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The Black Angels-Chapter 5



The Black Angels-Chapter 5

Theme: In Love With a Demi god
Rated 18+

By Faith Lucky

       Olivia's Pov:
I've never been so scared in my entire life. Geez! Who the were those guys? I can't believe they forced me into kissing a dead man.

And that guy...why did he suddenly wake up after the kiss? How am I sure those boys weren't trying to play tricks on me? 

Luckily, I was able to leave the house and I ran as fast as my legs could Carry me.

The entire place was strange to me but I asked for directions and luckily, I was able to find my way.

As soon as I got home, I tried sneaking into the house, but the witch caught me.

"So, you finally decided to come home, huh?' She sneered at me and I moved backwards.

"Where have you been? Why didn't you just sleep in your boyfriend's house?" 

"Please, I don't want any more trouble. I'm tired and need to rest" I said, trying not to sound shaky.

"Oh, really? You want to rest? After beating up my daughter?" 

"She deserved what she got. She's just lucky I didn't pull out her hair." I rolled my eyes.

"What's going on here?" Dad asked as he came out of the house to meet us.

Oh! Finally, someone's still alive.

"Listen to me, honey. I think its high time we kicked this rat out of this house" Christina replied.
Can you imagine? Who the hell is she calling a rat?

"Why? What's going on?" Dad inquired.

"She beat Andrea up!"

"And that's because she slapped me!" I retorted.

"Hey, hey, hey, its okay." Dad interrupted.
"Come on now, I don't have time for this. I'm so tired. Come in, Olivia" he said and I smiled and walked into the house, ignoring the glare from Christiana.

Although, I know I'll be dead by the time dad leaves for work in the morning.
    🌙Mishael's Pov:🌙
I walked into the room and met the lady on the bed, obviously waiting for me.

She was putting on a very short gown that exposed all her thighs and part of her b*bs.


I shut the door and she stood up the moment she saw me. 

"Hey, handsome",she called and moved towards me seductively.

I felt the strong urge building up in me.
I felt like grabbing her and ripping her apart, but tried to control myself.

I stood and waited for her to come closer to me and she did. 
She touched my chest and played with the tip of my shirt.

"Want a blowjob?" She whispered into my ears and smiled.

I smirked and went to sit on the bed, guessing she knows what next time do.

She came and knelt in front of me and moved her hand slowly around my c*ck area.

"Hmm. I can't wait to see what's in there" she giggled as she nuzzled it 

Well, I didn't have time to talk. I was just gonna let her enjoy herself while she still can.

She zipped down my trouser and brought out the hard erected cucumber.

"Oh my God! You're so big" she exclaimed and chuckled, then wrapped her hand around it.

It was so big, her hands couldn't even go round it.

She smiled and collected it into her mouth, closing her eyes in ecstasy.

She hummed softly as she started moving it in and out of her mouth, sucking it like a real bitcb - just like Gera said she was.

She took in all the semen that came puffing out of it and continued sucking it like her life depended on it.

I gave her free access to have fun and soon, I felt my cum building up.
Gosh! I haven't felt this in years.

I gripped her by the hair and started throat-f**king her as I felt my cum becoming stronger.

Semen was already coming out of her lips.

Soon, I released inside her, releasing all the contents in her mouth.

She giggled and swallowed it down with ecstasy.
Hm. What a bitch.

"Take off your clothes" I spoke for the first time and she nodded and stood up.

She took off the clothes immediately, left with her p*nt and not wanting to wait any further, I grabbed her and pushed her to the bed, climbing on her immediately.

I tore the p*nt and spread her legs wider for me to have free entrance.

"Hey, take it easy, Will you?" She laughed and caressed my chest.

I didn't have time to pleasure her and went into penetration at once.

I inserted my d*ck into her and she released a light scream, obviously at how big and forceful I had entered.

I placed my both hands beside her head for support as I started thrusting in and out of her.

I haven't done this in years and I guess that's the reason I had this strong urge. It was so strong I felt like f**king ten pu*sies at once.

I moved in and out of her with so much desperation, bringing out the best moans in her.

Oh yeah, I love the moans.

"Oh, yes! You're so...Oh my God! Yes, baby..." She moaned with her eyes closed.

I didn't stop and increased my pace and soon, she became tired.
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I kept thrusting deeper and harder into her till I could feel her honeypot becoming loose.

She started begging me to stop. 

I couldn't tell how long I've been on this, but I wasn't ready to stop yet.

"Please, stop it...wait..." She pleaded and tried pushing me away, but of course, that was impossible.

Then, she started screaming.

"Stay till" I looked into her eyes and said and she became still immediately.
She stopped screaming and stopped moving as well.

Well, of course. I just used my compulsion powers on her. She was now bound to my will.

I pulled out of rt and lifted her legs upwards to her face so her pu*sy could face heaven.

I inserted into her and resumed f**king her that way. I could see the pains on her face. She so much wanted to scream, but couldn't. A tear was streaming down her cheek.
Her eyes were begining to close.

I suddenly pulled out of her, realizing I couldn't get enough of it even if I f**ked her to death.

"Get out of here" I told her and she crawled out of the bed immediately, whimpering.

I took my trouser from the floor and wore them on before leaving the room.

I went out to the wine bar and poured myself a drink. I felt so frustrated.

Why am I having this strong urge? Why can't I get enough?

It was more like there was something missing - like I needed someone else.

What the f**k is wrong with me?


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