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The Girl On Wheels - Episode 18


The Girl On Wheels - Episode 18

THEME: (I Don't Have Legs)

By Authoress Ti Fe


I carried Theodora to the car while she hid her face in my chest shyly. I dropped her at the front seat while I sat at the driver's seat.
"I need you to force something things into this empty brain." I said grinning.
"Matthew your brain isn't empty." She replied rolling her eyes.
"So what do we call it?" I asked.
"I don't know, but never say you are dull. You are a very smart boy." She said looking at me.
"Okay if you say so." I said as we zoomed into our compound.
I stopped the car after parking properly, I moved to where Dora sat and carried her out of the car into the house.
Father and Mother were in the living room chatting.
"Hi dad, hi mom." I said smiling.
"Hi matt!" They chorused smiling.
"Good day sir and ma'am." Dora said smiling.
"How are you Dora? How are you feeling now?" They chorused smiling.
"I am fine ma'am and Sir. Thank you." She replied trying to tell me to put her down but I ignored.
"Mother we will be in my room." I said walking away with her in my hands.
I opened the door and dropped her on the bed carefully.
"How did your dad know me? He wasn't around the day I was here." She asked.
"I had told him about you for some times and I am sure mother as told him about you. And again, after the pool accident he came to the hospital when you were still unconscious." I said removing my shirt.
"Wow, I almost went unconscious when I saw him." She said sighing.
"Why?" I asked removing my singlet exposing my bare chest. I saw her stare at me and I couldn't help but smile.
"I thought he would freak out." She stammered looking away.
"Dora don't ever think like that. You are beautifully and wonderfully made, any intelligent person will love you when he/she sees you." I said squatting in front of her.
She smiled looking into my eyes.
"I love you." She whispered touching my cheeks.
"I love you more. No matter what they say about us." I said smiling.
She looked her face to mine and planted a kiss on my lips so passionately. I held her waist kissing her more.
I stood up gradually carrying her by her waist. I made her knee hang on my torso deepening the kiss.
I moved her to my table placing her on it carefully. I broke the kiss looking into her eyes with so much love.
"Theodora let's do the lessons, if we continue I may lose control." I said breathing hard and I saw her blush slightly.
"Okay." She replied nodding sweetly.

I was getting to love the kiss but he broke it. He actually had a point with what he said, he should keep this slow.
He placed me on the bed and he brought out his science textbooks, sitting close to me.
"Okay let's talk about Kinetics." I said opening the physics textbook in front of me.
"Okay. I think that is about movements." He said scratching his head.
"You are correct Matthew, I told you, you are a smart boy." I said rubbing his hair.
"I used 2 weeks studying that topic and that us the only idea I gave about it." He said sadly.
"You know the most important thing Matt! We are good to go." I said reading some lines from the textbook.
"Okay so this place is..." I said raising my head to look at Matthew, but was cut when I saw Matthew's eyelids vibrating.
"Not again." I mumbled sadly.
His nose started to run in haste. I hold him shaking him but this time it only worsened.
"Ma'am!!! Sir!!! I need your help!" I yelled in fear.
They ran into the room in haste running to where we sat.
"Oh God, he is starting again!" His mother said in tears.
"Calm down!" His father said carrying him.
"Sir we need to take him to the hospital." I said fearfully.
"Yes honey. I can't take this anymore." His mother added.
"They will tell us to do the operation!" His father said looking sweaty.
"That operation will take place! And nothing will happen to my Matthew!" I smacked with great faith.
"Please honey, let's do this." His mother said.
"Okay, I will take him to the car." He said carrying Matt out of the room.
"Dora are you coming?" She asked.
"Yes, I am." I replied nodding.
She carried me and we all moved to the car. He was placed at the back seat with me while I placed his head on my thighs patting him slowly.
"You will be fine love. I trust God." I said smiling.
We got to the hospital and the nurses rushed out to take Matthew into the hospital.
He was admitted immediately and his parents did the necessary things.
"We need to wait for the test before we know what to really do." His father said as they paced in front of his ward.
"Honey we are doing that operation for him. My son will not die." His mother said firmly.
"Okay, I pray so." He replied nodding.
"Ma'am can I use your cellphone?" I asked.
"Sure." She replied giving me her cellphone.
I failed mother's number and it went through.
 Mother I need you to pick me at Toric Hospital.
 Hospital? Why?
 Matthew is here. I need to get to the temple now.
I will be right there.
I hung up and gave Mrs Robbins her phone.
The doctor came out of the ward, they rushed to him asking how Matthew is.
"He needs to undergo that surgery now, if not he may lose his life." The doctor said sadly.
"Jesus." I called shutting my eyes. Matthew will never die, we will never weep over him.
"Doctor please start the surgery. We will pay any amount." His father said, while his mother was already in tears.
"He is my only son Doctor, please save him." She said in tears.
"We will try our best, but just keep praying." The doctor said walking away.
She walked up to me and sat on the chair close to me.
"Ma'am don't worry. The operation will be successful, Matthew will be fine." I said giving her a reassuring smile.
"I pray Dora, I can't afford to lose him." She said.
"Dora!" My mother called walking to me with Mr Romeo behind her.
"Hi mother. We need to get to the temple, Matthew is going to be operated on soon, I need to say my prayers." I rapped.
"Okay, Good day ma'am and I am sorry for all this. But I promise nothing will be wrong with Matthew." Mother said carrying me while we walked to Mr Romeo's car.

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