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The Black Angels-Chapter 7



The Black Angels-Chapter 7

Theme: In Love With a Demi god
Rated 18+

By Faith Lucky


       Olivia's Pov:
Even before I woke up the next morning, dad had already left for work and I knew I was likely to face Christiana's trouble.

I stayed in doors and took my bath, then dressed up for work.

Oh, yeah. I'm actually an apprentice. I learn fabric design.
But because of Christiana, I don't get to go to work everyday.

 After dressing up - dowdily - of course, I left the room so I could leave for work. I was seriously wishing I wouldn't get to face Christiana.

I sneaked out of my room and got to the sitting room which was fortunately empty. Then, I tried sneaking out of it as well.

"And where do you think you're going?",I heard the witch's voice and turned to see her coming towards me.
I sighed.

"I'm off to work" I replied dejectedly.

"What stupid work? You're not going there today. I need you to run some errands for me" she said and I scoffed.

"Are you kidding me?" I asked.
"I haven't been to work for three days now because of you. And you still want me to skip today's own? Sorry, but that's impossible".

I turned to open the door but discovered it was locked.

What the hell?

"Did you really think you could get away with hurting my daughter?' She asked as she stood in front of me, her hands crossed behind her Back.

"I told you, no one messes with me and goes scott free".

"Okay, Christiana, I think we should stop behaving childish. Open the door and let me leave peacefully" I said calmly, feeling she had something crazy up her sleeves.

Before I could realize what was going on,she brought out a knife and stabbed me on the arm.
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"Argh!!!" I screamed and fell on my knees.
    Mishael's Pov:
I sat quietly in the room in front of my brothers as they narrated the whole story to me.

"So," Gera continued.
"Javan had accidentally knocked her down with his Car and he brought her here to the house so he could heal her. But when she had woken up,  she tried leaving but couldn't find Javan at the moment. So, she decided to find her way out. And while she was trying, she bumped into your room. 

"Normally, the door was meant to be opened by magic, but strangely, she was able to open it herself. She said it opened on its own. And that was how we knew she was the one.

"So, I made her kiss you" he concluded with a deep sigh.

I exhaled and kept mute, not knowing what to say at the moment.

"Where's she? The lady?" I asked calmly.

"We have no idea. We let her run off as soon as she was able to wake you up. We didn't see her as a problem" Phin replied and I took in a deep breath.

"There's something wrong with that method. When she had woken me up, something happened. I Can feel it. We need to make research".

 "Mishael", Javan suddenly called, his eyes fixed on me.

I looked at him, wondering what he wanted to say.

"Your arm" he said and I looked at my arm and arched my brows at the sight of blood coming out of it.
There was a cut.

"What?" Gera flinched.
"What happened to your arm?"

"Why's there suddenly a cut?" 


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