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Only You - Chapter Thirty


Only You - Chapter Thirty

By Kim Lina
Trigger/Content warning : may contain vulgar language , matured and sensual scene and scence related to gore.
This book is clearly a figment of my imagination and a work of fiction any resemblance of place, name dead or alive is highly conincidental.

He put his hand down looking behind me. "Quinn...?? " he walks up to me while I stuck on my knees he picked up the flashlight pointing at the dead plus unconscious bodies my hand was shaking I just violated a rule and killed my somebody.
"I killed somebody.." I whispered under my breath visibly shaking and unstable.
He walks past me and heads over to Seth at first he seemed calm but when he pointed the gun at Seth he pulled a gun at him. "No...Manfred no... " I yelled getting his attention.
"Quinn stay back he needs to die..." I crwaled up to Seth with my eyes red with. "No, he didn't do anything wrong." I whispered. "He was defending himself even when he was in pain there's nothing wrong there you can't kill him." I yelled.
"That's not the reason he deserves to die, do you know what this man has done if I don't kill him now he's going to cause more chaos.."
"I don't care he hasn't done anything wrong he's not a good person or a bad person either he did whatever he had to because those were his only option, he's a good friend and brother to those he love and he'll never hurt them he's a person too and I don't know what ever he did but I'm sure he regrets it... " I sobbed getting up on my feet. "Please don't kill him just let me take him to get a stitch so he won't die I won't be the only one sad if he dies he has a family." I said referring to the guys, I can't let Seth die because he wanted to save my life.
Manfred puts the gun down. "I won't kill him today are you okay? " he puts the gun away, I nodded ignoring him and heading to Seth, a flashlight point directly at his eyes they looked dull. "You're stubborn.." I heard him whisper.
"You're not going to leave me to tell the guys you died okay? " he didn't reply his eyes went shut my heart raced but ease when I saw him breathe. I left Seth for a bit and head to Manfred.
"Are there anymore of your crew? " I asked.
"What are you talking about? " he asked.
"I'm talking about your crew what will you be doing down in the tunnels if these guys aren't your crew ?" I asked recently when I see him somehow it involves getting into a gunfight or something that has a beef with Seth it had to be more than just a mere coincidence.
Manfred looked down at the dead and unconscious bodies and sneers at me.
"What's funny? " I asked. "Nothing... " he said pointing the flashlight at one of the men who was struggling to get his gun since he was conscious, Manfred quickly shot him and I backed away. "Now you're scared of me, women are confusing." he muttered under his breath.
"Wait, how did you know it was me when we first met I was brunette and wore a nose mask? Are you following me? "
"You also wore a baseball cap and that necklace everywhere." he said taking my necklace out which tucked under my shirt. "I also spotted you at the party at the Yatch but I had something to do so I noticed the sudden hair color and necklace, nice hair color by the way." he said picking out his phone from his pocket. "If these guys aren't your crew what are you doing here? " I asked.
"You should really mind your own business you don't have to know everything it will get you killed one day..." he said. "So I should trust someone who probably is a killer your name can't even be Manfred is it? "
"Have you gotten to know yourself better ?" he says which spiraled me into a mood of confusion. "Excuse me? "
"If you don't know anything about who you are don't go ahead knowing about someone who is the least or none of your business." he said putting his phone down In his pockets.
"All you need to know is I had something important to do here and luckily it wasn't about him, I could have killed him without your plea..." he said.
"Why didn't you kill him then? "
"Let's just say blood is thicker than water.." he mummered getting me confused. "You'll find out soon enough the longer you stay with him and we'll see your decision then." he indirectly said it won't be the last time we meet.
Blood is thicker than water ? Are Seth and Manfred siblings, I thought Manfred was probably the Cunningham's first son.
"Grab your boyfriend, let's get out of here why we still can this can't probably be the only men down here." he whispered.
"And I should trust you? " I scoffed.
"Your boyfriend is going to die if he doesn't get help soon and I don't mind making it quick by firing a bullet at his head, trust me or not it's either you grab him while I help you guys or I make it quick and shoot him with a bullet." he proposed. "I don't have a choice do I? " I muttered looking back at Seth.
"I don't trust you but I don't want Seth to die can I borrow your phone? " I asked.
"What? You want to call 911 down here ?" he sneers at me. I didn't seem faze at his reaction he took out his phone and hands it over to me while I dialed the number slowly and walked a bit closer to Seth waiting for the phone to pick up. "Hello.. " I mummered when I heard the other sound of the phone ring.
"Dory??? " I heard Erwin's voice from the other side of the phone. "Erwin..." I whispered his name very low. "Where are you guys, I thought you died." he said. "Where's Darren? " I whispered too hoping Manfred didn't hear me.
"He's here.." he said as I heard him give the phone to Darren. "Quinn where are you, where's Seth? "
"I don't have time to explain Seth's bleeding and I know I'm not supposed to contact you guys but Seth is bleeding and I don't want him to die please come get us..." I didn't bother to whisper the rest, I yelled so loud I cried, what was the worse that could happen if I contacted them. "Where are you guys? " Darren asked. "probably in the middle of an abandoned subway." I sniffed.
"That's a poor detail, there are numerous subways in New York." I heard Erwin mummered. "It's an abandoned one earlier Seth said there was a gang war in this one." I mummered. "I think I know where that one is..." Erwin muttered, I shouldn't be surprised these people were kinda Erwin's people they're crazy and Haven did say he met Erwin at an underground club so Erwin probably knows New York.
"Just stay where you are and help Seth we'll be there soon." Darren said hanging up I quickly tossed Manfred his phone and went up to Seth, I pushed my hands against his chest the melodic sound of his heart beating put me at ease. "Stay a bit longer.." I breathe pulling up his shirt to examine his wound.
"He'll live... " Manfred said taking a cold look at Seth. "Thank you for not shooting him." I muttered without sparing him a look his footsteps got louder he pressed down next to me. "Do you love him ? " I went stiff on the mention of the question. " I care about him, I guess." I answered carefully. "What's the difference? " he asked.
"I don't know how what I feel towards him would help answer your question? " I said.
"It won't." he said getting up. "Do you really care that much for him that you actually shoot a person and go against your conscience? " he asked. "He was going to kill him..." I whispered.
"If you know very much about him would you reconsider your decision? " he asked while I turned to face him. "Would you still think killing that man was worth it for him? " he said
"I'm not the only one who killed someone here, you killed someone too Manfred.." I yelled, he looked at me with his eyes emotionless. "I know this was what she was trying to protect you from." my brows furrowed, first Shane said 'She was right you are stubborn.' and now Manfred was saying she was trying to protect me.
"Who's she? " I asked as a flashlight shone across the tunnel. "This won't be the last time we meet and next time I will kill him." he said picking up his gun and took to his heels.
"Quinn? " I heard Erwin's voice from across the tunnel. "I'm here.." I echoed as he ran up to me. "Where's Seth? " Darren asked showing up from behind.
"He's here..." I pointed over to Seth as they ran up to him and lifted him up, he was unconscious obviously. "Let's go..." the guys said as I followed thinking about what Manfred said, who is she ?

I was packing my stuff already my sister was already at the door with tears in her eyes she ran up to me holding on to my jean I was about to put in my bag. "Mandy I'm begging you don't go you promised dad you wouldn't get into shits again, you promise mom you promised me." she sobbed.
"Last time I was a kid and I was having fun this time I'm serious I promise I won't get involved in shits again."
"If you get in, how can you assure you would be able to get out? you almost died last time that was the reason you broke up with him, it's the same reason you decided to be a matron this is a stupid decision." she yelled.
"Quinn is missing and it's all my fault, instead of finding her I'm working with idiots who don't give a damn about her, I'm working with hypocrites while my best friend is out there facing hell knows what, it was my duty to protect her Keila, it was my duty to shield her from everything I was the reason because I wanted to be happy and I couldn't protect her." I whispered.
"You didn't know they were going to kidnap her, you didn't know Shane's parents were going to be after her, you didn't know anything you were 16.." Keila said trying to push the blame off me.
"I'm going anyways, I'm going to find her and protect her I'm sorry even though I get killed." my sister sobbed loudly. "This could be a trap what if Shane is using you to find Quinn? " she asked.
"Then I'll kill the bastard he can't hurt me twice and get away with it." I whispered brushing her hair. "What about Calvin, he's still your friend too and he's not doing anything crazy, just stay please..." she whispered.
"If I know I can do something and I don't do it I'll be a terrible person, I'll always try to contact you and I promise not to get into trouble." I muttered moving away from her to fully pack up. "I can't stop you can I? " she laughed sadly.
"No, promise me one thing? " she muttered. "Under no circumstances will you be killed, promise me you won't die.."
"Keila..." I mumble. "If my big sister wants to get entangled with that horrible family at least promise me this time you'll have a way out again, you'll live and you'll get married." I pulled her into a hug and whisper "I promise.." she sobbed loudly hugging me.
The bell rings. "Keila what ever you do don't tell Calvin or anyone about this and if something goes wrong you know what to do." I picked up my bag letting go of her grasp as she nodded.
We were all together in Detroit again after two weeks from the Manfred scenario, I remember Darren calling a private doctor to remove the bullet Seth got and stitch it again.
I was in my room most of the time only Darren and Haven brought my food which I barely touched, I was nervous when we got back and haven't seen Seth since then and thought about everything Mandy said, who is she?
Could it be my mom? It can't be what would my mom know about gangsters that she tried to protect me from, my dad was just a simple mechanic and she told me all the stories on how they met in church when they were kids and dad would laugh about how mom used to carry a cross everywhere that's why he liked her.
I thought about my mom and dad relationship, I don't get why they divorced they had so many beautiful memories together and they were in love with each other and I never thought about it till now.
Why am I thinking about my parents divorce when I'm supposed to be thinking how everything is connected, what do I not know that everyone keeps hiding it away from me.
I heard a knock come from the door. "It's open." I muttered ouloud knowing it has to be Haven or Darren dropping my food.
The door unlocked as I turned to see Erwin at my door with a tray our eyes locked and this is the second time he's been to my room.
"put it over there.." I pointed at the empty desk drawer. "This isn't for you, why would I give you food if you barely eat, I already ate yours." he said while I glared at him.
"Then why are you here with a tray? " I asked upset that he ate my food. "This is for Seth he said he wants you to hand him his food.." he said while I blushed. "Really.." I stuttered.
"Why are you red? " Erwin arched a brow I quickly ran up to him and took the tray. "Shut up and get out I'll give it to him." I shut the door behind me cussing under my breath.
"Don't eat anything the food doesn't belong to you.." Erwin yelled. "Get out..." I yelled.
When I was sure he wasn't out anymore I opened the door and walked out to the corridors thinking of how to give him his food, he could be asleep or awake but Erwin said he wanted me to hand his food.
I got to his door and knocked I didn't get a reply but Iet myself in anyways, I saw Seth on his bed his eyes darted to mine he slowly got up confused seeing me. "I brought your food." I said nervously.
"What ?" he asked, he looked a bit pale but better than two weeks ago. "Erwin said you wanted me to bring your food." I said still holding up the tray. "Haven already brought and took mine already." he muttered and I went red.
I've been tricked by Erwin, I'm so going to get teased by Erwin because of this.
"Well I guess this is my food then I'll leave you.."
"Stay..." I stopped on my step. "Well I guess I can eat here.." I said turning around and sitting down on his bed and started eating as he watched me, I looked around thinking how awkward everything is.
I'm going to kill Erwin after this, my eyes darted back at Seth who wore a buttoned up shirt. "Is your wound okay? " I broke the silence between us he nodded not looking at me. I just kept staring through the shirt hoping I'll suddenly get X ray vision and see through his shirt, I looked back at Seth and burn bright red in embarrassment for getting caught, I put my spoon down on the plate looking on nothing but the tray.
"It feels hot.." I hear Seth say, his hand traced both my palm and on his shirt, guiding my hands to unbutton his shirt, he let's go till I yanked the last button off.
'I shouldn't be this close' I thought to myself about to quit it before things get any out of my control, I quickly got up but felt a tight grip on my wrist pulling me back. "I'm not going to touch you if you don't want me to.." that didn't put me at ease at all I didn't still trust myself but I sat down anyways awkwardly next to him. "Do you still feel pain at the stitch area ?" I asked trying to kill the awkard moment.
"It's a little be tight than the one you actually stitched." he muttered back. He noticed me staring at the stitch a for some minutes.
"Do you want to massage it? " the question took me off guard, I looked back at him as he slides one arm of the Shir down revealing the stitch it was better than the one i did but looked tight, I didn't hesitate heading towards him and started the massage, my head pressed against his torso as he put his hands behind him and resting his head on my shoulder, he let out a groan but started to breathe easily. I slowly pulled away from him with my hand still over his wound and our eyes met, he slowly took me by my face cupping both my cheeks. He looked like he wanted to say something but froze when he looked into my eyes once again he let's go of me and groans in pain. "Are you okay? " I asked but before he could reply Haven got in with Erwin.
"Seth we need to leave...." he sounded urgent.
"What? " Seth asked.
"We have two minutes we need to leave Detroit they found us..." Seth quickly gets up and nods. "Gather everything important and get to the..."
"We don't have time we have to run.." Erwin quickly grabbed me yanking me out of the house with him.
"What's happening? " I yelled as Seth, Darren and Haven got and and in a matter of seconds the house exploded, I watched in horror as everything was set ablaze.
"Who did this..." I whispered in horror as Darren shows me a phone it belonged to Erwin. There was a text and it read.
"In a few minutes everything and everyone will be destroyed get out while you can.." I read I looked back at the house remembering what Seth warned about us not contacting the guys, I know it was Manfred that texted I forgot to delete Erwin's number when I called them to get us and somehow I'm glad I didn't we could have died, but why did he help us.

I walked into a room looking back at the text I sent, I tossed the phone to the ground meaning I had no way to contact or inform them she was on her own, I punch the wall as Erica walked up to me with that snobbish laugh of hers.
"Why are you passing your aggression to the wall? you should have killed him when you had the chance she now has to pay with her life." she mocked.
"What makes you think she's dead? " I cocked at her. "Weakness runs in both your blood and like they say blood is thicker than water, she is your sister after all." she said and walked away.

To be continued

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