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The Girl On Wheels - Episode 13


The Girl On Wheels - Episode 13

THEME: (I Don't Have Legs)

By Authoress Ti Fe


"Theodora go first." Mother said grinning right after we got into the living room.
"No mother, you go first!" I said joyfully.
"Okay, Romeo wants to employ me as his secretary in his big company!" She said jumping happily.
"Wow! That is great news mother." I replied merrily.
"So your turn." She said squatting in front of me. I smiled and brought out the envelop from my bag stretching it to her.
"What is this?" She asked puzzled.
"Matt's Mother gave it to me for helping him gain his consciousness when he went unconscious." I said cheerfully.
"OMG!!! This is a lot of money!" She exclaimed in amusement
"Not yet mother, she also said she will be paying me $500 every month for tutoring Matt." I said and her mouth dropped open.
"$500!!" She yelled in revolt.
I nodded happily and she hugged me tightly.
"Thank You God, thank you so much for putting smile on our faces." She said sobbing.
"Mother truly God hasn't forsaken us. He has been there for us right from when we had nothing till this time." I said as tears rolled down my cheeks.
"Thank you for being the daughter I have always wanted you to be. Your good character brought us this good fortune." She said kissing my forehead.
"And thank you mother for teaching me the right way." I replied cleaning her tears.
"No more tears in this family." She said and I nodded in agreement.
"Mother I have something to ask." I said.
"Go on." She said staring into my eyes.
"There is a party holding on Saturday and I was invited." I said fondling with my fingers.
"Who is the host?" She asked.
"Faith." I replied bowing slightly
"Faith? The meanie?" She asked in shock.
"Mother she came to apologize already, We are good now. Please let me go, Matt is also coming with me." I said in a pleading tone.
"Hmmm fine but be careful." She said rolling her eyes.
"Thank you so much mother. I will go pick one of my best dresses." I said pushing my wheel into my room.
"Hold on, no need to pick one. I will buy you are new one."she said grinning.
"Really mom!"
"Yes, so let me change your uniform and then we go on a tour to the mall." She said pushing me into my room.
I am so happy, finally how stories have changed for good.
          😋 MATTHEW'S POV 😋
As soon as I drove away from Dora's house I felt really bored. I have gotten very used to her these few days and it seems I can't do without her.
She keeps me alive with her encouraging words, and makes me feel special when she smiles at me.
I don't want to for one minute let her out of my sight. She is a sent blessing to me.
I am going to ask her on a date after Faith's party. I pray she doesn't turn me down because I won't be able to take it.
I packed my car in the compound and walked into the house with Dora's name ringing in my head.
I saw mother in the kitchen as I walked to my room.
"Mother I am back." I said stopping at the kitchen door.
"You should have come to tell me you guys were leaving." She said cleaning her hand with a napkin.
"She told me you were asleep and we didn't want to disturb you." I said smiling.
"Hmmm nice, was having migraine. So tell me, how was your trip back to her house." She said smiling.
"Good , her mother wasn't angry with us for coming late. It was perfect." I said grinning.
"Tell me something Matt,what do you think about Charlotte. I mean the deeper thought." She said making me seat.
"I like her. She is beautiful, smart, very fragile and sensitive." I said staring into space.
"I love the way you compliment her." She said smiling.
"Mom so what do you think about her." I asked anxiously.
"I like her too. She tends to tackle every problem that comes her way, she doesn't let her challenges overcome her." She said.
"Yes mother. And I think I am in love with her." I said shyly.
"What? In love, you are just 19 Matt. I didn't fall in love till I was 25." She said looking at me.
"I know mother but I can't help it. I have never felt this way to anyone before. She stands with me like I am part of her, even people with legs can't do this.
"They freak out when I go unconscious and my running nose irritates them."
"But Dora is different. For the very first time when she didn't even know me she helped me cleaning my face without pulling an attraction from others to me."
"She is the first person to truly wish to be friends with me even before she knew I was this rich."
"Mother if I love her I don't think there is anything bad in that." I said finally and I saw her smile.
"Okay son. I support you and I know your father will also do the same." She said hugging me.
"Thank you mother. I can't wait to ask her out on a date." I said happily.
"Ask me for anything and I will be here." She said.
"Thank you so much mother." I said jumping up happily.

I know you guys are eagerly waiting for the birthday party..

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