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The Girl On Wheels - Episode 6


The Girl On Wheels - Episode 6

THEME: (I Don't Have Legs)

By Authoress Ti Fe


Mother placed me under the shower and opened the tap on both of us. She can't bath me without getting wet.
So she always tied towels when she baths for me. I stared at her red face and I kept wondering what happened.
She bathed for me in silence and it was starting to get awkward. She hasn't been this silent before, I know something is really wrong.
"Mother!" I called staring at her.
She kept scrubbing my hands like she didn't hear me, she looked really lost.
"Mother!" I called louder and she flinched looking at me.
"Yes Theodora." She said smiling falsely.
"Mother are you hiding something from me?" I asked staring at her.
"Why would you say that Theodora, I am not hiding anything okay?" She said smiling.
"Mother I am not a fool, tho i don't have legs,I have eyes. You have been super silent since I came back." I said sadly.
"Theodora I am absolutely fine." She said closing the tap as she wrapped my towel on my wet body.
"Mother you know you promised never to keep anything from me." I added as she carried me to the bathroom.
"Yes Theodora, and I am sticking to that promise." She said placing me on my bed.
"Okay mother. How was work?" I asked inhaling the scent of my cream.
"Nice! And guess what!" She said smiling.
"What?" I asked happily.
"I got you the Chemistry textbooks!" She yelled.
"Really!! OMG!!! Thank you so much mother!! I love Chemistry! It is my favorite." I said happily.
"Yes, and that is why I got it for you." She said as she finished dressing me up.
"But mother hope it isn't all your savings you used to get it?" I asked sadly.
"Theodora it is worth it. And I want to tell you something else." She said sitting close to me.
"I am all ears mother." I said eagerly.
"I am going to start working twice the way I have always done. I need to gain more money now you will be needing more things for school." She said sadly.
"Mother I am sorry for being a liability to you. If I had legs, I would have surely helped you by working." I said holding her hands.
"Theodora, don't talk like that. You are my daughter, you are my responsibility. It is right for me to take care of you." She said kissing my forehead.
"Mother one thing I know is that this situation won't last." I said smiling.
"Defiantly Theodora, it is just for the mean time." She replied.
"Don't worry mother, I will take perfect care of myself when you are away. I can bath myself, I always tell you." I said grinning.
"Yes I know, but make of the meals?" She asked.
"Mom. Don't worry I will be fine." I said and she kissed my forehead in return.
"Fred we need to do something about Matthew's situation." I said to my husband who was busy reading some old newspapers.
"Rose, we both know that any step we take about this matter has to be a very crucial decision." He said closing the newspaper.
"Matthew is getting really sad, he want to undergo the brain surgery." I said sadly.
"I know Rose, but you know the implications." He said sighing.
"Yes but I really want to see him happy. This sickness us affecting both his social and educational life." I said resting my head on his shoulders.
"I will do something about it. And about his education he could get him a private tutor." He said.
"I told him about it but he refused to have one brought by us. He wants a tutor he chose himself." I said rolling my eyes.
"Mother! Father! I think I have seen a good tutor!." Matthew yelled running into to us.
"Wow that is great!" We chorused grinning.
"Guess who it is?" He asked sitting between us.
"Matthew you can't expect us to guess who." Fred say rubbing his hair.
"Okay fine. It is Dora my new friend." He said smiling.
"Really? She is that good?" I asked.
"Super good! She even answered a question on the topic we are yet to be thought." He said confidently.
"But have you told her about it? Will she have time?" I asked again.
"I haven't told her, just wanted to tell you. And for the time, I pray she has." He said sighing.
"Don't worry. You can invite her here so we could meet her." Fred said smiling.
"Sure, I will invite her here soon." He said happily.
"Time to eat Matthew." I said standing up from where I sat.
"Yipi!" He said standing up, but all of a sudden he started going down. He was shivering as we held him.
"Matthew!" Fred and I chorused holding him. His eye lids started to blink very fast and water started dropping from his nose.
"Not again!" I mumbled in tears as Fred handled him.
Fred placed him gently on the floor making him face the ground. He tapped his back slowly trying not to panic.
I kept shivering where I was, I have always been so sad when I see him in this state. I wished all these never happened to him.
Soon he stopped shivering gradually and I heard him breath hard. Fred turned him to face us and I saw water on his face.
He looked at us in shock at first but later he realised what happened and bursted into tears.
"I just want to die!!" He yelled running into his room and slamming the door.

To be continued...

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