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The Girl On Wheels - Episode 17


The Girl On Wheels - Episode 17

THEME: (I Don't Have Legs)

By Authoress Ti Fe


I slowly opened my eyes, staring at the ceiling.
"She is awake." I heard a familiar voice making me look down. I saw Matthew, mother and Mr Romeo smiling at me.
I smiled back at them tiredly.
"How are you felling Theodora?" Mother asked kissing my forehead.
"Better." I replied nodding slightly.
"I was so scared. I am sorry for leaving you all by yourself." Matthew said with tears in his eyes.
"No, its not your fault Matthew, I was deceived my Tina and Barbie. They told me Faith had a gift for me but they ended up throwing me into the water." I said as tears filled my eyes.
"I will kill those children!" Mother said angrily.
"No mother. They are just been jealous." I replied shaking my head.
"Faith told me she told you to come because she knew I would be following you. She wanted to have something to do with me but I stopped her." He said holding my hand.
"I was so blinded, I thought she has really changed." I replied as tears rolled down my face.
"Stop crying guys. Let's just thank God she is okay now?" Mr Romeo said smiling at me.
"Thank you for coming sir, but you shouldn't have bothered " I said smiling.
"That would be very bad of me. I couldn't leave her after she had the phone call with Matthew." He said looking at mother who smiled back at him.
"Thank you so much Sir." I said before looking at Matthew who kept staring at me.
"What?" I asked furrowing my brows
"You look so very beautiful even right on the hospital bed." He said and my cheeks grew red immediately.
"Must you always make me blush?" I said shyly.
"We will leave you both, And there is good news Theodora!" Mother said walking out with Mr Romeo before I could even say anything.
"They look cute together." Matthew said smiling.
"Yes, I even perceive some chemistry between them. Mother is always shy to even look at his face." I said giggling.
"Wow, that is beautiful." He said staring at me.
"Come closer." I said in a low tone, and like he knew what I wanted to do, he planted a soft kiss on my lips.
But I deepened it pulling him to myself the more. I opened up and he kissed me like his life depended on it.
"I love you Dora." He said brushing his lips on mine.
"I love you too." I replied taking his lips in mine again.
 Mr Romeo's POV

Theodora was discharged after some hours she woke up and we all headed home.
I really love her personality, she never looks down on herself. She is confident, out spoken and beautiful.
What else do I need in a daughter If not this. I just hope Florence loves me too, I can't wait to have her as my wife.
We got home and we all sat in the living room happily.
"Mother you said you have a good news." Theodora said as Matthew carried her to the couch. The water had damaged the new one already.
"Yes.. Mr Romeo got a house for us." She said happily.
"What! A house." Dora said as her mouth fell wide open.
"Yea, he really surprised me." She said trying not to make eye contacts with me, and I don't know why.
"Wow, Mr Romeo thank you so much. I really appreciate it, you have been always there for us." She said smiling.
"It is nothing Dora, you are my family now. All I want is for your mother to love me too." I said shyly.
"Awwwn! So sweet!" Matthew exclaimed happily.
"Mother, don't lie. Do you love him or not?" I asked grinning.
"Dora." She called widening her eyes.
"C'mon mother, don't be shy." Dora said still grinning, while I looked at her hoping she would say yes.
"I.. I.. Love him too, I just don't want him to feel I want him because of his money." She said looking away shyly.
"Omg! This is so sweet ! Mother is in love!!" Theodora yelled happily making me smile very wide.
"Florence I never for once thought you will love me because of what I have. I gave you in my own free will and that shouldn't stop you from confessing your love to me." I said smiling.
She nodded smiling and i saw Matthew murmuring something into Dora's ear.
"Okay let's make this more romantic. Mother go hug Mr Romeo." Theodora said and our eyes opened wide.
"Theodora!" Florence called like she was scolding her.
"Mother just an hug!! Just one, not kissing just hug!" She said and I saw Florence sigh heavily.
"I think she is too shy to stand up, Mr Romeo I think you should go to her." Matthew said and I nodded standing up.
I got to Florence and I stretched my hands to her, she received it shyly standing up. I pulled her into a hug and she wrapped her hands around my back too.
I heard Theodora and Matthew clap behind us.
We disengaged and I raised her chin to meet my face. I brushed her hair back her ear and placed a slight kiss on her lips.
"Our eyes are closed." Theodora said and I looked back to see her hand on her face and that of Matthew.
"You can open up now joker." Florence chuckled.
"Ma'am I need a favour from you." Matthew said smiling.
"Anything." Florence replied.
"I need my private teacher now. Tomorrow is Monday, I need to be familiar with some stuffs." He said holding Theodora's hands.
"No problem, but please be careful and come back early." She said smiling.
"We will mother, enjoy yourself with Mr Romeo." Dora replied and u saw Florence cheeks grow read making me smile.
"Let me get you her old Wheelchair since the other one is spoilt." Florence said walking away.
"No.. I will carry her. Getting another one is not a problem." He said carrying Dora In his hands like a baby.
"Another one? She can still manage this." Florence said.
"No I don't want it for her anymore. I will get a new one." He said and I saw Dora stare at him.
"Thank you Matthew." She said hiding her head on his chest.
"Bye!" They chorused as they walked out of the house.
I looked at Florence and she quickly looked away.
"Why are you so shy?" I asked making her face me.
"I can't look into your eyes." She mumbled bowing slightly.
"Why? What is in my eyes?" I asked again.
"I don't know, you are too handsome to be looked at right in the face." She said smiling.
"Wow, am flatted." I said wrapping my hands around her waist.
"Look at me." I said looking at her.
"I can't." She said shutting her eyes tight.
"Please Florence. Look into my eyes." I said and I saw her eyes open slowly.
She raised her head to look at me and I saw her glittering eyeballs.
"You are beautiful." I said curving her face slightly with my fingers.
She moved her gaze down my face and stopped right on my lips. She moved up on her toes to meet my face.
Our foreheads touched and I heard her breath very hard. I moved my face to the side gently letting our lips touch.

To be continued...

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