved me closer to the crowd.
He walked up to the people and instantly they gave way for him, the girls were drooling over him and I felt great jealousy.
He got there and trcae his fingers on the paper that was posted. Then I saw his countenance changed.
"Love we did it, we are top!" He yelled running to me. And before I could say anything, he carried me from my chair kissing me in front of everyone.
I reciprocated but I wasn't so carried away because of the shuttering sounds of cameras I was hearing.
"Matthew we are in school." I whispered shyly as we disengaged.
"I don't care." He said placing me on my chair.
I looked around and I saw the students staring at us. Some were even taking pictures, Faith kept fuming in anger which as I always did, ignored.
I looked at Matthew again and this time I was shocked. In front of me was a very beautiful ring held by Matt.
"Dora since you came into my life, my happiness has known no bounds. With your support and love, you made me the best I can be. You showed that God is the only way which I believe strongly."
"I don't want to lose someone with such great value. Dora be mine forever. Tho I know we are still in school but i don't really care, we can just be engaged now then after school get married. He said smiling.
Tears rolled down my cheeks uncontrollably, I never thought a guy would ever love me to the extent of marrying me. But Matthew just proved me wrong.
"Yes I will. I will be yours." I said as he happily placed the ring on my finger. I saw Faith storm out, but this time her friends didn't go with her instead they smiled sweetly at me.
"I love you!" We chorused as he kissed me again. I heard the applauds of peoole and in courage I deepened the kiss.

Romeo and I came back from the office having so much fun. He has been so kind and caring to me and I know love him without any doubt.
We both walked into the new house holding hands like couples, tho I really wish we are. I walked to the front placing my bag on the couch tiredly.
"So what should I make?" I asked looking back and I met Romeo on his kneels. He held out a very beautiful ring.
"Romeo." I called in shock.
"Florence will you be my wife?" He asked and my heart skipped immediately. Is he joking right now? Is Romeo really proposing to me!
"Mother." I heard Dora call as She and Matthew came into the house, to see Romeo on his kneels.
"Wow! This is so cute." Dora said and I felt a little shy.
"Please don't say no." Romeo said smiling.
"She dares not say no." Dora said firmly making me laugh.
"Yes Romeo, I will marry you." I said hugging him tightly. He took my finger and placed the ring on it.
"Finally he is officially my dad!" Dora yelled happily while I kissed Romeo.
"Mother this calls for celebration, look at my fingers mother." She said as we stopped kissing.
"Wow this is so beautiful." I said examining the ring on her finger.
"Matthew proposed to me and we will be getting married after school!" She yelled happily hugging me so tight.
"Wow I am so happy for you." I said smiling.
"Matthew thank you so much for making my daughter so happy." I said looking at him.
"She did me a favour that now even my mother and father could do. I can't afford to lose her." He said kissing her head.
"Now back to the celebration, venue?" Romeo asked.
"At my house, my parents will be fine with it. All bills on me." Matthew said smiling.
"Okay, to Matthew house." I said happily.

       THE END 

Florence got married to Romeo after some months of the proposal, and they started living as sweet couples.
After few years of waiting anxiously, Matthew finally married Theodora and they traveled out of the country to start a new life entirely.
Theodora got pregnant along the line and she gave birth to a beautiful young girl who had beautiful set of legs.
All the families were present at the hospital looking at the beautiful girl happily. They all named her Esther (Star) Robinson.
Tho Theodora didn't have legs, she gave birth to a baby who was beautiful and whole.

 I thank God for the inspiration given to me to be able to finish this book, it is not by my power, but it is by His grace.
Thanks to everyone who supported during the writing of this story, God bless you all

1. Put God first in anything you are doing, anywhere you find yourself, in the time of challenges.
 Theodora always referenced God first and that is why she had such a blissful ending.
2. Never underestimate people because of how they look or the problems they are going through. 
 This is what Faith didn't understand, and at the end she lost it all, even her so called friends.
 Matthew and his parents never looked down on Dora. They saw the star and the Lady with legs in her.
3. Never let Jealousy rule you.
4. Try to make impacts wherever you find yourself, let people love you and are benefits in you.
 People saw this in Theodora and that is why she was later loved.
 Never let your problems weigh you down.
5.Comment what you have let in the box below
Hmmm who knew a Theodora was actually a lady with legs in her. She had legs that the world couldn't see. She really was a blessing to the family.

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