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The Girl On Wheels - Episode 16


The Girl On Wheels - Episode 16

THEME: (I Don't Have Legs)

By Authoress Ti Fe


"Faith are you insane!! Why did you pull me that way?" I asked angrily smoothen my jacket.
Am sorry I wanted to speak with you." She said standing in front of me.
"And did you have to pull me into this place?" I asked looking around the room in disgust.
"Matthew why do you dislike me so much?" She asked coming close to me.
"Say whatever you want to say. Dora is waiting for me." I said rolling my eyes.
"What is between you and Dora, why do you like a girl without legs over me." She said rolling in front of me.
"Faith, why am I not surprised. I knew you were just pretending to like Dora." I said in disgust.
"I told her to come because I wanted to see you." She said trying to touch me.
"Don't dare. Leave my front." I smacked.
"Matthew calm down " She said but I pushed her on the bed angrily.
I stormed back to the living room but I couldn't find Dora anywhere.
"Shit!! I knew this was going to happen!!" I yelled holding my head.
"Dora!!!" I yelled pulling peoples attention to me.
"Dora!!!!!" I yelled louder but I didn't hear any response. I felt my heart beat very fast and I knew she was in great danger.
I sighted Barbie and Tina in a corner chuckling. I rushed to them in fury holding their throats with my two hands.
"Where is she!" I yelled tightening my grip.
"She.." They stammered in pain.
"Where!!!!" I yelled and they both pointed to a door. I released them and ran into the door which led outside.
"Theodora!!" I yelled looking around. I moved further and I saw a pool and in it I could see a black figure with the help of the lights on it.
"Dora!!!!" I yelled and jumped into the water immediately.
I moved to the figure and I saw it was her wheelchair. I then saw she was stock in it. I carried the wheelchair immediately and moved out of the water in tears.
"I am sorry Dora, I shouldn't have left you." I said tearily. I brought her out and released her from the wheelchair.
I laid her on the floor looking into her beautiful pale face. This time, everyone was gathered around us and I saw Faith grinning wickedly.
I ignored her and carried Dora in my arms leaving the wheelchair on the floor. I walked to the building looking at Faith in great anger.
"For what you have done now, I will make sure you sit on that wheelchair the rest of your life." I whispered in her ears before walking away.
I ran to my car and placed her on the back seat before zooming off to the hospital.
All this while I couldn't stop crying in pain. I left her for just some minutes and this had to happen? I told her not to trust anyone but she is too innocent!
She is too fragile! Too humble, even after all the bad things people had done to her. Her heart is made of gold.
I will make sure Faith and her friends suffer for this! They will never go unpunished.

I sat in the living room thinking about the love between Dora and Matthew. They look so beautiful together.
There was a knock on my door and I rushed to open it. I saw Romeo smiling widely at the door step.
"Romeo." I said hugging him.
"Hi, may I?" He asked smiling.
"Sure." I said opening the door for him to come in.
"I am so honored to have this visit from you." I added walking behind him as he sat on the couch.
"Don't be too formal Florence, it is nothing." He said smiling.
"So what do I get you?" I asked.
"Nothing, all I want now is that you park your things together." He said grinning.
"My things? I don't understand you?" I asked feeling totally confused.
"You are moving." He said standing up and i felt more confused.
"Moving to where?" I asked again.
"To your own house, no more rents." He said and I felt my feet wobble.
"What? My house? I haven't even used up to a week as your secretary." I said in shock.
"It doesn't matter, I don't like this place, it can never be comfortable for you and Dora." He said and I couldn't help the tears that escaped my eyes.
"Thank you so much." I said hugging him tightly.
"I love you Florence." He said and I felt my heart stop working.
"What!" I said as my mouth dropped open.
"I know it is weird, but I can't keep it to myself any longer. But I will wait till you love me too." He said cupping my face.
I nodded hugging him again.
"You are a blessing Romeo, thank God I sat in the street that day. I would have missed a God sent man." I said as my tears wet his cloth.
"And thank God I passed that day. I don't know what would have become of me now." He said as I saw tears in his eyes too.
"Please don't." I said shaking my head. My phone rang interrupting our chat.
"Excuse me." I said moving to pick my phone.
"Oh its Matt, maybe he is close by." I said before picking up.
Hi Matt.
 Hi ma'am please I need you to come to Sterling Hospital now.
 What! What happened. Where is Theodora? Where is my daughter?
 I can't say that on phone, please come as soon as you can.
He hung up before I could even talk. I ran to take my bag before running back to Romeo.
"I need to get to the hospital. Matthew just called me." I said in haste.
"I will drive you." He said running to his car.
"Thanks." I replied jumping into the car in fear.
Nothing must happen to my Dora. She is the only one I have.
Oh God please keep her safe. You have been there for her since she was little, please don't let no harm befall her now she is just beginning to enjoy.

To be continued...

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