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Only You - Chapter Thirty Four


Only You - Chapter Thirty Four

By Kim Lina
Trigger/Content warning : may contain vulgar language , matured and sensual scene and scence related to gore.
This book is clearly a figment of my imagination and a work of fiction any resemblance of place, name dead or alive is highly conincidental.

"I don't get it, is this a joke? " I looked straight at Mandy from her expression it was far from a joke, I ran my fingers through my hair piecing everything together, how stupid could I be, was that even legal selling his unborn child. "How? " I awed in shock.
"Shane told me about it I was shocked too, the only reason I'm somehow back with Shane was because I needed his connections to track you down, everyone back home took your missing case a joke and I couldn't just sit down and hope you'll be back and now I found you." she said sharing me a side glance.
"This has to be a dream..." I said getting up digging my fingers deeper in my hair. "I was happy when I got pregnant and Terry fucking decided to sell it for his freedom, his own child and let me get this straight I lose the baby and he settles me for sale instead... This has to be some joke." I said trying to convince myself this isn't real. "Are you okay? " Mandy asks.
"Mandy how could someone be so heartless, if he didn't even love me or care about me at least he could have showed compassion for his child, but he just decided to sell it.." tears rolled down my cheeks again as Mandy got up pulling me into a hug. "Don't think about that dickhead you'll be giving him the satisfaction that he broke you or the thought that he owns you, it's all in the past... "
I pushed Mandy gently away from me. "I don't get it, I had the miscarriage months before i decided to leave, all of the days I spent with him, why is it now his family wants me? " I asked.
It could have been so easy to give me to his parents back then but he didn't he just decided to give me to them raising the question, what was my importance to them?
I walked past Mandy she tapped on my shoulder stopping me before I could open the Elevator. "Quinn don't..." she already knew I was going to talk to Terry. "Mandy leave me alone, I need answers." I brushed off, but that didn't stop her from pulling me towards her and gripping on to my shoulder.
"You will get answers but right now I don't think this is the best time to face Terry." she advised. "But.. " I pouted.
"Do you trust me? " she questioned, the question sound familiar, I've heard it from someone. "Yes.." I replied as she nodded.
"You will get all the answers all you need but right now you need to take care of yourself, I don't want to live in fear of losing you again okay? " she gripped a little bit tightly to my shoulder, I just nodded to confirm as she smiled and let go of me. "To be honest you're a badass dating Shane at 17 and hiding it from me all these years.." I commented as she blushed slightly.
"Don't act like you don't keep secrets from me too." she pressed the button as the Elevator opened we both walked out with she in the lead and I was behind her.
I thought about telling her about the guys, since she knows about mafia's and now I know this I could contact the guys to tell them I'm alive since I already know something the Cunningham's want from me, but how am I going to explain the first born of the Cunningham's was my ex without looking stupid.
I chuckled to myself thinking how much Erwin is going to tease me about how stupid I was clicking on the bomb.
Maybe I should tell Mandy, I stopped on my tracks. "Tell me what? " I looked up to see Mandy staring back at me curious.
Shit I voiced out my thoughts.
I can't tell her now it's too sudden, how am I going to explain that the Cunningham's put a bounty on me and I met AXE-L who happened to be gangster who kidnapped me and didn't give me up to the Cunningham's and shit, I know Mandy she'll freak out.
"Uhhh... " I trailed off obviously. "Quinn? " she voiced. "It's nothing..." I put out.
"Yeah right, fess up." she urged and I sighed.
"I was thinking about Shane, is he really in a coma? " her expression stiffened a bit it looked like she didn't want to talk about it.
She sighed. "He's in a coma but he's fine and luckily he called me when he spotted you or I had second thoughts about going to one of his parties, I'm having second thoughts saving Terry's ass though I should have left him to die." she said. "Why did you save Terry anyways ?" I asked.
"He was the one who saved my ass when I got fender bendered and prevented me from getting kidnapped, I guess I owed him one." she said completely turning her back on me.
"Till this day I don't know why he did it, he's a horrible person so it made me think why didn't he just let me die ? maybe he has a heart. I just thought saving his ass could be as a form of payback and I didn't have to think about it like some big debt, guess I was wrong I should have left him to die back there maybe his death could have ended it all or maybe it won't." she said resuming on her steps and I followed she shared me a few side glance.
"The Doctor said you could get your memory back if you take therapy as soon as possible." I stopped and glared at her, she turned to look at me with a scoff. "Not this talk again." I hissed facepalming myself.
"Quinn... " she pouted. "I don't need Therapy I'm fine." I frowned at her. "No you're not, having a minor amnesia after waking up from a coma doesn't validate you as fine Quinn." she spits at me. "Do I have to remember everything ?" I folded my arms not looking at her direction.
"For all we know someone kidnapped you and they could have abused you or hell knows what they did that your brain decide to make sure you don't remember, you could have known their hideout and with that information we can end those horrible people behind bars.... "
"They didn't hurt me." I yelled as Mandy looked confused I quickly heaved in a deep breath and sigh. "They? " she arched a brow.
"No one hurt me, if someone did I would know.." I said thinking about the guys, now I can't really tell Mandy about them knowing if she would freak out.
"Just take the Therapy for me I'm worried about you, I just want to make sure my best friend is okay it's not too much to ask.. " she pulled the guilt card on me, I shot her an icy glare and walked past her. "I hate you." I hissed as my answer and she squealed excitedly.
A day later I was at the therapy room, it was nice with a desk and chair the Therapist probably sat on to lecture her patients, I sat down on a cushion dressed in white waiting for her, Mandy was there too patiently waiting for the so called therapist. "He's late.." she mummered checking the time.
"Maybe he's busy or this is fate telling us that I don't need Therapy and we should carry our ass out of here." she rolled my eyes at my remark. "Just shut up and wait, he might have a good reason." she said I glanced round the room until the door opened revealing a woman probably in her early forties with shades of grey highlighting her leather black hair.
Me and Mandy looked at each other we were expecting a male doctor but I'm glad it was a female.
"Sorry I'm late.." she breathe, she was smartly dressed with a blue buttoned up sleeve top and a black office print skirt, she quickly put on her glasses adjusting her table and quickly wearing her white coat. "Which one of you is Quinn Fields ?" I pointed at Mandy while Mandy points her finger at me. "Quinn how are you? " she faced my direction, I just realized I was in the hospital gown so the question asked was highly irrelevant.
"I'm fine, I don't need a Therapy.." before I could complete my sentence Mandy kicked me as the Therapist chuckles.
"Sisters? " she arched a brow as we both nodded, we were practically sisters.
"You guys remind me of me and my 16 year old daughter, enough personal talk I need to have time with your sister do you mind? " Mandy patted me and left a list of my information on her desk containing every little detail about me. "This is all you need to know about her in case she doesn't talk." The therapist looked amazed and took a look at it and Mandy left.
She dropped the file and looked me straight in the eye. "I'm doctor Thomas.. "
"Wait that's your real name? " I asked shocked.
"Startled? " she giggled. "I thought they probably mistook you for a male doctor when you came in." I said as she laughed the more.
"I get that a lot, Quinn is a nice name too so I would love if you got comfortable and told me why you're here ?" she asked picking up a pen.
"Mandy thinks I need it to get my memories back, I don't want you to waste your time I don't need those memories do I? " I say she nodded understandably.
"So you don't want to do a Therapy because of that? " she asked as I nodded and she wrote down something. "So you're letting me go? " I asked as she looked back at me seriously.
"Do you have a boyfriend? " she asked as I shake my head. "Why? " she asked which got me confused. "You don't need to go out of your way to know about my personal life I don't really need to.. " I was about to get up and leave but she shot me a icy glare.
"Quinn sit down, you'll leave when we're true." she mentioned with authority in her voice, I quickly sat down looking back at her, she took off her glasses massaging her brows.
"Look my job is to help people and I'm afraid I can't act like I don't care and not help, you don't have to talk about anything related to the last thing you remember, I want to help you in anyway I can if you feel uncomfortable then don't be shy voicing out your thoughts." she said and I nodded. "Why don't you have a boyfriend? " she asked.
"After my ex Terry it's been hard thinking of even getting into another relationship without recalling what's I actually went through, I was abused physically, mentally and emotionally so it is hard." I said looking down at my thigh.
"Are you over this Terry? " she asked.
"Of course I am." I said. "Then what does he have to do with getting into a relationship with someone who can offer a lot more." she said.
"Terry wasn't a bad guy at first, he acted this character as the guy of my dreams to the extent I trusted him, fell in love with him and went crazy for him, I could have even died for him until he lured me perfectly to his trap, before I could even realize who he really was it was too late." I said. "But you got out right? " she said.
"You don't understand." I hissed pissed off she was taking this as if it's not a big deal.
"Of course I don't and I won't lie to see you've been through a lot, that doesn't stop you from giving your heart out to someone new, not everyone is the same just because you picked a rotten egg doesn't mean the rest of them are bad." she said as I ran my fingers through my hair. "What if I get hurt again? " I asked.
"That's just you giving into fear, it's normal to be afraid but that doesn't mean you have to oblige to it, just consider it as a learning point not fear to stop you." she stopped at first.
"And if they don't know your worth and they just go ahead and hurt you, then fuck them not literally though and show them your worth more than they think, you just caving into fear proves that you're just a puppet to them, you're not a puppet you're a human being." she said as I nodded.
"When last did you have sex? " she asked as my cheeks flushed as bit, isn't that a little personal. "I don't know."
"Didn't you have sex after ending things with Terry? " she asked, I shook my head as my answer. "Terry often pushed me around and slept with me when he wanted to." I muttered.
"Did you comply to it ? " she asked as I shake my head again. "He raped you? " she gasped as I nodded, she dropped her pen and stared awfully long at me. "Have you at least hooked up just once? " she asked. "Well no, I don't let anyone touch me, anytime I think about even doing it, memories of Terry hurting me comes up unless probably I was drunk or out cold I could do it." I stated.
"If you didn't comply then it's rape, don't normalize it as same as sex. " she calmly told me. "Have you ever at least been okay with skinship, like sharing a passionate kiss and wanted to go down from there." my mind wonders back to my kiss with Seth if not for the interruption we would have probably gone far than that.
"I had one I guess..." I blushed talking about it.
"You guess? " she arched a brow noticing my blush. "I was hungry..." she looked at me like I was crazy. "I wasn't thinking at all okay, and I didn't have time to think about Terry.." she nodded at my explanation.
A timer rings, she looked at her phone and sighs. "Times up, but I'll advice you to contact this Terry or probably confront him if you can, probably having a conversation with him might help eliminate the thought of him hurting you and probably having sex again won't be a big deal and if that does not help don't think at all just go with it, sex isn't a physical torture." I got up from my seat and thanked her heading out of her office, I met up with Mandy on the way and only thought about what the Doctor said, I needed to confront Terry anyways, I needed answers and probably he's the only one that has them.

Two days after the Therapy session I was still going for sessions for my memory loss that didn't happen, I did it anyways because doctor Thomas was really nice, Mandy left the hospital for something urgent giving me the courage to go to Terry's floor without Mandy's interruption, I breathe in before pushing the door in to see a nurse playing with Terry who was shirtless, I looked away from the disgusting sight he asked her to leave and she left, our eyes met and a million emotions washed up I bottled them tight.
"Miss me? " he smirked. "I want answers, your brother is in a coma and unfortunately you're the only Cunningham alive." I said.
"Harsh, I'm hurt Princess.." he snickered at me and I almost barfed in my mouth. "If you only died in the fire and Shane was alive I could care less about your sarcastic remark." he rolled his eyes and settled hid back against the edge of the bed. "What do you want to know? " he asked.
"Did you sell your unborn child to your parents when I was pregnant ?" I asked as he put his hand behind his head. "Who said it was my child." his reply was like a dagger straight to my heart.
"What are you talking about ? You got me pregnant.. " I yelled.
"Yeah that's rich, that was never my baby no matter what you say and I wasn't going to claim it, you already know the gist so I don't really want to tell you a story but it's your fault, if you didn't have a miscarriage I would be free from my family about now but you had to be selfish." he hissed showing no remorse.
I raise up my hand and slapped him, he still wore his smirk. "This is so like you always violent." he palmed his sore cheeks, my tears rolled down my cheeks I was infuriated.
"Shut the fuck up how could you not even feel a little remorse after all the shits you did you still can't even say sorry." I yelled.
"Sorry..." he said with no emotion. "Will that help you forget everything that happened between us? " he smirked and I just backed up wiping away my tears. "You're a horrible person, this was a big mistake." I said about to exit.
"What happened to your necklace? " I heard him say I stop on my steps. I left with with the guys to go to that mission.
"What does my necklace have to do with you?" I asked.
"You want answers right? Ask your brother.." he says my brows furrowed in confusion.
"What does Calivin have to do with my necklace." I asked.
"Hilarious, you don't even know anything.." he muttered under his breath.
"What does Calvin have to do with my necklace? " I asked again but he scoffed.
"I'm not talking about that bastard.. " he hissed but before he could say anything else a doctor came ordering me to leave and I did without hesitation.
What did he mean by ask my brother? I don't have another brother.

The door opened wide as a set of soldiers stood in front of us, they ran up to us I didn't even take another step but Erwin went ahead and shot about twelve of them, me and Haven shared a glance. "Sometimes I wonder how far that boy's mind goes when he's in the zone." Haven said taking out his gun and taking out two men and going ahead.
"Seth, there are four men up in the warehouse." before he could finish his sentence I cut him off and go upstairs with the path Erwin and Haven created taking the stairs up.
I walked towards a door it it was wide open, from the inside it was dark but I walked in anyway reaching out to my gun, the light switch on and suddenly bullets were coming from different directions, I spotted all four men and shot only three dead the last one hid behind a barrel.
"Come out..." I yelled as he came out dropping his gun. "Where is she? " I said pointing the gun at him. "Where is who? "
"Don't play with me I'll kill you, I'll ask again Where is she? "
"I don't know who you're talking about? " he whimpered and I pointed the gun over his head. "Quinn Fields, where is she ?" I said about to fire the gun.

To be continued

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