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Pregnant For Mr Pompous-Episode23


Pregnant For Mr Pompous-Episode23

Theme: He Raped Me

Written by Simrah Saeed


" Uhhm your wife, she is fine but she is having Postpartum Hemorrhage which will make her bleed within today or for weeks and she will be fine with the drugs I will prescribe for her "
Ah! I sighed in relief, he almost gave me a  heart attack ..

" She will be fine right?" I asked again smilling widely..
I can't believe I am now a father of two, the baby girl I longed for came in and twos. Isn't God great?

" Yes sir she will be fine, all she needs now is your care and love. Don't leave her to take care of the babies alone, she needs utmost care. Let her rest for at least 5hours each day " he explained and I nodded

" Can I see her now?"

" Yes sir but she's fast asleep due to the scream, she's very weak. Your wife is a strong woman, she delivered soundly  without going into surgery. "

" The nurses were cleaning up your babies before I left, I guess they will be through by now. Congratulations Mr Ethan, welcome to the life of fatherhood "
Aww, he just melted my heart with this word....

" And again, she might be hungry when she's awake "

As much I do shout at him, he's my best doctor and a father figure too...

" Thank you so much doctor, I'm grateful" we both shook hands and he led me to a private ward where Olivia was admitted..

I caught the glimpse of her sleeping face while entering into the room ...
My Angel!

I'm the happiest man right now, what more can I ask for...
The babies were been placed on their beds in front of her, my babies, my princesses.

" Good afternoon sir " the nurses greeted and for the first time, I smiled at them

" Afternoon and thank you for taking care of my kids and wife. Your salary will be increased " I said excitedly and they glanced at each other.
Yes I'm not mad! I'm just overwhelmed with what God has done for me ..

" T...thank you sir " they chorused happily and left the room

I went over to my kids and put their tiny hands into mine.
They took Olivia's blue eyes burn I think they will look more like me ..

" Hey princesses, it's Daddy. Just want to tell you that I will always love you and mummy. Daddy is rich enough to take care of you both so you won't lack anything. The first thing I'm going to do this month is to open a school in your names. I will provide you with all the necessities life can offer. I love you babies " I said ...

No! I'm not dreaming am I ? They just freaking smiled. Wait! Is that possible? But I just saw them smiled... I'm going crazy ....
My baby girls smiled at me... I jumped up excitedly forgetting Olivia was still asleep.
Fuck! I woke her up

" Ethan " she called weakly and I rushed to her..
I sat at the edge of the bed staring admiringly at her

" Angel " I helped her sit on the bed and embraced her

" Urgh! Ethan, did you want to choke me to death?" She said slightly groaning. ..

" No babes, I'm super elated. Thank you so much angel for being the mother of my children, for taking the risk of bringing my kids into the world. Thank you so much"  I kissed her forehead then her neck..

She passed me a genuine smile then her face snapped to her girls. Our girls...

" They are so beautiful Ethan, look at their eyes, their bodies. God! Our babies Ethan" you said with emotions and I chuckled..

I love it when she says that. ' our babies '

" Yes Angel, our babies " I seriously didn't know she was pregnant with twins. She was strong and agile except this s month of delivery..
She practically turned Lisa and I into her slaves ...

It's either Ethan give me this, Ethan Lisa isn't back yet go meet her, Ethan give me this book by my leg I can't bend, Ethan prepare my bath, Ethan call Lisa, oh Ethan I don't like this food or that....

" give them to me " she stretched out her hands and I carefully took one if the girls..
They are infants... I am very scared carrying babies like them, what if they slipped from my hand?

" Here"  I handed her the baby and went for another ..
I couldn't help but Aww seeing the way they are cooing their mother while she stared loving at them... Where is my camera . It's a sight to behold... My small happy family

" I should inform everyone already " I said standing up ..

" Please do but before that, I'm famished. Get me food "

" Okay, what did you want to eat?"

" A caramel pecan brownie topped with 30 scoops of ice cream "
Geez! 30 scoops of ice cream? Are you kidding me?

" Ohh..okay I'll get it " I said and dashed out of the ward singing loudly in my heart ..
I can happily dash out my belongings right now ...
Ethan is now a father... I'm now a father





I just couldn't get enough of my girls, staring at them bring an unknown smile on my face.
They looks so cute and adorable .

I am now a mother, a mother of two. God! Will I be a good mother? What I don't take care of them as a mother could ...

" What are you thinking of Angel, you need to sleep " Ethan said sitting beside me..
He's been so caring and that makes me happy ..
Imagine he let me sleep throughout yesterday, he was left taking care of the girls.

He even slept in their room.  How loving...

" Just wondering how I became blessed this way " I said feigning tears

" Just take a look at the girls "

" Yeah, God blessed us with them and he blessed me with you " he replied and I chuckled
I have done nothing so heart whelming for him

" Thanks for painting me red "

" Factly, you came into my life to make me Excel Angel. Since you came into my life, I have found nothing but peace of mind. You thought me how to love, you changed me from the cold arrogant billionaire and billionaire son I used to be to a call and collected Ethan "

" That wasn't enough, God blessed me with this twins through you. What more can I ask for?" He said.
Is this man I think I fell for. I'm in love with him, my heart can't deny it anymore. He's the father of my kids and my fiance so its okay if I love him..

I can't fight my emotions over this again because I will still loose at the end ....

" Thank you Ethan " I hugged him so tight..

" I should be thanking you Angel, thank you for making me who I am today "

" I love you " I blurted before I could stop myself..
He pulled from the hug and stared blankly at me ...

" Wait! Did...you just say.. "

" I love you Ethan " I cut in ..
I need to tell him how I feel too...

" Oh my goodness! Finally! She said she loves me. Oh my, my angel says she loves me " he shouted and took me circling me with him

" Ethan put me down, am I feeling dizzy " I hit his shoulder and he placed me on the bed ..

" I feel so complete like nothing is missing anymore. I have a happy family, you and my girls " he said placing a kiss on my cheeks

" Thank you so much babes, I love you too and more " he enthused and I let out  a soft chuckle ..
My fiance is crazy ...

" I can't wait to finally have you as Mrs Ethan, I can't wait any longer " he said.
I can't wait too but it will be too early to have a wedding now...

" Soon hubby to be "

" I hope so and about their names, what name should we give them?" He asked...
I have wished to name my daughter after my mum...

" Gabriella and Emmanuella . That's Ella and Emma for short "

" Then Ella and Emma it is "


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