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The Girl On Wheels - Episode 10


The Girl On Wheels - Episode 10

THEME: (I Don't Have Legs)

By Authoress Ti Fe


Romeo parked in front of my house and we both came down. He walked up to me smiling widely.
"Thank you so much for the ride." I said smiling.
"My pleasure." He replied.
"Do you want some coffee?" I asked.
"Yes thank you." He replied smiling.
"Come in." I said leading the way into our tattered home.
"Sorry about how the environment is, this is our only hope." I said walking into the kitchen. I quickly made the coffee and poured it into a mug cup for him.
I carried it to the living room and I saw he was still standing.
"Oh God, I am sorry. Please have your seat." I said smiling.
"Thank you." He replied smiling sweetly.
"Here is your coffee." I said placing it on the table before him.
"Thank you." He said again looking around the house.
"I bet where you live is nothing compared to this." I said sadly.
"C'mon Florence, don't be sad." He said smiling. I nodded trying not to break into tears in front of him.
"And your husband?" He asked sipping his coffee.
"Dead." I replied and I saw the shock on his face.
"I am so sorry Florence, I didn't mean to." He said sadly.
"Its okay, I didn't expect you to know about it." I replied smiling.
"That would have been so tough for you." He said again.
"Really tough, I have to take of Theodora myself. No jobs, no family relatives, i had to start washing clothes and toilets to make money." I said as tears rolled down my eyes.
"Oh Florence." He said coming close to me. He placed my head on his shoulders and started patting me gently.
"I have always thought of one thing, that it can never be like this to the end." I added cleaning my eyes.
"It can never, because I am here now." He said smiling. I looked at him and hugged him tightly
"Thank you so much Romeo, you are really my angel." I said still in tears.
"I lost my wife even before we could have a child." He said and I raised up my head to look at him.
"I am sorry." I said sadly.
"Its okay, it is all in the past now." He said smiling.
"Do you wish to share it?" I asked smiling.
"Yes. She was carrying our firstborn when she had an accident. I was called to rush to the scene from my office. I got there as soon as possible to see my wife laying on the floor in her own blood." He said looking very sad.
I stared at him speechlessly not knowing what to say. His case is even worse than mine, his wife and unborn kid.
"Since then I have been living alone, i was on my way to the office when I saw you sitting on the road. You looked so beautiful and innocent for me to ignore. So I decided to hear your story and here I am now." He said smiling.
"Wow, you have gone through a lot." I said in shock.
"Yes, but I didn't let it weigh me down, your problems shouldn't take the best of you." He said sipping his coffee.
"You are really amazing." I said looking at him.
"You can say that again." He said winking at me making me laugh.
           THEODORA'S POV
The car came to an halt and nobody need tell me that we had arrived Matthew's house. I felt so nervous thinking of how his parents will recat when they see me.
"Time to carry you down." Matthew said smiling.
"Do you really have to?" I said shyly.
"Yes, I can't ask the driver to carry you. I will do it myself." He said as he bent to carry me in her a bridal way.
"Matthew." I called laughing hard.
The driver brought out my wheel from the boot and placed on the ground. Matthew dropped me on it gently.
"Where we go!." He said grinning.
"Thank you so much." I replied shyly. He pushed my chair into his house happily, while I kept shaking anxiously.
"Dad!! Mum!! I am home!" He yelled as we got to his living room.
"Wow!!!" I said as my mouth dropped open. The living room looked like Paradise, he is truly very rich.
"Matthew." I heard a woman's voice call. Soon the woman came to view, she was a very beautiful woman.
She smiled widely walking to us but as soon as she saw me her countenance changed to that of a confused one.
I kept my smile on tho I felt so scared, I control myself.
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"Mother!" Matt said kissing his mother's cheek. She looked at me still looking surprise.
"Good day ma'am." I said smiling widely.
"How are you?" She asked still wondering what was going on.
"Fine, thank you ma'am." I replied.
"Mother this is my friend I was talking about. Her name is Theodora and Dora of course this is my mother." He said pointing at both of us.
"Nice meeting you ma'am." I said stretching forth my hands.
"Same here Theodora." She replied smiling.
"So mother what do you think about her?" Matthew asked.
"She is very beautiful." She said smiling too.
"Thank you ma'am." I replied smiling.
"Mother you know I talked about having someone as my tutor. Here she is, she is very good." Matt said touching my shoulders.
"Really? That is great. Dora my son has been speaking so much about you, and I love what I hear." She said happily.
"Thank you ma'am, he is my only friend and I am ready to do anything to make him happy." I replied holding his hands.

To be continued.


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