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Pregnant For Mr Pompous-Episode24


Pregnant For Mr Pompous-Episode24

Theme: He Raped Me

Written by Simrah Saeed


Goodness! Is this really me in the mirror? I look so different but gorgeous..
Yeah! It's my wedding.... After 3months of delivery

" I told you sis, my hand did the magic on your face " Sophia clapped...
She's a prof in makeup and she insisted on being my makeup artist

" Yeah, I can't even recognize myself in the mirror. Looks like the second version of me "

" You know why you look soooo pretty?"

" Will there be any reason than the make-up you glammed on my face?" I rolled my eyes at her

" Of course sis, it's because you don't normally wear makeup "
Really? So if you don't normally wear makeup, it will make you extremely pretty?
She won't kill me ...

" Anyways I'm not done " she said holding my jaw ..

" It's enough Sophia, I'm becoming sufiscated "

" It just concealer " she persisted

" I'm sure Ethan will want to eat you the moment he will set his eyes on you " she grimaced making me chuckle..
Did I look like a good to her?

" Stop flattering me silly " I hit her arm.
But sincerely, I look so beautiful and sexy in this gown..
How do I walk down there with people's eyes fixed on me ? God!

" Api, how did I look? Neo is coming and I want to look sexy for him " Emily said badging in

" You look beautiful, Neo will trip for you "

" Thank you sis and you look freaking hot"

" Aww, seriously?"

" Yeah, I hope Ethan should be able to resist this beauty "

" Thanks baby girl "

" I'm not a baby girl sis, I turned 19 last month " she argued..
So funny, since she's in her teen, she's still a girl. That's what I understand..

" Shut up or did you want us to be addressing you as mamman?" Sophia chipped in annoyingly and I burst out laughing....
Mamman seriously? When will this two stay without bickering?

" Dare call me that and I will make sure I retaliate when Mario is around " Emily said smirking while Sophia kept mute..
She's flushed...
I smiled in amusement on how she fell in love with someone in just the space of 3months ..


" You need to breastfeed the girls before you go. I don't want to hear them cry " mum said and I nodded...

I'm suddenly becoming nervous, what if I fall down on that stage where everyone is watching me?
Gosh! My insecurities are much..

I miss Ethan already, well, I came back home since two days and that was the last time I saw him...
They wouldn't just let him visit especially mum. She believes it will be more sweet if he misses me before the wedding and now here I am, going to see him in few minutes..

" You know Olivia, you are going into marriage. A lifetime commitment " she said and paused.. she's my mother and will always be.. I don't see her as my step mum, within the months she really changed and became the best person anyone will wish to have in life as a supporter

" There are always trying times, the times you have misunderstanding with your husband and you will wish to quit the marriage. The times your husband will just be mad at you for no reason "

" You will experience tough part and sweet parts too but all you have to do is to endure "

" Some women leave their marriages for a husband's simple mistake not knowing they are making huge mistakes in their own life "

" Always think back at your children and the good times. Don't give up on your marriage for anything"

" if anything goes wrong, you can call your husband and have a talk with him,  do not always invite a third-party in to your home. Settle any problem within you and your husband "

" Two pots can not be on the same fire so whenever your husband is angry, try not to be enraged too. You have to calm down and possibly pet him "

" Apologising doesn't mean you are wrong, develop the habit to say you are sorry. It ease tension and easily close some problems "

" I love you as my daughter and it's never my prayer to see you back to this very home. Adhere to all the marriage rules and you will have a successful marriage "
She said..

I didn't know I was crying till a tear slip down my cheeks... Who knows the woman who hates to see me will advice me this way?

" Thank you mum, I will try my best to be a good wife " I said hugging her..
That's what my mother could have done but I lost her into the cold hands of death ..

" You are welcome Livia, I believe you will and Ethan is a cool person "

" The priest is waiting Olivia, let's get going " dad popped in his head interrupting us..
That's how it feels like to have a mother. She gave me a heart advice and seriously, I'm a little scared about marriage...

It's not easy leaving your family behind to build another man's home...

" Okay Dad and mum, Lisa is around to take care of the girls " I said and dashed out .
Dad is going to walk me down the aisle...
My face was already covered as I took a step by his side while he held my hand firmly

" You may kiss your bride "
Ethan held me firmly by the waist befire capturing my lips into his..
I can't believe I'm now officially Mrs Olivia Ethan ...


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