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My Virgin Maid-Chapter 23


My Virgin Maid-Chapter 23

Theme: I Bought Her

Genre: Romance, Drama,Suspense

Written by Ti fe


Charlotte couldn't stop crying even when we were out of the water. She is so scared of losing me, and I regret scaring her like that.

"Charlotte please stop crying." I said as we both walked to her room.

She was shivering due to the cold from the water, so I made her sit on the bed and ran to take some hot water from the flask.

On my way back and took some new towels along with me. I got in and I met her still seated on the bed and shivering.

I gave her the water to drink and I went ahead to help her clean her body.

"I was so scared." She said shaking.

"Am sorry, I was playing around. I am stupid for making you cry." I said cleaning her tears. She nodded still folding her arms around her body.

I was still cleaning her hair when my eyes met with her cleavages. They were beautiful and neatly curved.

I stopped cleaning her hair and moved my hands to her b==bs slowly. She kept watching me wondering what I was about to do.

I placed my index finger on her b==bs tracing out the shape of her cleavage. I saw her gasp as her b==bs began to raise up under my hand.

She stared at me speechlessly and I kept doing what I did because I was loving the way it felt, she has a very soft breast.

I moved it down into her suit slowly and I saw her shiver under my touch.

"You are so endowed." I said staring at her.

Suddenly she held my hand and pulled me to herself making us both fall on the bed and I was in top of her.

I stared at her and she at me for some minutes before she wrapped her hands around my neck and her legs around my waist.

She brought her face up to meet mine and I saw her eyes close. Her soft wonderful lips landed on my own slowly.

I opened up slowly and I started kissing her slowly and passionately. She moved one of her hands to my face holding it.

My hands were on the bed keeping my weight from her body. She took the kissing slow sliding her tongue in and out of my mouth and I loved it.

I turned her to stay on the top while I laid on the bed. She sat on my abs and bent her head to meet mine again.

I trailed my hand to her a== and I grabbed it slowly. She moaned inside my mouth and I loved it.

I could feel her naked a== because her suit wasn't covering all of it. I kept trailing my finger on it making her feel sensations.

Her breathing grew hard and I knew it was starting to get to her. I further moved my hand down to her p==sy rubbing it through the suit.

"Ahh!" She gasped inside my mouth again. I kept doing it and she began to rub herself on my already hard c=ck.

Her p==sy was directly on top of my d==k so I felt every move she made. I stopped rubbing her because I wanted to feel her without the suit.

She broke the kiss staring into my eyes.

"I want to touch you without the swim suit." I said trailing my hands down to her pussy. She nodded slightly before reaching for her suit.

She stood up from me so she could get it off easily, she removed it from the top and I saw her b==bs bounce out.

They were big and still very erect, her ni==es were kinda long and pink. She swept the suit down her leg and I saw how neatly shaved and curved she is.


I loved the way he stared at my body and for the first time, I am ready to give a man by body. I sat on him again and I felt his d==k threatening to pierce my p==sy.

I lowered myself to kiss him and he turned me to lay on the bed again. He started kissing my neck and I held his head in pleasure.

He moved to my b==bs and took it in his hot mouth. I let out a soft moan as he started flipping it with his tongue.

His other hand worked on my other b==bs and it felt like heaven. I have never in my life felt something like this before.

He stopped and pecked me on my lips before moving down. I was shy as he stared at my V speechlessly.

I moved my hands to cover it but he stopped me.

"Geez Charlotte, you are so beautiful." He said smiling while I covered my face in shyness.

Soon I felt his finger on my p==sy and I gave another moan, this time louder than before. I was dripping wet already, so as he moved his hand up and down in it, it was driving me crazy.

I held the bed so tight like I was going to destroy it. I felt him roll his fingers on my c=it and I threw my head backwards.

"F==k!!" I moaned as he didn't stop doing it. His hand didn't miss any corner of my V, i felt it everywhere.

He then lowered his head between my raised up legs and his tongue met with my c==t.

"Ahhhh!!" I screamed like I was going to cry.

He kept moving his tongue on it and one time he held my c==t gently with his lips sucking it so wonderfully.

"John." I moaned but he didn't stop.

I started swaying my hips due to the intense pressure I was having. He saw he couldn't access me well, so he held my hip to the bed with his hands firmly.

He slid his tongue right into my wet honeypot. I arced my lower back and let out another scream. He is driving me insane!

He started tongue-f==king me and I kept breathing very hard. It kept sliding it in and out of me and I kept screaming like I had gone crazy.

"John please." I said trying to get his head off me. If he doesn't stop now, I will end up bursting into tears.


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