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Sochina - Semi Final


Sochina - Semi Final

Theme: My Only Sister

Written by Ndozi Nuellitta

ANNETTE packed her bags as she arranged to leave, Richard was close by, giving helping hands

Her job in the town just got completed the previous day, and as expected, they were to leave immediately

Well it's really been a good time spent, with Richard always close by. He's really shown he's a good friend and a nice one at that

"Hey Richard, please help me with the clothes beside you", Annette said to him, she was holding onto a box as she stuffed clothes into it

Richard carefully took up the clothes and handed it to her
"Here", he said

"Thank you", and she collected them, then she looked at him, "why you staring at me like that? What for?", she asked blinking her eyes

Richard laughed
"You're such a beautiful girl you know? Sometimes I wonder when God created you"

Annette laughed
"You are at your flattery again Rich"

He smiled
"Of course you know I'm not", he looked round the room, "this really gonna be the first time I'm entering this room, you really haven't allowed me entry since I began coming here"

She laughed
"Well that's because......"

"That's because you are decent", he interrupted her
Annette looked at him in surprise, and he winked

"I've never known any girl in my life as chaste as you are, more less more"

"Huh?", she made a face

"Of course. Now", his face fell, "you gonna be leaving soon, it makes me sad"

She pulled a sad face
"Aww, me too. I'm gonna miss you"

He looked at her, huh? Does she really meant it?
She's gonna miss her? Oh my God! He felt like he's won a lottery

"Are you serious?", he asked

She laughed and began rowing the boxes to the door
"Join me please", she said and he rowed out the second box, going behind her

"Do you mind giving me your address at Abuja? I've been asking you since"

She sighed as she opened the door
"I just don't like giving out my address to strangers"

"But I'm not a stranger", he said almost interrupting

She halted and looked at him, he nodded
"Yes, I'm not", he said

Annette hit her forehead with her fingers, why was she pushing him away
He really loves her she could see it in his eyes, she shrugged

"Ok, I'll send it to you", they began walking to the main entrance

He smiled
"Thank you. So be expecting me anytime any day"

She smiled
"Okay then. I think you should leave me now, I'm not a baby", they laughed

"You look like one to me. Well safe trip and get home safe for me please", he pouted

Ohh my gee! He really looked like a baby, a beautiful baby
She couldn't help smiling

"I will", and they embraced

"Ok dear, good bye"

"Bye thank you", she waved at him, rushing her words

He waited until they had all boarded the bus, and then it revved up and zoomed away

He watched helplessly as the bus drove away, like a hen watch as the hawk carries it's chick away

But unlike the hen, he would get to see her again, he really do love her. He turned and left

at in the doctor's office as he waited for Dr Ade to get off the phone with whoever he was talking to

It's been almost two hours since he got to the hospital with his wife, and he had just come to see the doctor and find out the problem

Everything was just getting complicated, since Annette left it hasn't been really fine
It was problem problem all the time

The doctor finished from the phone and faced him

"Oh Mr Fred, sorry for keeping you waiting, was talking to a client", he rested on the table

"No problem doctor. So doc please, what's the way forward?", he asked, looking keenly at him

Dr Ade sighed
"So sorry. Well like I said, it's the kidney disorder, her both kidneys none is strong enough to function well"

Fred felt his world crashing, what kinda problem is this?

"Doc what's all this? Why me?", he cried

Dr Ade was moved
"Calm down please, God's in total control"

Fred nodded, he hoped so

"The problem with your wife's really critical, she's on oxygen as we speak, you must have seen that right?"

He nodded, yeah he has. When he had gone into her ward to see her, ohh God, it was a pitiful condition
His Sochima, under oxygen

"She couldn't breathe again and we had to aide her with oxygen. The problem is the kidney, we need a kidney transplant"

His eyes widened in shock
"What! Kidney transplant?", he asked, "oh God not now", he placed his hands on his head

Dr Ade shook his head
"Please Mr Fred, this is not the time to be asking God questions. We actually don't have time, we need to prepare for a kidney transplant so she could get well again else she dies"

"Doc please don't say that again, don't", he said, he was crying
Where would they get this from? Where?

"Doc what we gonna do about that? I can't fly her abroad, I'm not buoyant enough for that so what we gonna do? Please?"

Dr Ade sighed
"Since you can't do that, you have to get someone, a relative of hers, to donate her a kidney"

What! A relative of hers?
His head twilred
How he gonna do that? Her parents are gone, and the only relative she has.........

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