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Pregnant For Mr Pompous-Episode15


Pregnant For Mr Pompous-Episode15

Theme: He Raped Me

Written by Simrah Saeed


" What's happening here and what are you all doing in my mansion?" Ethan asked coming in ..
I just hope there shouldn't be any problem here. He might get angry and do something crazy

" Uhhmm, they just came " I said trailing off

" Yes to apologize " dad added and I fidget with my finger

" Oh really? That's what I always wanted. I'm glad you all realized your mistakes before it will swallow you " he said smirking

" we have and we are deeply sorry Ethan I  know she listen to you please plead with you her to forgive us " mum said and I sighed ..

Not that I don't want to forgive them but its just hard

" Olivia darling, please forgive them and me too. We are all sorry " Dad said pathetically

" We are truly sorry Api" Sophia added and I almost smiled, it feels good she called me that.. She now refers to me as her sister.
How much I have longed to hear that ....
Ethan turned to me giving me the most seductive look ever ...
He's surely up to something .
He can closer to me and held me

" Babes, mi angel. You can see they are changed and ready to treat you well. They deserve another chance and I know we'll that my baby isn't hard hearted so she will forgive them . Please for my sake and your daddy babes " he said huskily .
His voice is enough to melt my heart .

I glanced at mum, Sophia and lastly at Emily .
They are still the family I've gotten .. if God can forgive us why won't I ?

I went to mum and hugged her. Even if it's not for anything, just for the reason that she brought me up.
The way she brought me up actually favoured me and I'm grateful..

" I forgive you mum "

" Thank you so much Olivia, I have always known you are a soft hearted person. Thank you and from now on, you are my first daughter after all I brought you up " she said and we laugh

" Come here witches " I said playfully to Emily and Sophia and engulfed them in a warm embrace ..

" Thank you Api I'm so happy right now " Emily said and I chuckled...

" You know we never spent time together as sisters , I want us to strengthen our sibling hood and become the inseparable sisters and most talk about. We want to spend time with you please " she said

" Okay, I wish to but where should we visit, like amusement park, the beach, eatery or .."

" Just the kitchen " Sophia interrupted and I rolled my eyes

" Kitchen? To do what ?" I asked narrowing my eyes at her while she eye communicated with Emily and she nodded

" Yeah we want to learn how to cook from you starting from now " Emily said and we all laughed.
I totally forgot they don't know how to cook ..
I will gladly teach though

" That's not a problem let's go already, we can spend some quality times in the kitchen " I said grabbing their hands while they giggled

" You are ignoring us for your sister's ? That's unfair " Ethan pouted and I chuckled..

" I'm always here with you Ethan and they will be leaving in the evening. You can stay with mum and Dad and have some conversation with them "
I said throwing a flying kiss to him ..
Thanks might be fun , I'm sure I'm going to enjoy this ...



" What the hell are you doing in my house? I thought I warned you clearly about it Anna " I said clearly pissed.
Can't she understand a simple language? I don't want Olivia to see hee here, she might get the wrong idea ..

" That's not how to welcome a visitor Ethan " she said chewing like a slut

" what are you doing here Adrianna " I asked again

" Well thank you for giving me a sit " she said sarcastically sitting comfortably while I turned around like a wanted criminal.
Who let her in in the first place?

" I won't ask you again Anna what the hell are you doing here ?"

" Stop being angry Ethan, the way you rant won't make me leave this mansion because I'm here to stay " she crossed her legs using her hand to dress her hair without sparing me a glance  .

What did she mean by that ?

" What are you insinuating ?" I asked and she smiled at me

" Well, I'm saying that I'm going nowhere Ethan. This are my bags, please do me a favour and show me where I will be staying in this house " she said nonchalantly.
I'm glad Olivia's mum and dad are gone but Sophia and Emily are still with her in the kitchen..
I'm really scared to death..

" Are you out of your mind ? Stay in my house for what ? Get the fuck out before I slap the devil out of you " I said angrily

" That's if you will be able to prove this wrong " she said searching her bag for what I don't know..


" You will first ground the beef and shape the patties like this. That's the first step " I said to them who nodded and jotted down some things, they are really serious about learning how to cook..

" Then you warm the pan. I'm sure you both know how to do that "

" Of course we do " Sophia said placing the pan on the gas

" Good,the next step is to toast the buns then you increase the heat to medium so it won't get burnt " I said and did just that

" Then you cook the burger for 3 to 5 minutes and lastly, you flip the burgers and cook for it another 3 to 5 minutes " I said as we waited for it to be ready and in no time. It was done...

" Wow! I'm very excited to learn this, I will do this more often. It's yummy " Emily said clapping her hands and I smiled

" Now it's practical time, Emily you should use this gas while Sophia use the other gas " I instructed.

" All the things are ready so you should prepare same burger for me but in small quantities "

" Okay chef, we will " Sophia said and we laughed

" I'm sure I can prepare it more than you " Emily boast and Sophia shut her a glare ..
Drama queens

" Anyways, I will be back in a few. I need to go check on Ethan " I said and they nodded while I dashed out of the kitchen ..

I was almost at the sitting room when I heard voices ..
Ethan's and a lady's voice. I peeped through the door and he was talking with that lady, the same lady I saw with him at the party...
What's going on?

" What is the meaning of this Anna ? " Ethan asked

" You can read right? I'm sure you know what's written there Ethan please stop blabbing " she said rudely and I steadied in my hide out

" I don't get it Adrianna what the hell did this result means ?" He asked again

" It means one thing Ethan, I'm pregnant with your baby " she yelled and I almost collapsed..

Pregnant? With his baby? This isn't happening...

" W....w..hat did you mean? .. pregnant for me? " He asked

" You heard me right, please the baby needs rest so lead me to my room. I don't want him to start kicking "

Tears flows down my cheeks. Just when I thought everything has ended ..

I stood up with tears and my shoe made some noise ..
They both glances at me while I ran off to my room..

" Olivia " Ethan called but I didn't reply..
I sat on the floor crying my eyes out..

I thought he said he loved me but all I could get is another lady being pregnant for him ..
How could I have been so foolish to allow myself wallow in blindness ?
Why am I always a victim of circumstances?

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