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The Girl On Wheels - Episode 4


The Girl On Wheels - Episode 4

THEME: (I Don't Have Legs)

By Authoress Ti Fe

I sat at the middle of Barbie and Tina, I kept stealing glances of the new boy Matthew.
He looks so cute, but it is so annoying to know he actually cares of that lame girl.
Who can choose me over that kind of girl. I guess I was too harsh when I approached him.
"That new guy is so dope Faith." Barbie said biting her lower lip like she was trying to seduce me.
"Yeah I know." I replied behaving like I don't care.
"I don't mind making friends with him you know." Tina said winking at me.
"You won't dare!" I smacked making them flinch.
"Faith don't tell me you also have an eye on him." Barbie said.
"Maybe." I replied smiling.
"But you acted so mean to he and Theodora, and I can guess he doesn't like you." Tina said.
"Tina shut up! I will surely gain his attention. Give me time, and none of you should try meeting him behind my back." I said stealing a glance of him.
I saw that lame girl looking at him and whispering some things to him. B**ch.
"They seem to get along well." Barbie said smiling.
"Keep quite both of you. You will see how he will dump that girl for me when i start with him." I smirked wickedly.
"Go get him baby girl!" Barbie and Tina chorused smiling.
"Faith are you even listening?" Mr Sam said from the front of the class drawing everyone's attention to us.
"Yes sir." I said proudly.
"Now tell me the last statements I made." He said folding his arms.
"The last statement you made is Now tell me that last statement I made." I said mockingly making all the students burst into laughter.
"Shut up all of you!!" He yelled and everywhere became as silent as a graveyard.
"Faith and her friends, see me in my office after this class." He said facing the board.
"Not again!" I mumbled rolling my eyes. I looked back to see Matthew and that lame girl looking at us.
"Now who can explain the meaning of Chemical Reactions?" He asked pacing in front of the class.
Everyone kept silent and no one raised their hands. I didn't have an idea about what he asked and I know Barbie and Tina won't know it either.
"No one?" He asked again.
"Hi sir!" A voice from behind us said. I looked back and I saw Theodora raising her hand. Annoying b**ch.
       😋 MATTHEW'S POV 😋
"Chemical Reactions are reactions that take place between two chemical substances. They consist of the reactants that give the products of the same content in the reactant." Theodora rapped.
I didn't understand anything from what she said, it was like she was performing magic.
"Wow that was excellent!" The teacher said happily. The whole class gave her a round of applause, except Faith and her gang.
I clapped for her tho I didn't understand anything she nor the teacher was saying. It shouldn't surprise you, I am not a smart type. I am a dullard.
Theodora looked at me happily but when she saw the sadness on my face her countenance changed.
"Are you okay Matthew?" She asked looking at me.
"I am okay." I replied trying to smile.
The lecture kept going but it was as if he was performing magic. Theodora kept noting and nothing.
Only God knows what he has been writing.
The lecture was over soon and the school alarm rang telling us to go home. I packed my bag and stood up to leave.
Theodora also packed her bag and was set to leave.
"It was nice knowing you Matthew." She said smiling.
"Yes." I replied smiling.
"Matthew you are free to share anything with me." She said pushing her wheelchair by the wheels.
I watched her and I felt pity seeing her like that. She is a very intelligent girl, life is so unfair.
"Let me help you." I said walking to her back.
"No its fine. I can do it." She replied smiling.
"I insist Theodora." I said holding her chair by the handle.
"Thanks." She said shyly.
I pushed her chair outside the class, this time all the students were out already. I got outside the class to meet Faith and her friends at the door.
I ignored them and kept pushing the chair.
"Hey Matthew." Faith said standing in front of Theodora.
"What do you want this time around?" I asked angrily.
"Matthew you don't need to be angry, I just want to talk to you." She said looking at Theodora with a disgusting look.
"Say whatever you want to say now." I said folding my arms on my chest.
"C'mon Matthew, she can't be here?" She said pointing at Theodora.
"I will leave you two." Theodora said pushing her wheelchair.
"No Dora, you are staying here. You aren't going anywhere." I said firmly. I looked at Faith who kept staring at us.
"I guess you aren't ready to say anything. Dora let's go." I said pushing her as we left where they were.
Theodora turned her head to look at me as we moved and I saw a smile on her face.
"What is it Theodora?" I asked looking away.
"You called me Dora. No one has ever called me that before." She said happily.
"Really?" I asked in surprise.
"Yes, no one has ever called me that because they don't want to be friends with me." She said sadly.
"Wow, I am sorry about that." I replied with pity.
"You don't need to, at least for the very first time someone defended me." She said smiling.
Soon we got to the school compound and Dora waved her hands to a woman under a tree by the gate side.
She was looking very beautiful but she had old looking clothes on.
"That is my mother. She is here to take me home." She said pointing at the woman.
I pushed her to where her mother stood and I saw her mother looking very happy.
They hugged each other before she looked at me.
"Good day ma'am." I said smiling.
"Good day son, thank you for bringing her here. " She said smiling sweetly.
"It is nothing ma'am, I will be on my way now. Bye Dora." I said walking away.

To be continued...

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