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The Girl On Wheels - Episode 15


The Girl On Wheels - Episode 15

THEME: (I Don't Have Legs)

By Authoress Ti Fe


Proudly, I moved Dora to the house smiling at her. The murmurings kept increasing but we didn't care less.
We got to Faith who kept staring at us as we walked in, I am sure she was shocked with Dora's looks and wheelchair.
She was wearing a very short blue gown exposing her b**bs a little. She had so much makeup on, so irritating.
"Hi Faith." Dora said smiling.
"Hey, hiii..." She replied smiling and I knew very very it was fake. She is just top devilish.
"You look beautiful." Dora said.
"Thank you, life of a rich girl." She said giggling and I felt like spanking her. What is she trying to do? To make Dora sad?
"I must say your house is very beautiful." Dora said still looking very cute with her gorgeous smile.
"Thank you, it is one in town." She bragged and I rolled my eyes irritatedly. Only if she knows where I live she won't talk like this.
"Hi Matthew." She greeted grinning.
"Hi." I replied coldly looking away from her.
"You car is so awesome." She said drooling.
"Thanks, please can i sit, I am tired of standing." I said furrowing my brows.
"Oh my bad. Come in." She said leading the way.
We followed her as she lead us to the massive living room, tho not as massive as mine. People were already inside drinking, the music was playing, some were dancing and so on.
"Wow, this is beautiful." Dora said but I just rolled my eyes. I really dislike that Faith girl, I don't trust her one bit.
"Sit, what would you like to take?" She asked as I sat moving Dora close to me.
"I will take care of that myself." I said before Dora could talk. We need to be very careful here, who knows what she would put in the drink or food.
"Okay, I will be around. Enjoy" She said smiling as she walked away.
"What would you like to take princess?" I said smiling at Dora.
"C'mon, why the formalities, you making me look like a real princess." She said shyly.
"As far as I am concerned. You are my princess, and there is nothing anyone can do about that not even you." I said holding her hands.
"Thank you for been there Matthew." She said looking emotional.
"Don't let any tear drop. Not here, where they are waiting to see your tears. And stop thanking me, I am tired of hearing it." I said rolling my eyes.
"I can't thank you enough Matt." She said smiling.
"I guess you don't know what to take, I will choose and I know you will love it." I said looking at the bar.
"I trust you." She said.
"Okay, let's go." I said standing up.
"No need I follow you Matt. I will be fine." She said smiling.
"Dora, I don't trust anyone here, they could harm you." I said looking around.
"Don't worry Matt, go get the drink." She said holding my hands.
"Fine, but stay here! My eyes are on you." I said walking away but I still kept stealing glances of her.

            THEODORA'S POV

As Matt left, I smiled looking around the house but I didn't move just like he said. He had a point when he said they could hurt me.
I was still examining the house when I saw Barbie and Tina walk up to me smiling widely.
"Hey Theodora!" They chorused grinning.
"Hi Barbie. Hi Tina." I replied smiling too.
"Hope you are enjoying yourself?" Tina asked.
"Yes, I am." I replied nodding.
"Faith asked us to bring you to her, she has a special gift for you because you forgave her and showed up." Barbie said.
"Special gift? Where is she?" I asked looking around.
"Outside the house, she doesn't want anyone to see her giving you the gift so you won't be quarried." Tina said and I kept wondering what she wanted to give me.
"But.." I said looking at where Matt was but I couldn't find him there. Where did he go?
"Girl cheer up. Faith likes you now and nothing can change that." Barbie said and I nodded as they led the way.
We moved for some minutes before getting outside, it was looking like that back of the house. I looked around looking for Faith for I couldn't see her.
There was a pool in front of us, there were lights around the pool making it look beautiful.
"Where is she?" I asked looking at both of them and I saw them grinning wickedly.
"What is going on?" I asked shivering already.
"Do you think Faith will ever make like someone like you!" Tina smacked and they both laughed very loud.
"What are you talking about?" I asked in great fear.
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"Okay its simple, Faith called you here so you could bring Matthew to her, and then dispose you." Barbie said chuckling.
"What! Dispose me!" I said fearfully. I reached for my remote but Tina held my chair very fast.
"Bye Theodora!" Tina said pushing me to the pool.
"Stop!!! I can't swim!" I yelled in tears.
"We know you can't!!" Barbie yelled happily and before I knew it she turned me into the water with my wheel.
My face hit the water and I struggled to move but I couldn't. I held my breath for some minutes but very soon in was running out of air.
"I am sorry Mother, I am sorry Matthew. I love you all." I thought as the water rushed into my nose and mouth.
And I lost consciousness.

To be continued...

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