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The Girl On Wheels - Episode 14


The Girl On Wheels - Episode 14

THEME: (I Don't Have Legs)

By Authoress Ti Fe

Mother isn't the dressing too much?" I asked staring at myself in the mirror.
"Theodora it is moderate okay?" She said brushing my hair. I looked really beautiful in the white dress she wore for me.
"Mother I am so happy." I said as she hugged me from behind.
"I am also happy. Now we need to move to the living room, Matt will be here any minute from now." She said and as I heard his name I felt joy in me.
"Mother I want to tell you something." She said as we moved to the living room.
"I am all ears Theodora." She said smiling.
"Anytime I am with Matthew, I feel so happy and whole. I don't wish to ever leave him for a second, I want him to hold me always. Mother those it mean I am in love with him?" I asked.
She squatted in front of me and I saw a smile on her face.
"Theodora that is love, you are in love with him." She said smiling.
"Really mother? But will you allow me love now?" I asked sadly.
"Dora, when it brings you happiness I am fine with it. Moreover you a old enough." She said and I pulled her into a hug.
"Thank you mother. I just pray he feels the same about me." I said smiling.
"You are a nice girl. He will surely feel the same, if not now, he will later." She replied smiling.
There was a knock on the door and I heard my heart skip.
"He is here!" I whispered anxiously. How will he react when he sees me in this dress?
"I will get the door." Mother said walking to the door.
"Hi ma'am." I heard Matt say and I was so happy hearing his voice.
"Hey Matt, come in." She said and he walked in staring at me.
Oh God he was looking so hot, he wore a beautiful leather jacket and styled his hair like never before.
He walked closer to me and I kept my smiling face trying to not drool.
"Theodora you look so beautiful." He said smiling as he bent in front of me.
"Thank you, and you look handsome too." I replied blushing, while mother watched us smiling widely.
"Ma'am she won't be needing this chair." He said standing up and looking at mother.
"Why? What's wrong?" She asked looking at me.
"I will be back." He said walking out.
"What is he up to?" Mother asked anxiously.
"I don't know too mother." I replied nervously.
The door opened and a automatic chair moved in, then Matt came in afterwards.
"She will be using this." He said and I felt tears fill my eyes.
"A remote control wheelchair!" I said in tears.
"Please don't cry." He said sadly bringing his face to mine. I held his face in my hands and moved it to mine.
I planted a soft kiss on his lips still crying.
"Matthew you have done so much for me, eveb when I don't worth it. I love you." I said hugging him tight.
I could see tears of joy on mother's face, she smiled nodding at me.
"Dora you have done so much for me and I will always appreciate that. This is just a token. I love you too." He said kissing me again.
He carried me and placed me on the new wheelchair, I sat on it and I felt comfortable then when I sat on the other chair.
"Thank you so much Matt." Mother said smiling.
"It is nothing ma'am, she deserves better. I wish I could get her legs instead of this." He said smiling at me and I felt my heart melt for the very first time.
"Time to move Dora." He said giving me the remote.
"Bye mother." I said as we walked out of the house. I looked around for his car and i saw it parked close to our gate.
He led the way and opened the front door for me, I smiled and he helped me into the car. I looked at the remote and i saw button with compress on it.
I pressed it and the chair compressed vertically. Matthew carried it and placed it at the back before hoping into the car.
He started the car and we started moving. I kept staring at him with love and I saw him smile.
"I love it when you look at me." He said looking at me and I threw my face to the side shyly.
He faced the road and I reached for his hand taking it in mine.
"I wonder what I would be today if i didn't meet you." I said emotionally.
"Same here Dora. It is destiny, destiny can never be changed, it can only be delayed." He said kissing the back of my palm.
"Matthew isn't it weird been with a Lady without legs?" I asked sadly.
"Isn't it weird been with a psychopath?" He asked smiling.
"I see behind that Matt." I replied sightly.
"I also see behind this. To me you have great legs and that is what led you to me." He replied placing his hand on my thighs.
This is why I love him. He always know how to reply me.
"Here we are!" He said jolting me out of my thoughts.
"Wow, her house is huge." I saw staring at her house from the car.
"Whatever." He said rolling his eyes. He really doesn't like her.
I could see girls and boys of my age walking into the house and u suddenly fekr nervous.
They all looked gorgeous in their expansive wears. Matt parked his car properly and came down pulling the attention of everyone.
I could see the ladies whispering to themselves and I felt jealous. He dropped the chair and I pressed the remote again straighten it.
He opened the door for me and in front of everyone he carried me out of the car and placed me on the chair.
The murmurings got louder and I could even see Faith staring at us. I felt so nervous but Matthew held my hands and whispered into my ears.
"I am here, ignore them."
I smiled and nodded in front of everyone.


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