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The Girl On Wheels - Episode 5


The Girl On Wheels - Episode 5

THEME: (I Don't Have Legs)

By Authoress Ti Fe


I felt so happy having someone to talk to me at school. I never thought it would be this easy having a friend in highschool.
"Theodora it seem you made a friend today." Mother said as she pushed me home.
"Yes mother, I am so happy. He is Matthew, he is a very nice guy. He saved me from some bullies at school today." I said happily.
"I see, that is great news. And how did the teaching go?" She asked again.
"It was wonderful mom, I understood every bit of it, but..." I paused remembering what happened with Matthew earlier.
"Matthew looked like he didn't get what the teachers were teaching." I said sadly.
"Really? You can help him out since he is now your friend." Mother said.
"Yes I will do that, but he is yet to admit that. I just guessed from his looks." I said sighing.
"Well get to be sure and help him in anyway you can." She said brushing my hair with her palm.
"Okay mother. But there is one more thing." I said sadly.
"What is it Theodora?"
"Mother, I noticed one time at school that Matthew was do quite, he didn't move either. He was too stagnant that I started to become worried." I said picturing the scene again.
"So what happened?" Mother asked slowing the pace of our movement.
"I went to his front to look into his face after I called him severally without any reply. His eye lids were blinking very fast and his nose were running." I said shivering.
"Oh my God. What can that mean?" Mother asked.
"I don't know mother. What I know is that at that very moment he was unconscious." I said sadly.
"God that is so pathetic!" Mother said.
"I had to shake him vigorously before he came back. I was so scared, I have never seen anything like that before." I said fearfully.
"Theodora don't worry, just keep watch on him and put him in your prayers." Mother said finally, pushing my chair into our rented apartment.
"Home sweet home!" I said happily as we got to the living room.
"Time to give you a shower." Mother said dropping her bag and coming to me. She bent to remove my uniform when I saw a red mark on her cheek.
"Mother what is this?" I asked turning her face to me.
"Hu..nnn it is nothing." She said removing her face from my hand.
"Mother don't lie to me." I said staring at the mark on her face.
"Theodora stop this drama and let me do what I have to do." She said removing my school shirt.
I kept silent watching her. That mark on her face means something but she doesn't want to tell me and I will make sure I find out.
I got home thinking about all that happened in school. Dora is a really nice girl, she is the first person that will see me in my weird state and won't freak out.
My attention was quickly drawn to her because she also had an issue. I don't know about other of my classmates.
But due to the fact that she came to sit close to me and even handed an handkerchief to me to help clean my running nose.
I will ever defend her from those f**king bullies. I walked into the house and I saw Father and Mother discussing.
They looked very serious and it made me wonder what they could be talking about. Immediately they sighted me they stopped talking.
"Matthew, you are back." Mother said smiling. She stood to meet me and helped me carry my bag pack.
"How was school son?" Father asked smiling.
"Good father. Guess what?" I said happily as I walked to where he sat.
"What?" They both chorused.
"I made a friend." I said happily.
"Really? That is great news." Mother said happily. I looked at father and I saw he was looking very sad.
"Father I won't lose her. She saw me when I was unconscious and she didn't freak out, she even offered me an handkerchief to clean my running nose." I said raising up the handkerchief.
"Are you serious? She must be a very nice girl." Father said smiling.
"Yes. Her name is Theodora, but I prefer calling her Dora. She is also a newbie." I said grinning.
"Wow I am so happy for that." Mother said rubbing my hair.
"Thank you mother. You will meet her one day." I said walking to my room.
"I need a shower." I added entering into my room.
I removed my clothes and went into the bathroom to bath. I sat in the bathtub relaxing my muscles.
I then remembered Faith wanted to tell me something. What can that be? Well, I don't care about what she has to say, she is so full of herself.
The most important thing is to keep Dora has my friend, but this is going to be really hard.
What if I become angry all of a sudden and I hurt her? I don't want her to get hurt that is why I told her I don't want to make friends.
"Can't I just get this stuff off my head? Or rather still die, it is better than all these disgrace I get." I thought sobbing.
I walked out of the bathroom feeling very sad. I saw mother going through my notebooks.
"Matthew, how was lectures? Did you understand it?" Mother asked still staring into my note.
"To be honest I didn't. Mother you know I am a dullard, this shouldn't surprise you." I said cleaning my hair with a towel.
"Matthew you are not a dullard, this is just a bridge that will be crossed very soon." She said sadly.
"Mother I am tired. Why can't I undergo an operation! " I smacked in tears.
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"Matthew we have told you times without number. The stuff in your head is in a very vital part and a slight mistake, you are gone." She said holding my hands.
"That is if there is a slight mistake. Why not try it? You have money mother, we can go to the best hospital." I said looking into her eyes.
"Matthew I know. But son, I am scared. I don't know what will become of me when you are gone." She said as tears dropped down her cheeks.
"Mother it is okay." I said hugging her.
"Please give me time to think about it, it isn't easy for me and your father." She added kissing my forehead.
"No problem mother, I guess I will have to force these things into my head." I said looking into my books.
"We could get you are private teacher if you want." She said smiling.
"I don't want a private teacher anymore. Mother have you forgotten the last ones hated me but kept coming because of the money?" I asked sadly.
"Yes I do remember, but everybody are not the same." She added.
"Mother if I am to have one then I will bring the one i want here." I said sitting on my bed.
"Okay Matthew." Mother said kissing me. I smiled looking at her face.
"I will make dinner." She said finally walking out of the room.

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