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Sochina - Final


Sochina - Final

Theme: My Only Sister

Written by Ndozi Nuellitta

WHAT a long and sad story, Richard thought
He was sitting beside Annette on the sofa and she's just told him everything, everything excluding nothing

It was really sad, Richard sighed and placed his right hand on his forehead
What her family had done was unbelievable

He turned to look at Annette, she was sobbing quietly

"You've really been through a lot, no wonder you never want to pickup the phone"

"And I would never do that", she said between tears

Richard shook his head and brought her close to him, wrapping his arms around her

"I'm sorry for the death of your parents, I'm really sorry", he said, stroking her hair

She nodded
"Thank you"

Richard sighed
"Well this is very very critical, what do you intend doing now?", he asked

She looked at him
"Intend doing? I don't get you"

"There's something forgiveness you know?"

She shifted from him
"Excuse me? Didn't you get the story I told you?"

He sighed, he knew it was gonna be like this, so tough

"I got it perfectly well Anne. But you see, we pray everyday for God to forgive us don't we?"

She got up, she couldn't take it anymore. Telling her to forgive who? The people who had gone ahead and hurt her, despite the things she went through

"I can't sit here and listen to this", she fumed and left the room
Richard went after her, taking the phone along

"Baby ......baby", he called, but she didn't reply, she was furious

He caught up with her in the sitting room
"Babe take it easy, please", he pleaded

She sighed and sat down, he sat beside her
"Listen to me ok? I know how grevious you've been made to pass through, I can feel it. Your pain is my pain"

She looked at him and he nodded

"So what do you want me to do?", she asked

Richard sighed, the question he's been waiting for
"Hear him out first, hear whatever he has to say before you conclude, if you don't, then I'll know you aren't the woman I fell in love with"

She looked at him, it was so hard a thing to do, but looking at Richard, the courage came
She nodded

"I'll", she said

Richard smiled
"Good of you", just then, the phone rang again

Richard nodded and looked into the phone, it was him, her ex-husband

He gave it to her, she collected it with shaky hands and answered it


After ringing Annette many times without reply, Fred shrugged and got up the couch, then walked into Sochima's ward

She was awake though, but the oxygen was still fastened on her nostrils

She just had few days to live, and she will be gone
Fred looked at her as she laid helplessly on the bed and a tear escaped his eyes, it was a pitiful sight

He slowly walked up to her, she turned to him

"Honey?", she called weakly and stretched out her right hand for him to hold
He took it in his and kissed it

"There's nothing I can do honey, I've tried calling but she isn't picking", he said

She coughed slightly, her eyes were quivering
"Do anything you can to get her here, I want to ask for her forgiveness", she coughed
"And after that I'll die a peaceful death"

Fred groaned
"Don't say that, don't. You can't die, not now ok?", he caressed her hand

She smiled weakly
"I know what I'm saying, I really don't even deserve her forgiveness, let alone her donating me a kidney. But I'll just ask her to forgive me, and then I die"

Fred frowned
"Oh dear, stop this please. Stop it, you've to stay for the sake of our kids please"

"Not after the atrocity I committed"

Fred became irritated
"You have to rest now ok?", he pecked her forehead and left the ward

Then he tried her number again and goodness gracious, she picked up!

"Hello Annette", he said, shivering

"Yeah?", she replied cooly

"Please Annette, hear me out, we need your help please"

Annette scoffed, help? After all those betrayals

"What help?", she asked, her voice was cold

"It's Sochima your sister, she.... she's critically sick and needs a kidney transplant, you're the only one who can do this, please listen to me"

Annette looked at Richard, he was hearing everything clearly, he nodded as a sign to go ahead

"So?", she said

"Please Anne, the doctor said she has just few days to live", he let the bombshell

If others didn't get her, this one did. She instantly began panicking
Few days to live

"My God", she said
"Send me the location of the hospital, I'll be on my way", she said and dropped the call

Then she rushed into the room to get dressed and was out minutes later in just suit jacket and trouser

"You heard everything right?", she asked Richard

Richard nodded, he smiled. Yes, he knew the lady he's fallen in love with wasn't a grudge holding lady

"I'm on my way now, I'm taking the next flight to Lagos immediately", she buttoned up

Richard got up and kissed her forehead
"Go in peace, I'll come after you", he said

Annette looked at him


"Ohh", she said and hugged him

Just then her phone beeped and she peered into it, it was the address of the hospital

"Let me be on my way baby, take care", and she left the house
Richard smiled as he watched her leave

Annette dropped from the cab that had conveyed her to the hospital, then she scuttled into the hospital

She walked to the waiting room and saw Fred sitting on the couch, in a sober mood

Hmm, he had grown somewhat huge......but, that wasn't was she was there for

She walked up to him
"Hey", she said

Fred looked up and couldn't curtail his joy
"H.....hi", he stuttered smiling

She kept a straight face
"Where is my sister?", she asked

"Oh my God, you.... you came?", he said

She sighed and looked away
"Well I'm not here for any kidney transplant, I'm just here to see her", she said and his face fell

He directed her to the ward and she scuttled off
Look the way he was smiling widely, she wasn't there for any kidney transplant, she was only there to see her

I mean, how would she give out a kidney in her to someone who never wanted her happiness? It's like dying for her you know?

She opened the door and entered . Seeing her sister, her only sister, curled up in bed like an earthworm, with oxygen all over her face, was really a pitiful sight and it brought tears to her eyes

She walked to the bed and infact, if someone hadn't told her the lady on the bed was Sochima, she wouldn't believe
The person on the bed was so frail and thin, much like a broom stick

"Sochima?", she called in between tears

Sochima flickered her eyes open and turned to her sister

"Oh sister, God bless you for coming to see me", she paused, "sister, I'm really sorry for the betrayal I caused years ago I'm really sorry. I know this is just the punishment for my sins, so please sister, forgive me I beg you", hot tears were running down her face

Annette cried as she held her hand

"I know I don't even deserve your forgiveness let alone your kidney, so please just forgive me so I can peacefully die", she said

Annette shook her head
"Shush.... don't say that ok? Don't worry, I've forgiven you", she smiled

Sochima tried to open her eyes
"Have you?", she asked

Annette nodded
"Yes, I have. So calm down okay?"

Ohh Sochima couldn't believe her ears, that she's been forgiven by her sister
She was so grateful

She smiled as she loosened her grip on Annette's hand, closing her eyes slowly

"Thanks for the forgiveness sister, good bye. I can now die peacefully", she coughed
"Please sister take care of my kids. I love you, goodbye", she closed her eyes and passed out

Fear gripped Annette, she began panicking
No, Sochima must not die, not now

She raised her voice and began calling out
"Doctor? Nurse...... doctor?", she shouted and the door opened and the doctor ran in

"Please doctor, I'm her sister. Prepare me for the transplant", she said.   

Annette laid on the hospital bed, tired and frail looking, the transplant has been carried out and it was successful

She smiled, she knew what she's done was no child play, she knew the right thing to do

The door opened and Richard entered, smiles all over his face

"Hey baby", he pecked her

She smiled
"Richard? You came?"

He nodded
"Yeah. Wow! You did it", he said and she nodded

"I did it sweetie"

He smiled
"I know you would. I know the woman I fell in love with will never turn her back on her only sister, I knew it. Congrats", he said

Just then the door opened and Fred entered carrying along with him a baby girl

Annette smiled, wow!
So she was an aunt
She didn't even care to know the cause of Sochima's kidney disorder, she just went ahead and helped her

"Thanks so much Annette, thanks for what you did, I really appreciate. It left me thinking, I mean.....", his voice fell, "after everything that happened. You have a golden heart"

Annette and Richard smiled
"It's my pleasure"

"Er Annette, I'm really sorry......"

"It's okay", Annette interrupted, "this is Richard my fiance", she introduced
"And Richard, this is Fred, my ex-husband"

They shook hands

"What about my sister?", Annette asked

"She's perfectly okay, the doctor said she needs rest, thanks again"

"And who do we have here?", she asked, referring to the baby I Fred's arms

Fred smiled
"Your niece, her name is Gina", he handed the baby to her

She sat up and received her
A lovely baby! She couldn't help admiring her beauty, she really took after her mother

"Richard?", Annette called

"Yes baby"

"Go book a ground for us, we will be holding a reconciliation party as soon as my sister wakes up"

Fred's eyes widened, he couldn't believe it

Richard smiled, he knew the lady he loved, yes he knew it
He nodded

Annette was happy at the turn out of things, yes though her only sister betrayed her, but there was no harm in forgiving, now she's got her full family back

She laughed so hard as she cuddled the baby. 


     The End 

 We  always as for God's mercy whenever we pray, you should forgive to get forgiven someday

 Forgiveness is a watchword and should be your guide principle

No error is too huge for God to forgive, and I think none is huge for humans to forgive

Here brings us to the end of SOCHIMA (My Only Sister).

What were the lessons learnt, suggest another title for the story

Thanks to all those constant followers and commenters
God bless y'all

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