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The Girl On Wheels - Episode 8


The Girl On Wheels - Episode 8

THEME: (I Don't Have Legs)

By Authoress Ti Fe


"Next tomorrow is my birthday and you all are invited." I yelled in front of the class before lunch time was over.
"We will be there Faith." The class chorused.
I smiled and was about walking to my seat when Matthew pushed Theodora inside the class. An excellent idea popped into my mind and I walked up to them.
"Hey Theodora." I said smiling sweetly and I saw her look at me in amusement.
"Hi." She replied looking at me suspiciously.
"Look here Theodora, I am sorry for how I treated you. I wasn't in my real senses." I said holding her hands and squatting before her.
Her hands were irritating but I had to keep a nice face on.
"It is okay, thank God we are good now." She replied happily.
"Yes, and if you truly forgive me, you will come to my birthday party coming up tomorrow at my house." I said giving her my invitation card.
"Really? I will tell mother about it." She replied collecting it from me.
"I will be so happy if you come." I said smiling.
"I will try." She replied.
"Matthew, i am sorry for everything and I will be happy if you come too." I said putting on my best smile.
"I don't want to." He said pushing Theodora to his seat.
"Faith are you our of your mind? You are inviting that lame girl to your party?" Tina said.
"Shut up Tina, that was only an act. You will know what I am up to on that day." I smirked wickedly.
          😥 MRS RIVER'S POV 😥
"Sir please I don't mind washing your toilet, all I need is a job" I said to a man that lives very far from out home.
I have been going around looking for where to work as a maid with a better payment than that of Mrs Florida.
This house I am presently is my last hope, I was already tired and hungry.
"Okay let's make a deal." The man said opening his door to me.
"Thank you so much." I said walking into his house and to be honest it was looking quite expensive.
"I am Mr Collins. And I don't need a maid because I have numerous of them." He said grinning.
"Please Sir, fix me anywhere. My daughter is in school and i need money to get her some things and to even feed her." I said kneeling.
He moved close to me and raised me up moving his face close to mine. I moved back wondering what he was about to do.
"I will give you all the money you want if you let me f==k you." He said walking closer to me.
"What do you take me for? A proustite? I am here in this house because I thought you really wanted to help but now I see you are insane!" I yelled angrily.
"So you expect me to help you without having something in return? You are stupid to think so." He smacked.
"I don't need you f==king money. To hell with your filthy money!" I yelled storming out of his house in tears.
"Oh God, this is too much to bear. Please provide a way for me, I don't want Charlotte to regret coming into his world through me, she is passing enough already." I said crying heavily.
I sat close to the road feeling very weak when a car parked right beside me. The door opened and a very handsome man came down from it.
"Young woman are you okay?" He asked walking close to me.
"I am not." I replied weeping seriously.
"Oh God, please come with me. You are too beautiful to sit and cry on the street." He said helping me get up.
"My life is miserable." I mumbled sadly.
"That's enough, we will discuss about that later." He said opening his car door to me. I sat in front and he rushed to the drivers seat and sat.
"Thank you." I said looking at him.
"My pleasure. I am Romeo." He said stretching his hand to me.
"Florence." I replied shaking him.
"You are beautiful." He said smiling.
"Thank you." I replied shyly.
"So where are you heading?" He asked.
"Nowhere actually." I said sadly.
"You don't have a house?" He asked in shock.
"Not that. I do have a house but I am out the streets searching for a job." I replied trying to smile.
"Am sorry about that." He replied sadly.
"It is okay, I guess I will have to disappoint Theodora." I said sadly.
"Theodora?" He asked looking at me.
"Yeah my daughter." I said and I saw shock on his face.
"You have a daughter? And you are still so young and beautiful?" He said surprised.
"Thank you. I have a daughter who can't walk." I added as tears heat my eyes.
"I don't get you." He said putting the car to an halt.
"I gave birth to Theodora without legs, the doctors said it was some biological disorder. I couldn't give her an artificial leg because I don't have the money." I replied as tears rolled down my cheeks again.
"Geez that is so painful. I am sorry Florence." He said handing me an Handkerchief.
"Thank you." I said cleaning my face.
Hmmm faith
For those asking if she had an accident or was born like that, go and read the previous chapters.

To be continued...

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