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My Virgin Maid-Chapter 18


My Virgin Maid-Chapter 18

Theme: I Bought Her

Genre: Romance, Drama,Suspense

Written by Ti fe

      JOHN'S POV

I walked to the living room feeling very hurt. Can't she see I love her? I can never use her if she think that is what I am up to.

It is so complicated, I need to think deeply. I got to the living room and I saw Davis working on his phone.

"Davis where is mother?" I asked sitting close to him.

"She went already." He said not raising up his head.

"What are you doing?" I asked looking into his phone.

"Johnny!! Some privacy please!" He said tilting his phone.

"Davis, are you hiding some from me?" I asked furrowing my brows.

"No, I just.. Fine! I am chatting with Bianca." He said rolling his eyes.

"Oh no wonder you are acting like a fool." I said picking up my phone too.

"How was your discussion with Charlotte?" He asked looking at me.

"She regrets kissing me because I have a girlfriend. I actually can't blame her, every girl will feel that way." I said sadly.

"John let's be serious here. What do you plan on doing? Are you going with Charlotte or you are sticking to Angelica?" He asked facing me properly.

"Davis I don't know. I don't want to hurt either of them." I said feeling really confused. He was about replying when my phone rang.

"Miss Ruby?? This is strange" I thought picking up the call.

📲 Hey Mr John

📲 Miss Ruby, how are you doing?

📲 Am great and you?

📲 Nice, any problems?

📲 Not at all, I just want to speak to Charlotte. I would have called her but you know she doesn't have a cellphone.

📲 She isn't here now, but don't worry she will get back to you.

📲 Okay Mr John, please it is kinda urgent.

📲 Okay, be expecting her call.

She hung up making me wonder why the urgent call.

"What does she want?" Davis asked with his gaze glued to his phone.

"She wants to speak with Charlotte and she said it is urgent." I replied.

"Urgent? But Charlotte doesn't have a phone." He said looking at me.

"Yeah I know, and I am getting her one now." I said operating on my phone.

"Wow, this is so cute." He said blushing.


I drove to John's house hoping not to see that maid there anymore. Since mother has gone there, I know she would have chased her out of the house.

I walked into the house after I parked my car. I got to the living room to see Davis and John sitting on the couch.

"Baby!" I said running to John. I hugged him tightly kissing him deeply.

"How are you?" He asked smiling.

"I am good." I replied sitting on his laps fondling his hair, I ignored Davis presence totally.

I looked at Davis and I saw he wasn't even watching us, his eyes were glued to his phone. That is good of him, I hate when he pokes his noses into our business.

"Mother came here earlier." I said smiling sweetly.

"Yes." He replied doing some stuffs on his phone.

"So is your maid still here?" I asked anxiously.

"She is Charlotte Angelica." He replied still facing his phone.

"Whatever. Is she still here?" I asked looking around.

"Yes why?" He asked looking at me.

"John c'mon! I told you I don't like her! Send her away!" I said angrily sitting on the couch.

"That is not your decision to make!" John smacked facing his phone.

"John!" I called angrily.

"At least we ain't begging before we eat." Davis mumbled.

"What did you just say?" I asked shooting him a deadly look.

"You heard me!" He said standing up as he walked away. I felt pressed all of a sudden.

"John I want to use the toilet and when I am back we are going to talk about that maid!" I said standing up.

"Charlotte, not maid." He replied coldly.

I walked away in annoyance heading to John's bedroom. John is beginning to like Charlotte and I can't let that happen.

She needs to get out of this house, I don't want her here. She is so annoying!

I got into the toilet and released myself of the burning urine, I cleaned myself up before walking out of the toilet.

I headed back to the living room and on my way I saw Charlotte.

"Good day miss Angelica" she said bowing slightly.

"Don't try to act nice in front of me! I know you like John, but let me make this clear to you!! It can't work. Your days in this house are numbered!" I yelled leaving her presence.

I got to the living room and found John looking into my phone. Oh no! What is he doing with my phone! It is too dangerous.

I walked briskly to him trying not to shake.

"Baby!" I called calmly. He raised up his head gradually to meet mine, I saw tears in his eyes and I knew I was done for.

"John." I called shivering.

"Angelica what is the meaning of this?!" He yelled showing me the face of my phone. Oh geez!! My nude pictures with Jerry.

I felt my knees wobble as I stared at the phone.

"John I can explain." I said as tears dropped down my face.

"Explain what Angelica! Your boss send you your nudes with him and you are telling me you want to explain!!!!? I loved you Angelica but you saw me as a fool right?" He yelled as tears dropped down his cheeks.

"Please John." I said crawling to him.

"Don't you touch me Angelica! You have no time for me but you found time to have s3x with your boss!!" He yelled smashing my phone on the floor.

I flinched in fear moving back slowly. I have never seen John this angry, I have pushed him to the wall.

Why will Jerry send those pictures!! I told him I was going to come see him this night, why did he have to!!

"John." I called weakly as I cried heavily.

"You know what Angelica, get out." He said pointing at the door.

"No John, please John." I said shaking my head.

"Get out before you see the rare side of me." He said within gritted teeth.

"You heard him right! Get out. I always knew you were nothing but a slut! Now you see your secrets have been exposed. Now get out!" Davis yelled even more making me jump to my feet.

John slumped into the couch weakly and I knew he was so hurt. I didn't mean to do it, I didn't want to lose my job.

Davis carried my bag from the couch and tossed it out of the door.

"Now move or I help you." He said in fury. I walked to the door very fast, I looked at John for the last time before stepping out.

He slammed the door behind me and I felt all was lost. I should have just stayed with John, what is wrong with me.

I saw he was nice so I decided to act smart and now everything is gone.


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